both fl are from a wealthy family
both ml are from the countryside
both ml and fl bicker with each other
both are enemies to lovers trope
fl is a doctor sent to the village by lottery and ml is the village chief
both work together to fight against the local village criminal
RJA is more comedic and slapstick than HLML
Recomendado por Lidy Wilks
Both FL leave her mom to find her father
Both ML'S are Farm Owner
Both stories have city and farm settings
Recomendado por Dhaarani Rubini
I recommend this both drama because , Male lead and Female lead
try to solve problem
In one drama explosion and another student murder/suicide
Recomendado por GuanGuan
Rich girl navigating the country side life.
Sweet hardworking ml.
ML has a very obsessive fangirl stuck to his side.
Recomendado por bibi
Both have Hi-So women hiding in the Isaan countryside on a family farm, posing as the lover of the family farm son in order to escape from someone who wants to kill them. They both have to adapt to countryside life, culture and language while being protected by their fake lovers.
Recomendado por Cat
Both dramas start with embarrassing meet-cute encounters between a Hi-So woman and the son of a family farm, which leads to the them having a fake contractual marriage with the son of the family farm for mutual benefit, due to their family situations. In both dramas the hi-so women have to adapt to farm life and work while dealing with the sons who have lost their first loves in car accidents, which has made them slightly cold and indifferent to women.
Recomendado por Cat
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