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Incredible series

Things you see aren't what they will be in the end. There are twists and turns that keep me going, waiting for the next episode. The acting is so so so incredible, starting with Yu He Wei (Three Body), Feng Jia Yi, Bai Yu Fan. Then there are so many other great performances from the supporting actors/actresses like the great Wan Ji Song (NiF), Tu Song Yan (Go Ahead) and more.

I think the synopsis is a bit misleading. For me, I clearly saw who the good guys were from the beginning but in the drama's comments, they had different opinions. So hey, I may be wrong. lol The relationships are really portrayed well in this drama, from romance to bromance, long time friends to frenemies, to the continued love/loyalty for a spouse who has passed away, to a single parent's love for a daughter and how far one would go for his/her child, an interesting love triangle and unrequited love. There is quite a bit of heart fluttering and emotional moments between all the characters. However, it's a dog eat dog world though so one never knows what will happen in the end. I surely didn't. lol

I highly recommend this drama. The ratings here are off in my opinion, and it toots a 9.6 rating on iQIYI which I agree with. When I first wrote this review, I was at ep 26 and out of 9 other CDramas I was watching at the time, this was the first drama I looked forward to watch the next episode. I just finished the series and it had a satisfying ending despite who I was rooting for :((( but because of that, I put the rewatch value to 9 because it's hard to rewatch an ending that I perceive as sad (I say that because some people probably wanted this ending aka justice). Although I was torn throughout the entire drama on whether to side with justice or side with who my heart felt for, I couldn't help siding with my heart so it would be hard to rewatch it again knowing the ending.

It definitely remained interesting all the way to the end.

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