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  • País: Japan
  • Tipo: Movie
  • Data de Lançamento: Abr 29, 2011
  • Duração: 2 hr. 27 min.
  • Pontuação: 7.4 (scored by 165 usuários)
  • Classificado: #21753
  • Popularidade: #11325
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: G - All Ages

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Mai 7, 2019
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No geral 9.0
História 8.5
Acting/Cast 10
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A woman abducts the baby of man she was having an affair with, the same man who forces her of having an abortion and as a result she loses her fertility. For four years she loved and raised the child as her own until the day she got arrested and the child went back to her biological parents. Fast forward and years later the child has grown up. She moved away from her home because she's unable to adapt with her family. Ironically she also became pregnant with a married man, and now is thinking whether to get an abortion or not. The film is about her journey on how she discovered the link between her present and her past.

The opening sequence at the court is one of the strongest opening sequences ever. We see the unapologetic abductor and the vengeful and bitter mother. It's quite long but important to know where the characters are coming from. At first it seems the root is revenge but as the story progresses, it hints that it goes beyond that, more personal hence the title REBIRTH. Actually the whole English translation is REBIRTH (THE CICADA’S EIGHTH DAY), a brilliant metaphor they used in the movie, which you'll only understand at the final scene. It's a recurring phrase about cicadas, that after nestling on the ground for years, they only have seven days to live, that cicadas who survived at the eight day must be sad or are they?

The pacing is slow which only fits its tragic melodramatic story but may bother some as it takes time to reach its destination. The chronological order goes from past present, the 4 years of them together and the adult Akiyama searching for traces of the time vague in her memory. What makes this transition from past to present brilliant is how both these characters are alike. We see them at the same place at different time which only makes more beautiful by its great cinematography. I especially like how they incorporate the cultural traditions during their time in that island, it's very cinematic. There's also a lot of close up shots showing the expression of the characters, both conveying void, isolation and aggression.

Two of the best female performances I've ever seen in a Japanese movie. I could only imagine that this would be Inoue Mao transition from a cute TV Star to a serious actress. Her portrayal of her character is subtle and very raw, very different from the roles that made her famous. This is without a doubt her best performance. Nagasaku Hiromi (Su-Ki-Da) gave the performance of her life, her motherly loved portrayed on screen is very engrossing that anyone would forget the crime she committed. They didn't have a scene together so it's mindboggling how come they have this intense chemistry. The supporting cast are also brilliant especially the kid, they wouldn't have pulled off a great dramatic scene without a great child actor.

Mother's day is just around the corner so this movie is so timely and that's why I made this review. This is one of the best motherly themed stories which could compete with the likes of "Mother", " Tokyo Tower: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad", "Be With You" & "Chronicles of My Mother".

Check my Blog for other reviews & other JDramas stuffs. (。◕‿‿◕。)

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2 pessoas acharam esta resenha útil
Nov 20, 2019
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No geral 9.0
História 10
Acting/Cast 10
Musical 8.0
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[WARNING: the rating and review I give have the possibility to be subjective due to my preference for the genres, scenes or casts]

Just good is really an underestimating statement for this movie. Well, of course that's just my opinion.

This movie have a quite long duration, but it's worth to watch until the very end. It's have a back and forth plot, a little bit confusing at the first, but getting better and better during the movie.
This is an adult movie with a psychological frame of work. Not adult as an AV, but I think a teenager or young adult can't fully understand the motive and emotional development in this movie. For me, I've cried in the last 30 minutes of this movie.

I never agree with the abduction, but I think in this movie, Kiwako a whole way better than Etsuko who was leave her children ALONE at home. Never ever leave your child at home ALONE even if you just go for a minute!

The part when Kiwako realize that she can't be together with Kaoru / Erina again is really touching. The way she let her go. The way she told the officer that Kaoru / Erina hasn't eat yet. The way she said thank you. The way she smiled when they take a family photograph. Okay, I've cried at those part.

Maybe for some people this movie have a slow pace, but as for me ... this movie really worth watching for. I've never feel that I waste my 147 minutes to watch this movie.

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  • Movie: Rebirth
  • País: Japão
  • Data de Lançamento: Abr 29, 2011
  • Duração: 2 hr. 27 min.
  • Classificação do Conteúdo: G - Todas as Idades


  • Pontuação: 7.4 (avaliado por 165 usuários)
  • Classificado: #21753
  • Popularidade: #11325
  • Fãs: 582

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