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Avaliações: 7.3/10 de 1,306 usuários
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Classificado #7570
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  • País: South Korea
  • Tipo: Drama
  • Episódios: 34
  • Exibido: Abr 8, 2006 - Ago 6, 2006
  • Exibido em: Sábado, Domingo
  • Original Network: MBC
  • Duração: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Pontuação: 7.3 (scored by 1,306 usuários)
  • Classificado: #7570
  • Popularidade: #3807
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 15+ - Teens 15 or older

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Abr 18, 2012
34 of 34 episódios vistos
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No geral 9.0
História 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musical 8.0
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This drama is really cute. The love triangle can be a bit tiresome and frustrating, but isn't that the way love triangles are.

I really liked Lee Min Ki in this because he was so funny. The expressions on his face and the gestures, it's hilarious.

Plus, you do get the "who will she pick" tension, so the final outcome is much anticipated.

Also, the scenes with the cooking made me hungry too, so better bring some munchies.

It's 34 episodes and that can be an investment in time, but it's well worth it.

The only low score I've given is for rewatchablility; not because it's not worth a rewatch, but rather because I only rewatched certain episodes I found particularly cute and not all 34 in a row again.

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Abr 11, 2013
34 of 34 episódios vistos
Completados 0
No geral 8.0
História 8.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musical 7.0
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The story starts off about a young girl -BongSoon- who has lived her entire life in an extremely rural village. Suddenly, two men come barreling into her life and her entire world turns upside down (like, literally, she goes from no electricity and an outhouse to the bustling metropolis of Seoul). It could be described as a coming of age story, because all three of our leads, in different areas of their lives, have some serious growing up to do. Overall I loved the story and I was impressed with some of the original elements within. The love triangle will drive you nuts, but its nice to have a drama that actually makes one question who BongSoon will choose.

Originally I started this drama only because of Lee MinKi and I was not at all disappointed. He, and the rest of the cast did a great job and I was very impressed with all of their performances. I was occasionally annoyed by Eugene's melodramatic facial expressions, particularly when her character lost some of her bubbly, rural, innocence, but overall, I liked her acting and character.

The music was good, but there were no songs on the soundtrack that I felt the need to find or buy.

I hardly ever rewatch dramas, so my score for that is pretty low. However, I would definitely recommend this drama to my family and friends, so a recommendation value would probably be around an 8.

This drama is a solid 8 for me. Though it's 34 episodes long, I didn't get tired of the plot. The first 6 or so episodes are kind of boring, but if you get through that exposition, you'll find yourself extremely attached to the characters (At least I did). There is a lot of unexpected and well played humor in this show set off equally by some heavy and sad topics. I was very impressed with the balance the writer was able to find and I really, really, liked this drama.

Abdi Bogho Ka! (You'll get it if you watch the drama)

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  • Drama: I Really Really Like You
  • País: Coreia do Sul
  • Episódios: 34
  • Exibido: Abr 8, 2006 - Ago 6, 2006
  • Exibido On: Sábado, Domingo
  • Original Network: MBC
  • Duração: 1 hr. 10 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: 15+ - 15 anos ou mais


  • Pontuação: 7.3 (avaliado por 1,306 usuários)
  • Classificado: #7570
  • Popularidade: #3807
  • Fãs: 3,449

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