If you like this, then you might like the beginning of everything, season 1 of RUN BTS where they, as always play games and have fun.
Recomendado por ongaku
BTS are senior of ENHYPHEN !!! its the same they play games maybe you will like run bts too :) Im a huge fan of both BTS and ENHYPHEN ..
Recomendado por Kim Jiyun
Same members learning how to travel abroad and live there (as a holiday) independently.
Let me start by saying this, YOU WILL NOT GET BORED BY WATCHING THIS!!! :-)

They don’t read a script to do all this, it’s natural. They enjoy what they do in every episode, get some snacks and get comfortable and watch, there are scenes that will make you laugh so much that you’ll start crying and scene that are sappy (sad happy) it will give you tears of joy.
I highly recommend you guys to watch it. (There’s season 2, 3 and 4) :)
Recomendado por Liza
Since the 2nd season was on the recommendations I felt it was needed for the 1st one to be there too
Recomendado por Staccie
It is similar because they are both shows by idols. EN-O;CLOCK (33 episodes), TO DO X TXT (79 episodes) and season 2,3 and 4 (156 episodes altogether) of Run BTS are all shows done by k-pop idols. But you may have to get to know a bit about these groups to actually be able to watch them otherwise some of it may not make sense.
Recomendado por ARMY_STAY
Run BTS! Season 1 (2015) poster



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