I think The style in both films is similar but ''hush!'' has more significant themes.

in both films Two guys are involved with a woman who is looking for love and meaning to her life, with many difficulties and problems that accumulate in their way, they find solace in the friendship that is formed.

Personally I didn't really like Kira Kira Hikaru, but if you are looking for a better and similar movie then I recommend Hush!
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2 guys who are gay, one female who is lonely for someone to love. The woman approaches 1 of the guys and wants him to seed her would be child.
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A group of friends, two of them a gay couple, one girl who connects with them in an eccentric, sudden and platonic way.
Fate connects the three and creates a connection with the theme of love and friendship.
Recomendado por Nomtosaurus
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