If you are a fan of Okada Masaki and enjoys comedy drama, these two are for you. The characters he portrayed in both are somewhat similar.
Recomendado por Joe Shiren
Despite differences between them two such as one is TV show and another one is movie and country of origin they are both a great view for men just like me looking for interesting story with a mystery and tough-but-very-funny main characters.
Recomendado por Teho
They have so much in common but on the other hand they are so different just like summer and winter.
Recomendado por Teho
Both have similar feel to them. They are comedies about small-town benriya (handymen) and their daily antics. Mahoro is a fraction more serious.
Recomendado por tropka
Fuben na Benriya (2015) poster



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