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  • País: Japan
  • Tipo: Movie
  • Data de Lançamento: Jul 23, 2005
  • Duração: 1 hr. 54 min.
  • Pontuação: 7.6 (scored by 982 usuários)
  • Classificado: #4901
  • Popularidade: #5324
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: Not Yet Rated

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Jia M
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Abr 26, 2016
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No geral 8.0
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Acting/Cast 8.0
Musical 9.0
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For a film that was released in 2005, Linda Linda Linda is vibrant, crisp and at the same time, carries a sense of nostalgia. The thing is with films that have simple plot and centers around high school life, it needs to hit the right nails and to be able to tug at your heartstrings for you to like. For Linda Linda Linda, I did like it for its simplicity and the exchange between three Japanese students and an exchange South Korean student but I couldn't relate to the music aspect.

See, I do play the guitar and the piano (and used to sing as well), but Linda Linda Linda is more of classic Japanese rock than my usual, or at least what I've grown up with. So I couldn't connect with that aspect. But I still absolutely love the simpleness of the film and the fact that it doesn't try too hard.

Nobuhiro Yamashita uses tracking shots as if to show the growth and progress of the characters. He also knows how to contrast them especially when all the four leads are in one frame. The cuts are long as if the camera just keeps rolling as they're all just acting naturally. That's Linda Linda Linda. Watching it just feel so...natural. So relaxing and at the same time, full of energy.

Bae Donna (who starred in many Hollywood films including Cloud Atlas) shows alienation well but not in the way that will make you pity her. She carries it in a simple natural yet. Aki Maeda, Yuu Kashii and Shiroki Sekine (bassist of Base Ball Bears, whose songs were part of the soundtrack) have such good chemistry on screen, each with their own unique personality that compliments each other.

Well, at least you have a lovely soundtrack to enjoy. Blue Heart's Linda Linda is going to give you Last Song Syndrome (just like it did for me).

Linda Linda Linda is a simple high school tale of friendship. (No drama, no heavy crying). So it doesn't need to be too much to be compelling. If you want something light and at the same time, fun, this is a good one.

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Out 3, 2014
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No geral 9.0
História 7.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Musical 8.0
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Finally I saw this movie!

Surprisingly this movie was a very quiet one. After reading it's a movie about a rock band, I expected it to be more ..loud..I guess? But don't worry in the end you'll still get to hear some music!

Those four girls who are very different and don't seem like they would fit together, in the end make up a really good team. Each of them has their own struggles and each of them has a lovely personality. You get to discover more and more about them as they try to make their performance a perfect one, each of them working hard on their own. Still I'd say the story is more about getting together than accomplishing that one goal. Each of the girls were acting their part very well, especially our fun and quirky Korean girl, and even some of the supporting roles were adorkable.

I would say it's a slice of life themed movie, most of the time you feel like an observer to what's going on in this part of their life. It gets a little weird sometimes, but I love that Japanese weirdness. There are some scenes that just cracked me up, while others would probably think: What the heck is going on here? I just love weird stories about weird people. ^^

When should you watch the movie? On a cold and rainy afternoon, when you have nothing else to do, if you want something fun and sweet without a lot of drama, if you like that slice of life stuff, if you like weird people like I do :D

I enjoyed it, but the film can drag on a little, so I'd probably not rewatch it.

So there's only one thing left to say: LINDA LINDA! LINDA LINDA LINDAAAA ~

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  • Movie: Linda Linda Linda
  • País: Japão
  • Data de Lançamento: Jul 23, 2005
  • Duração: 1 hr. 54 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: Ainda Não Classificado


  • Pontuação: 7.6 (avaliado por 982 usuários)
  • Classificado: #4901
  • Popularidade: #5324
  • Fãs: 2,098

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