- Um dos principais tem algum problema psiquiátrico e de certa forma mostram um tipo de obsessão pelo outro;

- Em ambos um dos protagonistas trabalham direta ou indiretamente com a psiquiatria;

- Também tem o fato de que os protagonistas se conhecem antes em certa parte da vida.
Recomendado por Andy
both female characters are strong, independent and fashionable, and both male leads are the sweet not jerk kind
plus the directing and the vibes of the dramas feel similar and aesthetic~
Recomendado por XingBack
Psychiatrists and patients. Great characters with mental struggles in a honest and gentle way with awesome actors
Recomendado por Sailor Koala
>In Both dramas female leads are cold-hearted, picky and hated by everyone at the beginning
>In Both dramas female leads are childhood sweethearts of male leads
>In Both dramas we have co-habitation
>In both dramas male lead's are poor where female leads are Rich
>In both dramas male lead hates/cold towards female lead in the beginning but falls in love
>In angels last mission male lead abused by his father whereon it's okay to not be okay female is abused by her father where both the leads fathers end up in hospital during their final suffering
>We can draw a lot of similarities between both the dramas vice-versa
Recomendado por Drama Empress
A drama about healing, change, friendship and family bonding. HCCC is a really sweet nd peaceful drama to watch when you are in a bad mood or need some change from action/thriller/crime dramas. This drama also has amazing cinematography and a beautiful scenery. Great chemistry between the actors and a beautiful romance!!
Recomendado por YULLISIHA
They are both psychological dramas in which the ML holds back his feelings to protect everyone around him. The difference is that one's about a psychopath serial killer father and the other is about a antisocial personality author.
Recomendado por Melanie Sives
both female leads are "uncaring" of the social norms and they say and do things that seem "weird" to other people.
Recomendado por XingBack
IONTBO is definitely a much more romance based show and Flower of Evil focuses more on the crime/thriller aspect (as of ep 6). Both shows have dark characters with ambiguous morality and motivations. Childhood trauma/violence and its role in influencing adult behavior also plays a major role in both shows.
Recomendado por melomanie
-They are very different in multiple ways as the genre is different though both of them are romance, but they are similar in how the female lead acts, she reminds me of Ko Moon Young and watch this drama to find out how the female lead seems!

EDIT: Both are childhood friends/like have childhood encounters. : )
Recomendado por fluffshi
-both about mental health
-ML lead always loses his temper around FL lead
-enemies to lovers
-cute relationship
-Mad for each other is more comedic but still has touching moments
-ML lead gets the female lead out of trouble often
-Live close to each other
-hang around each other often
-cute scene and good kissing
Recomendado por thatbitchonline101
Both were discussing about mental illness and the setting is the same.
Also the presentation of what's going on in one patient's mind is similar.
Recomendado por KwonJaeli
>>Both the leads have childhood traumas who later get along
>>Both male leads have a crush on female leads during their childhood
>>Both dramas are set in countryside
Recomendado por Drama Empress
I don't know why but the psychological aspect with the peter pan syndrome reminds me "its okay to not be okay" I also draw attention to the visuals of this drama which has a magical side although "darker" than « THE SOUND OF MAGIC »
Recomendado por KAELEEDRAMAG
-Both female leads have strong personalities (they don't care if you like them or not), are somehow lonely and carry wounds because of their mother
-Both male leads have a sad past because of their family
-Both second female leads are jealous of the female lead
Recomendado por novaless
Both dramas are dark and are psychological, it's okay it's love is a bit more lighter though with more comedy
Recomendado por Kathy
Tudo Bem Não Ser Normal (2020) poster



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