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  • País: Japan
  • Tipo: Drama
  • Episódios: 6
  • Exibido: Fev 25, 2022 - Abr 1, 2022
  • Exibido em: Sexta
  • Original Network: Hulu NTV
  • Duração: 55 min.
  • Pontuação: 7.2 (scored by 230 usuários)
  • Classificado: #7905
  • Popularidade: #10663
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Jun 4, 2022
6 of 6 episódios vistos
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História 7.0
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Musical 6.0
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Slightly better than season 2. A darker season but, sadly predictable.

WARNING: If you all thought season 1 and 2 had their number of gruesome scenes and erm... wtf moments, - well you better hold onto to your seats, - because this one will leave you on edge, with an "ewww" expression on your face and feeling mostly pissed off for the character's poorly decisions and the cruelty of the screenwriter to play with our hearts and then crush us so hard that will leave us frustrated, pained and in tears.

- Might contain SPOILERS. -

First things first, I'll do a Pro and Con list:

Starts with Todoroki and Kanae.
Yuzuki is grown and stronger here.
Have I mentioned Kanae and Todoroki?
Kurumi has less screen time in this season.
The level of cinematography and production is better.
"Bromance" between Hibiki and Todoroki. Loyalty on point...
At least they tried to unveil the mysteries season 2 failed to do.

HIBIKI. with capital letters.
If in season 2 Kurumi got me annoyed. In season 3, it's Hibiki.
Religion. Cults to be precise. Acting holy when they're sinners.
Kurumi is always the main point, even causing sacrifices indirectly.
The X gang and their shady origins. If it was like that why kill civilians?
Character's stupidity that costs everything, and could be solved or avoided.
Kanae and Todoroki arch. Not precisely bad, it's really good. But they deserved the world
Sadly, the world did not deserve them. Love you as the world ends, should be about them...

By now we can all assume Hibiki's character is kind of like Liam Neeson's character in Taken.

Only there's no working phones here in Kimi to Sekai and Hibiki doesn't exactly say the line, "I'll find you and I'll kill you" as many times as he probably should. Still, there's always guns and ammunition in hand. Which is weird given food is scarce, but weaponry exists by the dozens huh. I would presume handcrafted weapons would exist at this point, - you know those pointy sticks, - like those Buffy always used to save the world and it worked just fine back in the good old days.

They've made 6 pointless episodes in season two, with that ending... To skip 10 months in the story, in this one.

Shoot! What have we missed?

Well first things first, in those 10 mysterious months ever since having left the House of Hope, Hibiki finally dyed his blonde roots to become a brunette. I know right? Priorities... Dude spent 2 seasons blonde, but now he went dark in a flash.

Speaking of dark. This season has definitely it's darkest moments.

However, it's either predictable or I've had my fair share of criminal dramas and plot twists that I've developed a keen sense. It wasn't hard to figure it out the intentions of the characters, the ones that were most mysterious were the X gang though.

They tried their plot twists here and there. Like for example, with Min-Jun's lookalike. It went along with the realistic explanation that there was a twin brother, Yoo-Jun, and revealed his existence and what happened to him in a flash linked to Ji-An the older sister. Even so, it seemed to be made above the knee and rushed, if you ask me. They could've made a hint in season one when Min-Jun and Ji-An met... but no mention of them having another sibling was ever implied, at least from what I can vaguely remember. (I might check it again, just to be sure.)

I actually liked the fact that they made his character hold a sense of loss despite the brutal environment in which he was raised ever since kidnapped. He still retained that memory of making flower crowns to place on the dead to honor their souls. It was Ji-An that had taught him that when young, and he continued doing over the years so it seems. It was symbolic.

The gruesome events are cruel and macabre to say the very least.
If in season 2 they presented us with the House of Hope, which ironically had no hope at all, nor it was a safe haven. And where the residents firmly believed in division of status and classes among the survivors. In this season they present us with faith and religion as holy place for a cult. In crazy times of need, people believe in anything they want to believe. This is an example of it.

