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Out 10, 2016
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Fast moving and lots of Stylish superbly-constructed action sequences ... balanced w/ some romance ....Good story, and very well Edited .... ...
Peter Ho is magnetic .... Loved the "maniacal" Japanese Colonel Masaya played by Wilson Guo Mingxiang ....

... At the climax, although the action scenes are thrilling, I felt the plot got a bit weak.
.... The script felt like a compilation of one liners - mostly adages and aphorisms - mainly delivered by the veterans like Tony Leung's no-nonsense Mengzi or Mickey He's friendly Xiao Wu , and often repeated by Peter Ho's unworldly Liangfeng ... It offered up some comedic relief .....

Lots of thrilling fun visually! But , due to the lack of an equally thrilling plot at the end, and the lack of a better script ---> the film fails to make a psychological impact ... ...

The action deserves a rating of 8 or 9 at least...
I recommend it for action lovers ... and even for non-action lovers like myself (I was impressed).

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