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The world I share with you, obviously.


The world I share with you, obviously.


Welcome to my profile!

 My name is Eli
  My nickname is Queer
 I am bisexual
 ISFP-T; adventurer
 I am 31 years old
 Transgender (he/him)
• I'm a Taurus
• Ask me in DMs for my discord if you want to keep in contact whenever I'm offline.

Newest obsessions:

NSB (NorthStarBoys)
BBC's Merlin

Top fav. groups:

NCT 127



Stray Kids

Misc. info about me:

I have recently discovered a certain Asian-American group and I'm obsessed now. NSB is now stuck to me like a virus that I'm okay with.
Making other people laugh is what brightens my day.
- Message me if you want, I'm as friendly as can be; but don't try my patience!
I'll give as much respect as I can if you do the same.
- I love fanfictions a bit too much.
- I also write my own fanfictions about my favourite k-pop groups. Mostly the following four groups... BTS, MONSTA X, NCT 127, and SuperM.
- Puns make me laugh.
- I'm a little OCD with some things. If that bothers you, I apologize ahead of time.
- I'm a bit too open about who I am inside to everyone else instead of hiding my true self.
- I love making new friends. So, feel free to add me and/or DM me.
- I'm a major BL and Bromance fanatic. Throw an recommendation of a BL or Bromance drama/movie my way and I'll be watching it ASAP.
- My favourite beverages include but not limited to is tea, coffee, chocolate milk, water, Dr. Pepper, rum, and hot cocoa.
- My favourite snacks include cookies, pecan pie, red velvet cake, cookie dough ice cream, pretzels, and brownies.
- My favourite food involves cheese pizza, Caesar salad, Chinese food, and much, much more.
- My favourite western TV shows include Supernatural, True Blood, Weeds, Shameless and more.
- My favourite wild animals are owls, winter foxes, and wolves.
- My favourite pets are dogs and cats. I have one dog named Feisty. I had a cat named Blackjack but he died from feline aids.

- My favourite colour is all shades of pink.
- My birth flower(s) are Lilies of the Valley and Hawthorn Blossoms with their meanings of sweetness, hope, and protection

Spread love, not hate!
Remember: YOU matter.

Social media:

- Wattpad
- Instagram
- YouTube

- MyAnimeList

"You'll like BTS' music if you listen without prejudice." - Min Yoon-Gi.


Song of the Day:

Maniac - Stray Kids
▄  ▄ █   ▄ 
Min - - - - - - - - - - - -● Max

(Click on the links below for all of my favourite things)

Fav. Musicians
Video games
TV shows
Fav. Boy k-pop Groups
Fav. Girl k-pop Groups
Fav. Korean Artists
Fav. Japanese Bands
Fav. Disney Movies

Fav. Musicals
Fav. Cartoons
Fav. Anime movies

Suga is my favourite addiction.
Mark Lee is my anti-drug.
I.M is my spirit animal.
Taemin has my soul and he's playing with it actively.
G-Dragon was my first bias and will still be my first. Wait-- that sounded wrong.
Lisa should legally be allowed to smack me around a little bit whilst rapping how she's doing so.
Ten is my inner artist screaming to be released.

Yuku shouldn't be this cute but he is and I'm about to pass out from all the happiness I feel whenever he smiles.
Ziu's a cutie and he's slaying my soul.  
Bang Chan could bend me in half and I wouldn't sue. 
Jessi could stomp my ass into the curb and I'd still take her out to dinner. 

Ult. Bias:


Min Yoon-Gi has my heart and he's playing with it actively. This man shouldn't be able to do these things to me but he does and I want justice! IT'S MAKING ME SO MAD AT HOW CUTE HE CAN BE. He makes me feel things that nobody has made me feel before and I need help. This is a problem.

Bias wrecker:


Top biases:

Oh, boy. Changkyunie is that one bias that just demands your attention even if he's not trying. He's THAT guy that just makes you question your sexuality, existence, and life itself. He is a full on baby and you can't tell me otherwise, gdi. This cutie has my heartstrings in a knot.


Bias wrecker:


This guy gives me a heart attack whenever he just looks into the goddamn camera; he is my downfall and I'm sinning all the way to the ground. I NEED HELP. WHY DO I CHOOSE PICTURES THAT SHOW OFF HOW CUTE YET HOT HE CAN BE?! GAH.

Mark Lee 

Bias wrecker(s): 
Chenle (NCT Dream), Ten (WayV), Yuta, Taeyong, and Jaehyun (NCT 127)


My first bias of all time, G-Dragon aka one of the Kings of K-Pop. He has won my heart and crackhead attention instantly by just listening to his song Heartbreaker. He's the first k-pop idol that has caught my attention and he's holding it in a grasp unlike no other. I AM STRUGGLING BECAUSE OF HIM.


Bias wrecker:


My newest bias that I absolutely love and adore. I am guilty for loving Channie's Aussie accent more and more.

Bang Chan 

Bias Wrecker: 
Hyunjin and Felix


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