Both involve characters who get a last chance to change events in their lives through a time-travelling/stopping method.
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Both deal with Life/Death.

My Fantastic Funeral is about a dying-of-a-disease girl planning her own funeral who falls in love

Loss:Time:Life is weirder, with people having additional time after their deaths to make up for what they'd missed before they really die. No love story in LTL.
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Both of them deal with the final moments of ones life, and they're both really good.
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Both involving death & supernatural,
with message about how little time we have and that we should spend our time meaningfully and not take life for granted.

49 Days is one big 20 episode story arc with 1 main lead about to maybe die,
while Loss.Time.Life is more easily and quicker to watch stand-alone episodes/anthology series with 1 new person dying each episode, providing beautiful story even if you just watch 1 episode. (Episodes can be watched in whathever order since each episode is 1 separate story with different characters in each episode.)

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Both: Theme about death. Each episode 1 character dies, episodic format.

Differences: Loss.Time.Life has no main leads, but changes leads every ep,
vs The Midnight Studio also has an overaching storyline with same leads (but also has episodic format/guest stars with own story that ep)
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If you enjoyed the taxi ride, you have the chance to come back to 2008 and watch "Loss time life" a masterpiece that never get old ! Choose wisely..
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Both revolve around dark themes that involve explorations of death/the unknown, with a combination of horror and dark comedic elements.
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Both deal with deep Life/Death questions.

Goblin is a drama with same leads/chars throughout all episodes like it usually is, while Loss:Time:Life features different characters per each episode / is an anthology series

Goblin also has romance, LTL only deals with the life/death part
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