It's a deranged utopia consisting of delusional believers, a fraud keeping the farce of a God, and the most messed up meals... It's implied that the food is indeed scarcer there, that they have turned to the point of producing meat from dubious sources.

It's really messed up and utterly disgusting.

Now, I wouldn't dare to say it's the survival of the fittest, but more like survival and madness walk hand in hand here. As if serving Golem meal's wasn't enough... (that's right, the excuse is a trial for immunity to whoever consumes the product, which is weird because so far there is no one who has it at 100% nor there is a vaccine or cure) To have volunteers for the "Marris" ritual (which so happens to be a public execution), only to be used as a source of food for the children is utterly immoral and quite DISTURBING to know. Cannibalisms at the end of the world... and they have the boldness to call it high in protein...

It's in times like this that I am glad I don't eat meat xD
Oh Holy salad, as I off a Golem with a fork. Lettuce pray. Amen.

The irony of creating a safety haven in one season and then throwing the characters right at the holy sinners is a duality.

Hibiki's arch as always been about finding Kurumi, but after a couple of times and different directions of having the same goal, it's a bit tiring to see what could be love becomes a sick obsession. If it was to find her in the end and finally sink in that there's no other way to help her because unfortunately there's still no cure, then this story would most likely ended in season 1.

It sure would've avoided many headaches, heartbreaks, deaths and well a hand... if you get what I mean.

WARNING: Episodes 4 and 5 will ruin you all, mark my words. The events are beautiful, symbolic and tragic.
To the point of leaving us aching for those we've been rooting from season 1, to be robbed so soon.

They never had a chance, never got to the point of properly addressing their feelings, confessing in bold words what they meant towards one another after all they've been through. Still, their actions spoke louder than 1000 words. Their sense of loyalty, of paying debts, and having each other's backs was the most genuine among two characters there. And their storyline was the most worth it of all ever since season 1. To see how they developed, and how much they cared, loved, protected and respected each other's was beautiful and endearing. They provided us more insight of them, and then robbed us all.

Even so, Todoroki's character development was one of the best. And so was Kanae's.
They went from stubborn and weak characters. To caring, honest, independent and strong characters.
Their keen sense of justice, right from wrong, prevailed unaverred amidst the craziness that surrounded them.
While other's like Hibiki were easily persuaded. Todoroki and Kanae, held their grounds in every single situation.

Todoroki's and Hibiki's have always clashed in season 1, they both had different views and perceptions of the world and their situation. And were keen on leadership of the group of survivors they were a part of, ever since then no matter how apart they got, whenever they managed to find themselves in circumstances, the bond between them lost their initial rift, and gained mutual respect. Maybe on Todoroki's side it was Kanae's influence that made him improve himself. His loyalty and integrity never changed though, to the point of owing Hibiki and helping him out 'till the every end.

What did change in him?
The reckless imprudence of placing himself in danger because he did not fear death.

To have him confess that now he does fear it, really speaks volumes of how much he started to feel for Kanae to the point of finding a reason to keep on living, and not merely existing in a dying world.

"You really don't call me by my name, do you?" - Kanae
"You can only call a woman by her first name if she's family." - Todoroki

This moment between them was like the hidden confession, as they harbored feelings for each other.

The meaningful and symbolic value of his hand gesture, in those different scenes, with only her in his mind...
The first time calls her by her first name and she never hears it. Worse Hibiki never tells her... and that pissed me off.

"He don't have to call me by my name. He don't have to love me.
Just... if that person is alive, that's all that matters. So please, come back safe, Hiro." - Kanae

Yuzuki's finding her purpose and sense of leadership was gratifying. She had to grow up fast from season 1 to 3. In order to survive and adapt she learned to make sacrifices and be brave. The only inconsistency in her character is probably the asthma, she suffered severely from it in season 1, in season 2 it's mentioned and we can see the inhalers. But in here? Don't recall.

Could this be the only holy miracle of this deranged season events? Perhaps.

