Both dramas are japanese BLs adapted from a manga which has stories that has a lot of common. Based on the source material, both dramas has characters that are still in school, that try to live their life the best that they can despite the misfortunes that happened to them. The love interest in those two dramas has a really similar personality too.
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Fukuhara Kouta is a college student who has bad luck that causes problems everywhere he goes. One day, he runs into Shinomiya Naoya, a fellow student with the opposite problem - super good luck. Shinomiya decides to help him out. Now, in order to divide the luck between them, they need to be with each other all the time.
~~ Adapted from the manga "Fukou-kun wa Kiss Suru Shika Nai!" by Tsuyu Gamoko
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both stories are about a band, about music and about composing songs. Both plays Suzuki Jin.
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both stories are about coping by writing and playing music. very heartwarming and tear jerking. the characters on both movies are highschool students in a band. visual wise also aesthetically very similar. the songs on both movies are great. also, suzuki jin (uenoyama) is in little love song as daiki!
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Both of these are well done real-life adaptations of a BL manga that deals with serious topics. They are tear-jerkers, but are definitely worth watching!
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Both the protagonists of the two dramas meet by pure chance a person with a beautiful voice who will enter their lives.
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Tightly clutching his Gibson guitar, Mafuyu Satou steps out of his dark apartment to begin another day of his high school life. While taking a nap in a quiet spot on the gymnasium staircase, he has a chance encounter with fellow student Ritsuka Uenoyama, who berates him for letting his guitar's strings rust and break. Noticing Uenoyama's knowledge of the instrument, Satou pleads for him to fix it and to teach him how to play. Uenoyama eventually agrees and invites him to sit in on a jam session with his two bandmates: bassist Haruki Nakayama and drummer Akihiko Kaji. Satou's voice is strikingly beautiful, filling Uenoyama with the determination to make Satou the lead singer of the band. Though reticent at first, Satou takes the offer after an emotional meeting with an old friend. With the support of his new friends, Satou must not only learn how to play guitar but also come to terms with the mysterious circumstances that led him to be its owner.
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A change in the stakeout team throws Onoe, reporter for a weekly magazine, together with his contemporary, Kaburagi, a photographer. Onoe secretly considers Kaburagi his rival, and Kaburagi's haphazard way of doing things goes against Onoe's strong sense of ethics. There's nothing but conflict between them. But, in joint pursuit of a scandal, the two of them begin to care about each other...? ~~ Adapted from the manga "Ameiro Paradox" by Natsume Isaku
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When Kosuke was 14 years old, his mother died. As a young gay person, he spent his adolescence in a rural village and suppressed his feelings. Now, Kosuke is all grown up and he works as a fashion magazine editor in Tokyo. He meets Ryuta, who works as a personal trainer. Ryuta's mother raised him alone and he is close to his mother. Kosuke and Ryuta become attracted to each other and they sometimes spend time with Ryuta's mother. Kosuke is happy to share time with Ryuta and his mother, which makes him remember his late mother. Kosuke and Ryuta make an appointment to go for a drive together, but, on that day, Ryuta does not show up.
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Saijo Akane, a college student and aspiring drummer, who finds herself suddenly kicked out of her band. However, things take a turn when the brilliant musician Fujitani Naoki stumbles upon her talent and invites her to join his new ensemble.
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-Both of them are bl's
-Both deal with grief
-Both center around music
-Jazz for Two is Korean
-Given is Japanese
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A man killed himself. Due to his death, three of his former classmates from art school, reunite for the first time in a long while. These three people have connections to the man in different ways, including his ex-girlfriend, the manager of a rugby club where the man played, and his ex-boyfriend. While struggling with their own lives, these three people begin to meet and have meals together.

Oda Chiharu worked as a designer for a company she has long coveted to work for, but, due to bullying by her boss, she quit her job. She finds pleasure in cooking and serving her food to other people. When she is alone, she often eats food from the convenience store. Nakamura Seiko works in the PR department for a cosmetics company. Being influence by her family, she has grown up with the idea that marriage is mandatory and not optional. She now has a strong desire to marry, but her fiancé, who works in the same department, suddenly breaks off their engagement.

Amagai Eiji worked as a designer for an advertising agency, but he was suddenly transferred to the sales department. He doesn’t know what he wants to do anymore. He is a gay man, but he hasn't revealed his sexual orientation to his parents.
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Both shows deal with two teenage boys finding love and developing a relationship, moving from friends to lovers while dealing with issues such as identity and one's past. There are some differences of course - in "His" there are two major female characters who advance the story, and "Given"'s backstory is a more tragic, but overall - those who like Given and Japanese BLs in general should give "His" a try. Also, watch the sequel movie (titled "His").
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Não sei porque de alguma forma me lembrou Given. Mas Wish You ganhou meu coração de uma forma inexplicável. A Ost, a química deles, a fotografia, a história... perfeito demais. Sou suspeita a falar de filmes assim, com a temática mais musical, porque eles me prendem de uma forma... Recomendo a todos!!!!
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have high school background
cute uke cool seme
a female character who help them get together, but the differentcy is one is ML friends and other one is ML sister
i think two of them have a same kind like drama
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