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Jan 22, 2024
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One of the best Sitcom in the Philippines in 2010s alongside Home Along da Riles

This Sitcom was part of my Childhood, the execution of every casts even the guests are clean and awesome. The Story is always updated in current events and everything is jam-packed from Comedy to Drama and slight horror (For halloween episodes). The sitcom is funny and at the same time, it teaches you a lesson and some tidbits for the asked questions to enlighthen those avid viewers. From Debts of Tommy Diones to Slow thinking of Maid and Driver, Patrick's obssession to Hotdogs, Lovelife of Chito, Clarissa's Glowup and more, Pepito Manaloto is a chef's kiss in the sense that everyone loves the show from beginning to end of the episode, the relativity in our life and it's nod to the pop culture.
I'm looking forward that this Sitcom will last for another five years

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