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SOTA’s & STELL’s Heart?


SOTA’s & STELL’s Heart?
A Princesa e o Lobisomem
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Ago 22, 2023
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Wishing for a Season 2

It’s one of those series where I wish it had more than 30 episodes! Normally with series that can just feel like things are dragging on, but I have to say I loved the concept of the story!

I must say the cast is also really good! The chemistry with all the cast members were top notch! Definitely a series I wouldn’t mind watching again.

let me just say I kinda wish I was someone that was part of the Beast Clan!

The side ships were also very sweet and cute made you want to be awww I want that cute innocent romance
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Beautiful Sunday
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Jan 30, 2023
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No geral 2.5
História 2.5
Acting/Cast 5.0
Musical 1.0
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Not My Cup of Tea ?

So I honestly will say it took me forever to even understand what was fully going on in this movie! Don’t get me wrong cast did great for their character…I feel like it was more of the storylines issue. Another issue I had was the volume for the movie I had my TV set volume wise at 50 (normally do perfectly fine at level 22) but even that level I couldn’t really hear the actors was majorly quiet… I don’t mind movies/Shows like this I just felt it could have been done better to help viewers understand everything more clearer. This is my opinion everyone should give it a watch and been their own judge on how they feel about the movie 🎥

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