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Ago 13, 2019
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This is more of a character-driven drama, typical of Kudo Kankuro's work with his comedic touches.

The story circle around three "Yutori Generation" lads - Sakama Masakazu, and his friends, Yamaji and Maribu. The story and characters represent the issues, problems faced by the Yutori generations (who are now in late 20s), whether in family, at work or socially. Quarter-life crisis, if you like to label it, but the dorama covered a lot more than that. While some aspects of the dorama may seems too specific towards Japanese society, but if you really look at it, issues like generation gap, stereotypical views and self-esteem on oneself, etc. , can be found in any society or any individual. All of those issues are expressed in a funny, interesting way through the growing friendship of 3 main lead characters.

Regarding to the cast, this is my first time watching Yagira Yuuya and he was impressive. Masaki too, he made a good match with Ando Sakura and two other Yutori guys. I would say Tori Matsu's performance as Yamaji is the most outstanding. Yoshida Kotaro also had a great match with the three Yutori lads as rental ossan.

Insert songs are made up of Kankaku Pierrot's songs. The band did the opening for Black Clover anime, and I would say they perfectly matched the story and scenarios with their songs.

Probably not the one among most popular and iconic dramas. But for me personally, this is one among my all time favorite J dorama since it really reflects the things happening in my life too. Enjoy the show!

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Nov 27, 2019
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Despite the title, this series isn't primarily concerned about deconstructing the negative stereotypes surrounding the Yutori generation- it's more about light-heartedly depicting the work and love lives of three vastly different men of the Yutori generation and the people surrounding them. And how fun and entertaining this series is- you come to like every single character, regardless of their often glaring flaws. As usual, Kudo Kankuro plays with running jokes and cultural references with high finesse. Kankaku Piero's opening song, 'Haikei itsuka no kimi e' somehow fits the series really well despite sounding like an anime OP, and is honestly a real bop. Beneath all this, there is a simple yet important message about how all generations- not just the allegedly lackadaisical Yutori, must take responsibility for their actions. Great show.

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Jun 27, 2020
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This is a very sweet, genuine, honest, and so true to life that it hurts type of story! I do realize that three men (Sakama Masakazu, Yamaji Kazutoyo, & Michigami Maribu), however, the more you watch the more you realize that this story (their stories) are not theirs alone and are affected by and affecting the others around them.

This is a very open and raw story of how life as we know it works. The ups and downs, the romance and friendships, how the family lives, what is normal for one is not normal for another, and so on, and so on.... In fact, to me at least, it is scary how accurate this story is about life! Though, it's a little different for us viewers; we are very lucky to be able to see life first hand with such humor and genuine talent and respect from such wonderfully skilled actors and actresses (lol).

I believe that this show has something with which anyone and everyone can relate to! Each episode of this story fits so perfectly together that it was as if I was watching someone's honest real-life stories, and in its entirety is so overwhelmingly heartwarming and gut-wrenching with its roller coaster of emotions.

This story told the truth, I feel, about many of the troubles people(s) feel growing as a person, as a friend, as a family member, as a couple, as an employee, and as a human being. This story also had its embellishments, truthfully it did, but it is one that is so true to life as well. It's been a while since I've been so fully captured and entertained by a story!

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