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  • País: Taiwan
  • Tipo: Special
  • Episódios: 6
  • Exibido: Jul 23, 2021 - Ago 6, 2021
  • Exibido em: Quarta, Sexta
  • Original Network: Tencent Video
  • Duração: 30 min.
  • Pontuação: 8.3 (scored by 4,494 usuários)
  • Classificado: #1116
  • Popularidade: #1916
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: Not Yet Rated

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  • YU in We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd Special Edition Taiwanese Special (2021)
    Zhou Shu Yi
    Papel Principal
  • Sam Lin in We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd Special Edition Taiwanese Special (2021)
    Sam Lin
    Gao Shi De
    Papel Principal
  • Richard Lee in We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd Special Edition Taiwanese Special (2021)
    Richard Lee
    Shi Zhe Yu [Shu Yi's assistant]
    Papel Secundário
  • Evan Luo in We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd Special Edition Taiwanese Special (2021)
    Evan Luo
    Liu Bing Wei [Shu Yi's assistant]
    Papel Secundário
  • Chih Tian Shih in We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd Special Edition Taiwanese Special (2021)
    Chih Tian Shih
    Yu Zhen Xuan [Shi De's CTO]
    Papel Secundário
  • Ray Chang in We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd Special Edition Taiwanese Special (2021)
    Ray Chang
    Pei Shou Yi [Shi De's cousin]
    Papel Secundário


We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd Special Edition (2021) photo
We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd Special Edition (2021) photo
We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd Special Edition (2021) photo
We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd Special Edition (2021) photo
We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd Special Edition (2021) photo


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Just Skip the Normal Ver. and Watch the Special Edition! Especially Season 2's!!!

What's the difference?


Unlike the Special Edition for Season 1, Season 2's Special Edition is worth the money!
I'm not going to list all the differences, but I will say there are a lot of scenes that are extended that add more depth to the story and characters. For example, if you think Yu Zhen Xuan was annoying in the normal version, there are quite a few extended scenes with him that make his character more lovable and you get to understand his character more.

Also, the biggest difference is episode 4. We get 3 extended scenes.
1. Gao Shi De teasing Zhou Shu Yi immediately after they make up. It's a lot longer than the original cut and shows the extent of their relationship.
2. The whole argument between Zhou Shu Yi and his father.
3. In the office where they are talking about Gao Shi De's lost emails we get to hear about Zhou Shu Yi's feelings toward Gao Shi De in Japanese.
(I'm a bit disappointed we didn't get to hear about Gao Shi De's step-sister being the blonde in question since in the deleted scene we get that part during all of this, but at the same time I do understand why they cut it. Gao Shi De and the audience need to know more about Zhou Shu Yi's feelings towards Gao Shi De more than we need to know about the blonde woman. Gao Shi De explains his feelings about Zhou Shu Yi numerous times throughout the season, but we never got to hear Zhou Shu Yi's feels about him at all until the Special Edition.)

Should you watch the Special Edition if you've already seen the normal version?

Absolutely!!! You'd be crazy not to. While the Special Edition for Season 1 isn't drastically different, Special Edition for Season 2 is. There are so many scenes that are extended or added that really change your opinions of certain characters. Not only Yu Zhen Xuan, but the extended scenes made my love for Zhou Shu Yi and Gao Shi De grow 100 times more. They are definitely soulmates and couples goals. I can't get over the chemistry between them when they fight then love in the extended scenes. You'll see why if you watch the Special Edition.

Should you watch the Special Edition first or watch it on the re-watch?

Just skip the normal version of Season 2 and watch the Special Edition. It's like knowingly buying a kid's meal when you know you're going to be hungry for more. Just skip the questions and watch the Special Edition.

But if you want to watch the normal version and Special Editions then... How do I put this... Watch both normal versions of Season 1 and Season 2 then watch the Special Editions on the rewatch.

