Strong chemistry and feels!
Great friendships with interesting characters.
Male leads are aggressive in pursuing the female leads.
Recomendado por nananur
Both dramas feature male leads involved in the investment industry. The female leads in both series are portrayed as independent, hardworking, and intelligent, making for inspiring and relatable characters. The cast in both dramas delivers powerful performances, bringing the characters and their stories to life.
Recomendado por sandy
The drama is cute, but Rising with the wind is more mature in its love journey.

Both have boyfriends who are pranksters, cute and handsome.
The story is funny and interesting.
Recomendado por minijini
Slow-Burn Romance
Business Relationship
Investor Male Lead
Strong and cleaver Female Lead
Mature Romance and relationships
Story mainly focuses on development of Female Lead
Recomendado por Sharanya
Both are contemporary romance dramas set in modern day China. Both have independent and stubborn female leads. Both Male leads are very career oriented. Also the male lead characters are acted by the same actor.
Recomendado por Stokssyyy
Both covered the love story of professional working adults who act like adults, with both female leads and male leads inherently a very independent people yet managed to find comfort in each other's presence.
Recomendado por han
This drama and we are all alone does a deep dive into their respective industries. Rising with the wind looks at domestic Chinese brands and investments and we are all alone looks at the acting industry. Both are produced by the same production company Stellar Media.
Recomendado por SsJay
The dynamic between both dramas are different but they share some things in common.

- Both Male Lead are working as executive in investment company
- Rich and Smart Male Lead
- Smart Female Lead
- Brave Female Lead
- They cast same actors/actress like Wei Zheming and Dong Xuan
Recomendado por JevelynYang
both are about starting a business from scratch and making it big . both leads start their business against huge odds and they fight and remain hopeful in the bleakest of situations
Recomendado por Senuthi
Both capsulate male leads being investor while female lead being headstrong behind their own crafts. Enemies/Rivals to love in both dramas.
Recomendado por its-jae
Male leads from both shows work at an investment company
There are romance and business aspects involved in the plot.
Recomendado por wenkexing
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