Both of them are concerned with shamanism. They have a similar dark and eerie atmosphere, as well as the camaraderie.
Recomendado por blue_coerulea
the both movies has a similar concept of horror thriller and supernatural entities. It's set in Thailand but produced and written by a South Korean team. It's also a supernatural horror/thriller centred around local superstitions with a plot that slowly unravels and keeps you guessing.
Recomendado por dtsuga71
Both films contain a lot of philosophy and religious culture in Korea and connect this to something mysterious and scary. The execution of the two films is also similar because they were done by the same director. If you want to know more about Korean culture, you can watch these two films!
Recomendado por lidahmertua
If You Want To Know What Horror Is Then Watch This.....


Ruo Nan accidentally broke religious taboo 6 years ago, which caused the deaths of her boyfriend and family. Since then, she fell into a dark period of superstition; she hid her secrets and pains from other people, and even gave away her newborn baby to another family. After a few years, having went to therapy and mostly settled back into normal life, Ruo Nan decides she wants her child back. However, signs of the curse from 6 years ago start to appear around her daughter and Ruo Nan realizes she needs to confront her biggest fears, her deepest horrors, for the sake of her child. She starts to record everything about the curse in hopes of finding a way to save her daughter.
Recomendado por NothingggggH
Both are of a mysterious, thrilling supernatural horror genre - that involves korean shamanism , superstitions and religious beliefs . There is/are 'something(s)' that haunts and those that are haunted.
Recomendado por hyeyoungie
Korean horror that involves religious beliefs and practices. The evil vs the living. Exhuma involved shamanism, The Divine Fury is of christian beliefs and exorcism
Recomendado por hyeyoungie
Director Jang Jae-hyun's debut film. Both are supernatural horrors, the director specializes in the occult genre.
Recomendado por wheezythew8ve
Both are supernatural horror films. There is a lot of mystery surrounding them and the feeling and presence of unease is there.
Recomendado por wheezythew8ve
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