YES - Special Edition S1 → Special Edition S2 (Skipping the Normal version is okay)
YES - Normal Ver. S1 → Normal Ver. S2 → Special Edition S1 → Special Edition S2

NO - Normal Ver. S1 → Special Edition S1 → Normal Ver. S2 → Special Edition S2
(You won't understand why they extended some scenes)
NO - Special Edition S1 → Special Edition S2 → Normal Ver. S1 → Normal Ver. S2
(The rewatch will be boring. Especially Season 2's rewatch. You'll probably claim that you wasted your time watching the normal version since you watched it the Special Editions first.)

~~~~~~~~~~ We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd Review ~~~~~~~~~~

This is the perfect BL. It encompasses everything that is BL. Season 1 has the whole student/university innocent love story while Season 2 has the adult angsty drama. It's the whole package.


You're going to either love it or hate it.

This is a continuation of Gao Shi De and Zhou Shu Yi's story set five years later. While Season 1 was all about the innocent student love story, this season is all angsty. Gone is the innocence and here is the pain. Season 2 does a 180 and is no longer the We Best Love that we know.

This season deals with betrayal and miscommunication. Because it is completely different from the first season I can see why some people may not like this season. Some people just don't like drama, plain and simple. Some people will also that the story is weaker than the first season therefore that this is the weaker of the two seasons, but I disagree. Yes there was a plot hole, who the blonde was, but it didn't take away from the story. (She is his step-sister, it was explained in a deleted scene that isn't even in the Special Edition. Why???? Anyways, you can find the clip on youtube.) The story wasn't focus on who she was or if Gao Shi De cheated. The focus was on the fact that Gao Shi De didn't tell Zhou Shu Yi about his father's interference and flat out left him in the dark. Even with this plot hole the the drama was amazing. This is the season where Gao Shi De and Zhou Shu Yi shine!

If there is an issue with this drama it would be with the secondary couple. They brought back Bing Wei and Zhe Yu from the first season, but our secondary couple was Pei Shou Yi and Yu Zhen Xuan. This second couple got a lot of screen time, but no one was interested. Yes Pei Shou Yi was in the first season, but who is Yu Zhen Xuan? The issue with having them as the secondary couple was that the first season had built up Bing Wei and Zhe Yu was a couple and they were given a decent amount of screen time in the first season, but they barely get any in this one. Pei Shou Yi had his share of screen time in the first season, but there was no mention of Yu Zhen Xuan. It's unfortunate because they had an interesting storyline, but because there was no build up to couple, and because Yu Zhen Xuan's character is either a like him or hate him type of character, this storyline fell flat. Even so I think Gao Shi De and Zhou Shu Yi carried the entire drama on their shoulders without this couple.

Gao Shi De & Zhou Shu Yi

Set fives years after Gao Shi De left for America, Zhou Shu Yi is now helping his father run the company business. He hasn't heard from Gao Shi De in years, and on top of that when he secretly went to America to surprise Gao Shi De, he saw his boyfriend picnicking with a blonde woman and has a baby in his lap. While it's safe to say they are no longer together, Zhou Shu Yi is still bitter about everything. When his company acquires Hua Cing Technology he is shocked to find that Gao Shi De is the CEO of the company. Zhou Shu Yi greets him with a fist to the cheek, but it's not over. They still have to work together.

Meanwhile, Gao Shi De isn't over Zhou Shu Yi. He hasn't been able to contact Zhou Shu Yi in years and is more than happy to see him. He wants to pick up where they left off, but Zhou Shu Yi doesn't want to. He won't give Gao Shi De the time of day and it hurts. It doesn't help that Zhou Shu Yi's father is meddling in their affairs and his family has issues of their own.

As I said earlier, Gao Shi De and Zhou Shu Yi carried the entire drama on their shoulders. Their chemistry from the first season improved in the second. Every time they were on screen you could feel their emotions. While the miscommunication storyline isn't new, how the actors portrayed the angst and longing just overpowered it. Just the way the actors looked at each other and their expressions was so powerful. You could watch it without sound or subtitles and still understand what was happening, it was that powerful. Just looking at Zhou Shu Yi screaming he hates Gao Shi De, but his eyes saying I love you is heart wrenching.

The best part about this couple is that after they get over the miscommunication, you can already see that they are going to be a couple that stands the test of time. If Gao Shi De loves longer, Zhou Shu Yi loves harder.

Pei Shou Yi & Yu Zhen Xuan

Pei Shou Yi is a school doctor that has affective disorder which makes it difficult for him to understand emotions, even his own. Yu Zhen Xuan is the CTO at Hua Chin Technologies with paranoia and aspergers, When Yu Zhen Xuan was in high school, Pei Shou Yi helped in out of a sticky situation after which he fell in love with Pei Shou Yi. Seeing Yu Zhen Xuan's growing attachment towards him, Pei Shou Yi quits his job as a school doctor leaving Yu Zhen Xuan heart broken. Still in love, Yu Zhen Xuan continued to search for Pei Shou Yi for 12 years. Now Pei Shou Yi is stuck because he often thinks about Yu Zhen Xuan, but he doesn't know his own feelings.

