Recomendado por Yichen
This is an exciting and humorous love story of a married couple who got divorced and the things they went through until they became a couple again.
Recomendado por Kfan
Just look at the cover pictures. They are so similar you can actually feel the relation. A moment to Remember also features a rich FL suffering from Memory loss. Its great and painful at the same time to watch. Give it a try. You won't regret watching this Classic.
Recomendado por Rexgen
1)Written by the same writer and she writes the best male leads making our expectation bar very high.
2)The ML has a protective instint toward the FL. He protects her no matter what.
3)Happy ending
4)Family feud
5)Jealous ex
6)The ML/FL keeps getting into accidents
7)Share past(in case of legend of the blue sea,It's much broad)
Recomendado por Tearstears
A marriage gone cold, with both sides slowly finding love again. Both have rich FL and poor ML. Both contain romantic comedy elements.
Recomendado por wheezythew8ve
Kim Ji Won portrays a rich chaebol heiress who is strong headed and cold in both dramas. Her characters have a cold exterior but are deeply misunderstood by those around her, including her family who put pressure on her to stay in the confines of the business conglomerate world. They may come across as mean and heartless, but it is because of the environment that she has been brought up in that has caused her to be that way. They both fall for men who are certified soft boys (Kang Ha Neul in 'The Heirs' and Kim Soo Hyun in 'Queen of Tears'. Many would say that Hong Hae In is Yoo Rachel in another dimension.
Recomendado por nina
The tone of both dramas is quite similar.

- difference in status in the CL
- complicated family of one of the leads
- FL with incurable cancer
- ML confront the illness and possible death of your loved one

=> 2 beautiful and moving series, which we never tire of!

Recomendado por Totally-Dramas-Addicted
Chaebol,conglomerate with poor partner relationship
The gender are reverse
In QoT female are rich one, while KoL male one is the rich
Romzcom and fun as well!
Hope to see junho x jiwon next
Also yoona and kim soo hyun maybe ?
Recomendado por Meli
HITTG is very much better but Queen of tears covers similar territory: class politics (in a silly and terrible way), family structures, patriarchy..Both centred around rich upper class families struggling to maintain power in the face of numerous crises and their own ineptitude. But in HITTG, the revolution is desired and welcomed
Recomendado por Kabsy
Both dramas have the same male lead i.e., Kim Soo Hyun (acting as the leading cast). In both the drama he comes from a middle-class family
Recomendado por Kashish94
The female leads in both dramas conceal a brain tumor from their families.

Both male leads discover this information and plan to use it to their advantage.

Both FL has an aunt who loves her dearly and becomes distraught when she learns about the tumor.

(this review is as of ep.5 of QOT, I'll upload more similarities as I watch more eps)
Recomendado por The K-Drama Girl
If you enjoyed this, make sure to give the other one a try as well. It's bound to captivate your heart just like this one did! These two dramas are absolute gems that will evoke an array of emotions within you, guaranteed!
Recomendado por Lali
I think it has a similar style. With the break ups between the mainleads and the memoryloss they are suffering from. It really reminds me of the good bad mother.
Recomendado por minjihearinnwfavs
The FL is also frustrated and annoyed at the ML to the point she wants him to die. Her plan to kill him fails and the ML ends up getting amnesia. So she starts pretending that they are in a loving relationship. In the end they fall in love for real.
Recomendado por ReplyDrama
both have:
- estranged spouse realizing they are actually still in love with each other and are the only ones that got each other back
- these realizations are triggered by death/near death event.
- female lead has higher status than male lead
- the female leads have another courter and the male leads are jealous over them
Recomendado por ymynym
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