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Lost somewhere in Dramaland ;)


Lost somewhere in Dramaland ;)
Die-hard fan of dramas of all kinds, I'm French (Breton, more exactly), recently retired teacher and I can finally devote a good part of my 
time to my passion: dramas :) 
My preference is for romantic or "family" dramas, but especially feel-good series (the environment is depressing enough without adding sadness). 

I watch dramas to dream, discover, have fun, smile or laugh. I vary the pleasures with a small medical or culinary drama from time to time. I also like fantasy and historical

After discovering the dramas by ch.ance (serendipity? :) via Netflix and "Empress Ki", I became addicted to K Dramas... I saw a lot of them (too much ?? 600 and a few at the moment, by through multiple platforms).
I then went through a great "Chinese drama" period (I now watch more chinese than Kdramas), then Taiwanese (I like their contemporary / realistic series).
Of course, I don't miss sometimes some Japanese series (with a synthetic and very particular style) ... 
How do I choose my next drama??? 
When I really liked a series, I "follow the thread" of the ML, the director, the screenwriter,...e
xploring his other works. 
To explore more broadly the various asian cultures, for a few months, I watch LAKORNS.

Ok,OK, you have to accept the melodrama   ( ´༎ຶㅂ༎ຶ`)

There are a lot of them, a lot of screams, a lot of tears, and all thaï actors debute their training by learning how to cry :). You need to learn even how avoid the permanent music at full volume.

=> BUT, if you go beyond that, you can discover somme excellent series
 ( you can go see my Lakorn List  :) 
I would be happy to chat with you about: 
- your discoveries,  
- your good and bad surprises, 
See you soon !


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