With both characters having mental disorders, this is definitely an original and interesting plot. However, it falls flat because Yu Zhen Xuan wasn't introduced in the first season, nor did they outwardly refer to him in the first season. They gave small hints here and there, but the hints were so small it's only barely noticeable when you rewatch it and look for it. For example, in season 1 Pei Shou Yi keeps a ramen pack in his office and gets mad at Gao Shi De for eating it. How would we know it's a remembrance to Yu Zhen Xuan? For all we know it was his emergency food.

Also, let's address the elephant in the room. Having characters with mental disorders is a big risk, especially when they are a couple. Most people are accept that there are people with mental disorders around them, but at the same time they don't want to associate with them. This is the reality. Unfortunate as it is, very few people can accept and understand people that have mental or physical disabilities. Most people turn the other way. One of the main reasons this couple flopped isn't so much that their storyline is terrible, it's more that they don't understand, nor want to see a couple with mental disorders. I can guarantee you that if Yu Zhen Xuan didn't have a mental disorder, then there would be more people talking about this couple instead of skipping it.

Bing Wei & Zhe Yu

I want to write a synopsis for this couple, but I really can't. They are just very minor characters here. They don't have much of a storyline. After college they began to work for Zhou Shu Yi's company. They helped Zhou Shu Yi through thick and thin when Gao Shi De wasn't there and are his best friends. They are still dating and Bing Wei is considering marriage.

Honestly, they should have been the secondary couple. There was so much build up to this couple in the first season it sucks that they are still in the limelight. I think the worst part is that when they finally get their time to shine, it's literally the last 3 minutes of the last episode. Just hand the ring to Gao Shi De and let him propose instead.


I prefer the second season to the first. Both seasons are great, but I prefer more adult and angsty storylines. That being said, the actors really shined with their performances in this season. I can't help but rewatch this season over and over again because I can't get Gao Shi De and Zhou Shu Yi's versatile acting out of my head. It's a must watch!

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Best Love, Best Kisses!

One of the big pros of Taiwanese Boys Love is that they aren't infected with messed-up plots or silly tropes due to censorship. You'll get romance right away, with pretty boys trying to hold on through thick and thin. "We Best Love" is no exception, except that some scenes affected me more than I anticipated.

Fighting Mr Second picks up the story line right after the first series, Nr One For You. The ML has left the country to visit his family in America, but he didn't come back. He left no message, and the other ML was heart broken. Now, the one with the heartache has become the boss of a company his ex-boyfriend runs. They meet again, and the quitter gets literally slapped in the face. Question is: what happened long ago? It seems they still have feelings for each other, can hate turn into love again, will they succeed in rekindling their love?

Sam Lin shines as the male lead Gao Shi De, more or less a throwback to his role as Mu Liu Bing in Moon River (2015). Both men seem easy-going on the outside, but they are inwardly darker. They have no scruples when it comes to scheming their way to the heart of their beloved. They're also ruthless when they think it's the best strategy to close off their relationship. YU fits the bill as well, as Zhou Shu Yi, a maelstrom of apparent contradictions. He's fiercely loyal but it takes a lot of effort to gain his trust; he's prickly on the outside with a soft heart on the inside. In short, they're made for each other. The supporting cast is also good, but Fighting Mr Second is simply too short to give all of them the screen time they deserve.

The Good
There are two times that Fighting Mr Second reaches the top of BL productions. Watch the emotional drunk scene with Gao Shi De in episode 2 and you know what I mean. It has one of the best kissing scenes and camera angles I've ever seen in chinese series. Second, is the love that is shown between two guys who have contrasting mental disorders.

The Bad
The relationship between Yu Zhen Xuan and Pei Shou Yi feels forced though, because a BL format of 6 episodes can't pay tribute to their characters and the complications of their love life. They deserve a series of their own.

Still I was hooked by the story, got the feels to the level of "I'm not crying, you're crying". So watch it, if you're a sucker for romance. Nothing better than watching people falling in love (again), regardless of their gender, or mental health for that matter.

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  • Special: We Best Love: Fighting Mr. 2nd Special Edition
  • País: Taiwan
  • Episódios: 6
  • Exibido: Jul 23, 2021 - Ago 6, 2021
  • Exibido On: Quarta, Sexta
  • Original Network: Tencent Video
  • Duração: 30 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: Ainda Não Classificado


  • Pontuação: 8.3 (avaliado por 4,494 usuários)
  • Classificado: #1116
  • Popularidade: #1916
  • Fãs: 8,483

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