Both protagonists are immortal beings who are paying their faults for the deaths they caused in the past, only that in Hdl the girl is the immortal and the boy is the human. Both dramas have ghosts moving to the other world. The vibrations are very similar ... comedy, fantasy, and the same themes, but with a change of gender in favor of the female rol!
Recomendado por Nine
Similar setting of a larger than life female lead, given a punishment to deal with humans.

Both have a strong supernatural element, although I would say HDL focuses more on the afterlife. MPUB has potential to touch more on the theme as the series progresses.

Similar ‘human or story of the week’ style to the episodes with an over arching plot across the series.

HDL has more of a cemented romantic plot whilst MPUB focuses more on the trio. However both have a family theme.
Recomendado por hyeristorm
both female characters are strong, independent and fashionable, and both male leads are the sweet not jerk kind
plus the directing and the vibes of the dramas feel similar and aesthetic~
Recomendado por XingBack
Both dramas are dealing with psychical creatures. The main leads are offering services and provide shelter for wandering souls toward the afterlife.
Recomendado por Cherrymotion
Hotel Del luna also has Ghosts Strong female lead and they also exorcise ghosts just like Great Real Estate
Recomendado por seed infotech
It's Fantasy, it has Comedy and the main character was forced to see ghosts. The ML in Korean Odyssey is the same in being stuck, and really old like FL in Hotel Del Luna.
Recomendado por Edenie
They both are in similar genres, horror, supernatural rom-com. I love Master's Sun and I think people who love it will love Hotel Del Luna too! They both have stories revolving around helping vengeful ghosts stuck on earth to find their peace.
Recomendado por PoP-420
Modern day fantasy stories, with ghosts hanging around. Both sets of characters deal with a muddy past. There are similarities in the cinematic directing, tone and overall feel of the two pieces.
Recomendado por Jleety
Both female leads are into fashion and cold, the main male lead is the one who changes their hearts turning them into a different person.
Recomendado por barbiedreams
The main character runs a company with employees who are ghosts??? These two dramas have that trope.
Recomendado por WATCHNEGA
Both have are a great example of fantasy genres about ghosts. I usually like to find good ghost dramas that actually interacts with other ghosts? Instead of just one of the main leads being a ghost...
Recomendado por XingBack
The VIBESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are very SIMILAR
The drink on the Witch's poster looks like the drink Mr. Kim made from hotel del luna.
But I think it matches Hotel Del Luna FOR THE VIBES
Recomendado por barbiedreams
It has a similar vibe in that they are both dealing with a "case of the week" sort of story of people who have died. One of the leads in both dramas is also an immortal sort of character. Both fantasy dramas with interesting plots and have parts in the past and present!
Recomendado por frostflakefairy
These shows use past lives trauma and grudges for their plot. There were incidents in the past that needs to be resolved by the female lead's choice in the present day.
Hotel del Luna has an episodic style, See You in My 19th Life focuses more on the main lead's relationship.
Recomendado por kdramajudge
From the same writers (Hong sisters), both shows are high fantasy + romance. They have strong female leads with supernatural abilities who is on a mission related to her past and can fight well. Both have good special effects and some comedic elements to it as well.
Recomendado por phyberry
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