Membro regular

  • Bang Chan
    Christark (Ep. 1-2) | Barista Bang (Ep. 6-7)
    Membro regular
  • Lee Know
    Greyleeknow (Ep. 1-2) | Unemployed Lee (Ep. 6-7)
    Membro regular
  • Seo Chang Bin
    Seortell (Ep. 1-2) | Detective Seo (Ep. 6-7)
    Membro regular
  • Han
    Hanratheon (Ep. 1-2) | Idol Han (Ep. 6-7)
    Membro regular
  • Hwang Hyun Jin
    Targarhyun (Ep. 1-2) | Teacher Hyun (Ep. 6-7)
    Membro regular
  • Felix
    Felly (Ep. 1-2) | Chef Lee (Ep. 6-7)
    Membro regular
  • Kim Seung Min
    Minnister (Ep. 1-2) | Dr. Kim (Ep. 6-7)
    Membro regular
  • I.N
    Irell (Ep. 1-2) | Dr. Yang (Ep. 6-7)
    Membro regular
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