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Nov 17, 2020
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This "Tokyo Tower" is so wonderful that words fail me.

Every time I saw this novel in a bookstore, I was curious.
However, missing the timing to buy it, the broadcast of this drama was decided, and I heard that the lead role was Yo Oizumi, so I stopped buying it because I wanted to see it without prejudice to the original.

That was the correct answer.
Yo Oizumi, Yuko Tanaka, Keizo Kanie, Ryoko Hirosue, everyone was wonderful.
I myself lost someone... I regained my feelings at that time... I kept crying in the second half. That's how much the work is finished to embrace emotions.

I've been a fan of Yo Oizumi for a long time, and I had high expectations for this topical work ... and it exceeded my expectations. A work that cannot be put into words well.
I, Okan, Oton ... A wonderful performance of the actors who convey their feelings.
Since this is the original work called "Tokyo Tower", I haven't watched any serial drama or movie. I have no intention of watching them. This "Tokyo Tower" is so wonderful that I can't express it.

I sincerely hope that you will see this and recognize Yo Oizumi's acting ability.

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