Too many shady characters, and backgrounds in this season. X could've been partially resolved in season 2 though.
Iori and Shinji were characters that screamed suspicious from the very start. Hence my suspicion of a season 4 turning out to be right by the end of this chaotic last episode. They need to add drama and angst, and of course another rescue plot mission for Hibiki, this time for his missing child. Future is dark and gloomy, because Mirai (means future in Japanese) has vanished.

The cinematography and production values in this season are far better than the previous seasons.
Oddly enough the song , - Not the End by Rei Yasuda - that accompanied the other seasons was not presented in this one.

After binge watching these 6 episodes, frustrating my poor little braincells on another rollercoaster ride of disturbing scenarios, not so happy meals, pent-up emotions, pure rage towards stupid characters, and having my heart broken in the end.

I'm left unsure about being sadist enough to even watch a season 4...

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Jun 19, 2022
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Better than season 2 but still...


Well well that was a ride! I watched the 6 episodes in 2 nights. In no particular order things I liked, I didn't like, good and bad WTF about this season and the questions I still have. I'm spoiling this for you, read at your own risk!

Good points:
- KANAE AND TODOROKI, do I even need to develop?
- the revival of the Hibiki/Todoroki bromance. It was such a long time coming and I had doubt ngl, but I'm glad they could mend their relationship once the Kurumi-related tension and previous disagreements faded.
- less Kurumi
- more gore-y scenes, the effects were better made than for previous seasons imo.
- the introduction of Mirai, nice of them to add new elements
- Kanae greatest character PERIOD
- the Cult. I was one to think that it was lacking in S1 and S2, as blindingly turning to pseudo-religion is one of the most prominent coping mechanism in all impossible situations. The moral questions they bring were much needed, good job on that.

Bad points:
- KANAE AND TODOROKI... a ship down way too soon
- I do not get the point of the X group... like, what do they want? Where do they EXACTLY come from? How are they recruted? What motivates them to do bad? I... don' them.
- Good that they tried to give more importance to Yuzuki but... she is a child that very recently lost her mom and trash of a dad... Where is the trauma? The pain? The dark impact it should have on her? AND THE ASTHMA??? LOL
- The very cliché the-wingman-of-the-cult-is-crazier-than-the-leader trope... not impressed
- Jian was close to non existent this season

All kinds of WTF:
- I really thought Hibiki was finally (rightfully) losing it, they had me during the first two episodes... I would have liked it better, he has all the right to give up with everything that happened to him.
- You throw a baby in there, okay. How come she's still alive and clean at this point? How do you feed her when you can't even feed yourself? And why is the baby unsupervised 95% of the time?! hahaha
- Soooo no info on Woo Jun ? I mean it was barely talked about, even Min Jun didn't talk about him. What about his story other than the flower thing?
- How come Hibiki so easily left Yuzuki behind ?
- Has Takeuchi Ryoma given up on Hibiki? He didn't react much to Mirai and kept being obsessed by Kurumi but he was sadder for Todoroki than for her????? Isn't that off-character?

Questions remaining:
- Unless I didn't get the info, do they have any kind of contact with the rest of the world? They do talk about another country in S3 (mmm...) but what about the rest of the Globe? Is the whole world in the same situation or is it a Japan-thing?
- Shuto part 2... S4 better not be another S1 cause that would bore me to death
- Why so many seasons? I would rather have more episodes but less seasons, I feel the plot vanishing more and more
- Kurumi.. down for good? Not too sure about that, they didn't show her well enough... And I may have mixed up info, but wasn't she tested on by Shuto cause her blood cells had special golem-resisting qualities? Did that really just delay her transformation? Will they ever talk about that?

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Com Você no Dia em Que o Mundo Acabar


  • Drama: Com Você no Dia em Que o Mundo Acabar 3
  • País: Japão
  • Episódios: 6
  • Exibido: Fev 25, 2022 - Abr 1, 2022
  • Exibido On: Sexta
  • Original Network: Hulu, NTV
  • Duração: 55 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: Ainda Não Classificado


  • Pontuação: 7.2 (avaliado por 230 usuários)
  • Classificado: #7905
  • Popularidade: #10663
  • Fãs: 655

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