Although the plot is different, I get similar vibes from both of these dramas and here’s why:

1- Both male leads are in the military
2- Both female leads are successful and have a rather similar personality
3- The female leads start off by disliking the male leads
4- Male leads risk their lives and career to protect the female lead
5- Both leads end up falling for each other and have great chemistry
6- Second leads also become a couple
7- Both dramas include them traveling between 2 countries
8- Both are funny :)

If you really liked Descendants of the Sun, I’m sure you’ll also enjoy Crash Landing on You.
Recomendado por The girl
City girl starts to live in the countryside due to complications (in CLOY due to an accident). At the beggining everyone hates her because she's new and because she's from a big city but then, with the help of an handsome guy who is admired by everyone but seems to not care about her, everyone starts to like her.
Recomendado por Baby Aroha
They have very different plots but the main elements and sort of development of both of these dramas are similar. This is because:

· They are by the same screenplay writer.
· The female lead is far away from her home.
· The female lead hides some things about herself from the male lead.
· The male lead at first appears to be standoffish and not caring but is actually trying to help the female lead feel comfortable and help.
· The male lead is from an influential/wealthy background and female lead does not know.
· The male lead is usually introverted and not interested in others but is sweet and caring with the female lead.

If you liked Crash Landing on You I recommend watching Legend of the Blue Sea.
Recomendado por Emma
This drama just started but we can see that (even from the synopsis) this is a romance between a south korean and a north korean. King2Hearts is also telling us the story about a north korean soldier (which is the woman) and a south korean prince.
Recomendado por Alyx
Both the male protagonists of the two dramas are North Korean, while the two female protagonists are South Korean. They both talk about the difficult situation between North Korea and South Korea.
Recomendado por alis89
Recomendado por Yichen
I don't know this wasn’t recommended previously. But both are about two rich people that are forced out of thier element to rural areas due to circumstances beyond thier control. Both come to accept their value with the help of their brooding, tall and protective love interests.
CLOY isn't a BL, but it matches 1000 stars with chemistry, storytelling and acting. Though, Captain Ri is a far superior love interest to Cheif Phupha.
But they're both incredible shows with a lot of heart and incredible characters. If you loved one, you'll definitely love the other.
Recomendado por PlayMeAMemory
Both shows feature a forbidden romance between North and South Koreans, both hailed from rich families and encountered conflict as couples fight for their love.
Recomendado por Dojemi10
at the end of episode 10 in CLOY the main character from Secretly Greatly named Bang Dong Gyu is featured. If anyone wants more on his background then watch his own movie.
Recomendado por Chanpraphap
For Binjin fans. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin both appear in both shows. There is no loveline in The Negotiation but there is in Crash Landing on You. If you can't get enough of the two together, I recommend one show for fans of the other and vice versa.
Recomendado por Sageuk Lover
So both shows seem to be completely different from each other but at the same time they both convey similar feeling when you watch them. They both have a serious plot line but at the same time have those little comical moments where you can't help but laugh. both women say "I love you" first but the man fell in love first. Both have great Bromance between the ML and guy friend/s.
Recomendado por lupekenya
Its similar due to North korean soldier carrying out mission in South korea and different in the plot somewhat as it has a romantic couple development
Recomendado por Itachi Uchiha
The plots are completely different but these two shows carry the same vibe . Male lead is strong, wise and caring towrds the heroine . They are also star crossed lovers who keep getting separated from each other. Most of all the chemistry between the leads in both dramas is like no other and the female lead isn't afraid to show her love for the male lead.
Recomendado por snowbelle9727
=> Both dramas depict how the North South Korea divide affects and separates people
---> in CLOY, it's the couples being separated and cannot be physically together for a long time
---> in Curtain Call, the grandma is separated from her first original family from North Korea
=> Female lead is a CEO in both dramas and Choi Dae Hoon is playing the brother of the female leads in both dramas.
=> Though male lead in Curtain Call is South Korean, he is pretending to be a North Korean character so that North Korean aspect of him makes him similar to the North Korean male lead in CLOY. Curtain Call male lead is also an actor and he plays North Korean characters in his plays, one time even mentioning Hyun Bin (CLOY actor)
=> Bonus: Female lead Ha Ji Won once worked with Hyun Bin in Secret Garden
Recomendado por Sageuk Lover
Both the shows include romance between a North Korean and South Korean individual and have Military Base setup. so we can expect some plot similarities...But since there is a gender role reversal we might get some insight into different perspectives of the situation
Recomendado por IamNaheed
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