Both have Lee Jong Suk starting in them. Both are about law. Both are made by the same writer.
Recomendado por Irusu
The female leads in both the dramas are weirdos .

The male leads of the both the dramas are prosecutors . They act tough in front of everyone but are actually dorks .

The male & female leads of both the dramas meet each other through a fate .

Both have a lots of comedy but deal with serious cases at the same time .
Recomendado por SanjuktaRay
The scenes of the tragedy are the starting points for both stories. The heroes have superpowers but they still need to learn how to use them in oder to to prevent crime.
Recomendado por Cassandra89
8.5 W (2016)
While the storyline is different, the dramas give off the same vibes.

Both feature foresight/changing reality
Both have a touch of mystery, action and romance
Both have Lee Jong Suk starring as the male lead
Recomendado por Lyoness
Female lead is a reporter and male lead is a lawyer. There are supernatural elements which help with investigating cases (WYWS has main leads that can see the future while Meet Me has leads who share a time travel apartment). The romance moves relatively fast. The fate of the female lead is also a crucial mystery.
Recomendado por ananna
They have a very similar feel to them (e.g. dreamy, fantasy aesthetic). Main leads are connected by some kind of "fate", and they are capable of changing the future a little. If you liked Goblin, you might like While You Were Sleeping. Also, both dramas can be a bit slow (Goblin is slower in my opinion.)
Recomendado por Shou
Both stories have the theme of seeing a part of someone's future (the bad premonitions/deaths), meeting a person who interrupts what's "normal" and "unchangeable" to them, and being able to change fate.
Recomendado por softmilkmoe
It's quite similar to this...................................... you should watch the drama while you were sleeping. Lee jong suk was so good
Recomendado por PRIYA NAYEK
Healthy relationship between male lead and female lead. The unconditional trust for each other and they continuously to give each other encouragement as they face their own problems. There are a lot of mental support in both couples.
Recomendado por paopeo9
in TWY the future can be changed here the past can be changed thus uncertain ending for the main leads.
Recomendado por ParkSunWoo
Both are mystery-ish dramas about the lead(s) having the ability to foresee someone's death and their attempts to prevent it.
Recomendado por emeraldarrows
Both has the same screenwriter
Both has the actors Hwang Young Hee, Shin Jae Ha and Kim So Hyun (Guest Role).
The Kim So Hyun character really is looks alike in both dramas, She is a pianist and She has some kind of relationship with Shin Jae Ha character, it's references from Page Turner.
The relationship mom-son (Cha Shik's Mom- Cha Shik) in Page Turner is alike the relationship mom-daughter (Nam Hong Ju's mom - Nam Hong Ju). The son/daughter is a little crazy and the mom is lovely and supportive the son's problems.
Recomendado por Jessica Lopes
Similar vibe. Lead has special ability that helps with solving crimes. Watching While You Were Sleeping reminded me of The Girl Who Sees Scents
Recomendado por FortuneCat
FL has a special ability in both series that has a big influence on the plot. There are mystery elements in both series and ML and FL live next door to each other. ML kind of pushes FL away at the beginning of the series.

Their posters are weirdly similar too lol
Recomendado por Umbrella_Storm
Not similar in plot line at all, the only reason I think one might like this as well is:
-same writer for both shows
-well-written second male lead characters
-If you like Suzy, she is a lead in both
-Beautiful cinematography
Recomendado por TC1111
Enquanto Você Dormia (2017) poster



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