a sincere romance between a country boy and a city boy. Both struggle to find their true selves and sexuality.
Recomendado por MBN
The regular guy has to return to his home in countryside then he has met a cheerful boy who is living there and they fell in love
Recomendado por Trzmielik
Farmer male lead
Male lead have ex boyfriend
Innocent male lead
Healthy relationship
Cute interactions
Recomendado por Kim saram
Both of them is romantic bl genre and storytelling happens in countryside. There're annoyance-to-lovers also :D
Recomendado por akdage
Both are BLs with a warm, summer-y feel to them, with kind and likeable leads, one of whom falls long before the other.
Recomendado por emeraldarrows
Very different plots, same vibe. Both have a summer countryside setting with farmers, locals, food, and a warm tone. Both have leads of the same gender - one is a BL with two male leads, the other non romantic/friendship with two female leads.
Recomendado por emeraldarrows
just it's good to watch them on Friday nights
Recomendado por Hereiam
- bl
- happy endings
- countryside setting / farming

- "cupid's last wish" is thai while "love tractor" is korean
- "cupid's last wish" has 10 eps while "love tractor" has 8
- in "cupid's last wish," the leads are friends, then enemies, then friends-ish and then lovers while in "love tractor," they don't have a past
- "cupid's last wish" has a fantasy element (body swap)
- "cupid's last wish" mostly takes place during a road trip while "love tractor" is stable in one setting
- "love tractor" couple has an age gap of seven years
Recomendado por eden
A younger ML falls in love with older ML....and puts his all/sincerity into getting the older ML despite the older's reluctance. Sweet, cute, charming. It's fun seeing the older ML also slowly/eventually fall for the younger, too ;)
Recomendado por TinyMoose
- seoul man goes to the countryside because of his grandparent
- seoul man has a misunderstaning with his local love interest at first
- drama takes place in a small rural village, where everyone knows each other
- both are cute romances
- both are short dramas
Recomendado por mara
I recommend this both drama because , Male lead and Female lead
try to solve problem
In one drama explosion and another student murder/suicide
Recomendado por TinyMoose
One is BL and the other M/F but both have a city person ending up in the countryside and unexpectently falling in love with a farmer. Both are light, sweet, and have pretty scenery.
Recomendado por emeraldarrows
Love Tractor is the first BL drama that Do Won & Yoon Do-Jin made together. Now both of them are doing a reality show together.
~ ???? ~
Recomendado por xo_annou
In the second couple, the character Gimbo reminds of Yechan from Love Tractor. He is a shy, sweet, and socially out-of-touch farmer who’s innocence and happy atmosphere charms his love interest.
Recomendado por AthenaTheStorierX
that's cause both main characters can't play the piano even tho it's their passion cause of their dads. Seon Yul's dad in Love Tractor forbade him to play it. Yoon Se Heon's dad in Jazz for Two forbade him to play jazz music.
Recomendado por Wu Bi ge ge
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