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tajowe z polskimi subami

dostałm perma na youtube (nw za co nawet, jedyne co, to playlisty na nim były i dosłownie nic więcej, żadnych filmów, ani komentarzy nawet), więc serie są dostępne, ale trzeba samemu poszukać. (powoli to naprawiam, więc kilka już działa.)

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Actresses whose comeback you want!
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Finished in 2024

Dramas / tv shows i completed in 2024

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Favourite and must-watch Saegeuks, Wuxias, Palace Dramas...

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Older Female-Younger Male Relations

Favorite and must-watch noona-dongsaeng relationships

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Survivor or death game. etc.

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Korean Dramas I watched ( even if I dropped a few)

I watched more that I don’t even know how many, but I think too many , and this shall just be a reminder to watch some other. If anyone has recommendations feel free to give me some cause I am often lost in what to watch. Still in progress..

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Hitting the Spot

In no particular order; these hit the indefinable spot that needed hitting in some undefinable way at that time.* =proven  rewatch value

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