Both are Japanese productions. I find if you like the Japanese style found in Cherry Magic you’ll also enjoy other Japanese stories. The characters in both end up working together and fall because of their interactions working together. Both are overall fluffy, while you get some (spoilers!) actual good kisses at the end of Restart After Come Back Home.
Recomendado por bethbird01
Both take place in the Japanese countryside, so very beautiful scenery and shots. They're very calming shows that unpack a lock of individual development. They also both deal with family themes.

Though they depict very different relationships (Restart being a slow, new romance and His being a complicated, "finding each other again" romance), the feeling of a heartwarming, beautiful love is strong in both.
Recomendado por lilacbuddy
a sincere romance between a country boy and a city boy. Both struggle to find their true selves and sexuality.
Recomendado por MBN
The regular guy has to return to his home in countryside then he has met a cheerful boy who is living there and they fell in love
Recomendado por Trzmielik
If you enjoy the character dynamic and how they balance each other, would I call Restart After Come Back Home the feel-good older sibling of Eternal Yesterday.
Recomendado por Majka
Although the premise is different, both are extremely heartwarming and depict a healthy, non-toxic relationship between a cold, aloof male and a more outgoing, eccentric male.

Recomendado por Grand Inquisitor
Both are similar in that one of the male leads leaves his office job due to workplace-abuse and learns to enjoy life a little more with the help of the free-spirited male lead.

To Each His Own focusses more on workplace abuse and handles serious topics such as suicide while Restart is light-hearted in comparison and focusses on the relationship between the male leads.

Both are exceptional and if you like one, you're likely to enjoy the other.
Recomendado por Grand Inquisitor
Although the setting, circumstances and the age of the characters are very different, I still found them similar because both have a really calm and peaceful vibe, and both are BLs as well. Both the drama and the movie are really beautiful and I would recommend both of them to any JBL fans.
Recomendado por Silje Therese
Both are JP products, and they have similarities in the balance of the two main leads, both are recorded in the local area too.
Recomendado por Gouki
Set at Shidou Gakuin, a boys' boarding school situated off the beaten track. In the second year at school, Takumi Hayama is allocated a room in a dorm to share with Giichi "Gii" Saki. Gii was brought up abroad and is the school idol with his exceptional academic performance, as well as his good looks. One day, Gii confesses to Takumi that he has been in love with him for some time. This unexpected truth of events unsettles Takumi, however, he comes to realize the true sensitivity of Gii
Recomendado por 4chukyunz1302
they definitely have similar vibe, also both of story is about growing, learning and maybe trying their best.. they're soft, pure and feel-good dramas. They both have lgbt couple also
Recomendado por akdage
they are bromance/bl. Two of them are about growing, learning, also both show have similar energy + giving countryside feelings. Also one of the character is loud and other one is calmer in both and we can that these two character try to help each other
Recomendado por akdage
Mitsuomi Kozuka quits his job in Tokyo and decides to return to his hometown in the country for the first time in 10 years. His relationship with his Father was strained after he moved to Tokyo and didn't want to take over the family business. There, Mitsuomi Kozuka meets Yamato Kumai. Yamato Kumai is the adopted son of old man Kumai, who took him in after his parents abandoned him in a park when he was a baby. The old man runs a farm near the home of Mitsuomi Kozuka's parents.
Yamato talks Mitsuomi into helping out on the farm and that's when their relationship grows and begins to change them both.
Recomendado por 73n5h1k015h173
Adachi and Kurosawa's first Valentine's Day and Adachi receives a box of chocolate… Kurosawa has a rival?
Rokkaku seems to know there's something between Adachi and Kurosawa… the relationship will be exposed?
Recomendado por 73n5h1k015h173
gave the same vibes. how one person is from the village, helping around and while the other has come to the countryside due to work issues
Recomendado por Hyunjin
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