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  • Tawipob

    1. Tawipob

    Thai Drama - 2011, 17 episodes


    Maneejan (Nicknamed: Manee) travel to the past by a mirror she bought at  a old shop where she able to travel back to meet the man who she has  been dreaming about every night, Khun Luang Akarathep Warakorn.

  • O Destino do Amor

    2. O Destino do Amor

    Thai Drama - 2018, 15 episodes


    The story is about a nice, modern girl who finds herself in the body of  her previous reincarnation. In her past life, she was a very mean and  selfish person. When her past self was killed, her future soul goes into  her dead body and she finds out what a bad person she was. She tries to  do good deads in her new body to accumulate good karma, but everyone  hates her,especially the male lead.

  • Tawipob

    3. Tawipob

    Thai Drama - 1994, 21 episodes

    Maneejan (Nicknamed: Manee) finds out that she can travel to the past  through a mirror she bought at an antique shop. That mirror brings her  to the place of Khun Luang Akarathep Warakorn, a government official who  lived over a hundred years ago.

  • Amantes da Lua

    4. Amantes da Lua

    Korean Drama - 2016, 20 episodes


    Eclipse of the sun takes place, a 21st century woman, Go Ha Jin, is  transported back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty of Korea. She wakes up in  the body of 16-year-old Hae Soo, an aristocrat living with Lady Hae,  her cousin who happens to be married to one of the sons of King Taejo

  • Túnel

    5. Túnel

    Korean Drama - 2017, 16 episodes


    In 1986, Park Gwang Ho works as an excellent and enthusiastic detective.  His life changes when he’s pursuing leads in a serial homicide case and  then passes through a time portal, which transports him to present day  Seoul.

  • Splash Splash Love

    6. Splash Splash Love

    Korean Special - 2015, 2 episodes


    Dan Bi is a senior high school student applying for the College  Scholastic Ability Test. She has a special ability which allows her to  transport to anywhere on rainy days. For her university entrance exam,  Dan-Bi can't deal with the pressure and runs off to a playground.  Without knowing why, she goes into a puddle and finds herself  transported to the Joseon period.

  • Hora de Amar

    7. Hora de Amar

    Chinese Movie - 2015


    A modern woman who accidentally time travels back to the Qing Dynasty and becomes Maertai Ruo Xi. 

  • Go Princess Go

    8. Go Princess Go

    Chinese Drama - 2015, 35 episodes


    Zhang Peng is a playboy who hits his head as he falls into a pool when  he's trying to run away from an ex-girlfriend. He wakes up to find that  he's traveled a thousand years into the past. But, that's not even the  biggest problem, he also wakes up as the crown princess of the dynasty -  Zhang Peng Peng.

  • Naughty Princess

    9. Naughty Princess

    Chinese Drama - 2015, 40 episodes


    Yin Qin Rou is a 21st century woman who gets thrown into the past and  lands on a prince (literally). Suspicious of her origins, the prince,  Xie Yan Qi, keeps her captive. Slowly, her 21 century attitude and  disregard for authority changes him and he begins to fall in love with  her.

  • Palácio: A Fechadura do Coração de Jade

    10. Palácio: A Fechadura do Coração de Jade

    Chinese Drama - 2011, 39 episodes


    Luo Qing Chuan is a modern day girl with a love of history who  accidentally travels back in time to Emperor Kang Xi's era of the Qing  dynasty. She becomes embroiled in the princes' struggle for the throne  and is torn between her love for Yin Si, the eighth prince, and Yin  Zhen, the fourth prince and future Emperor Yong Zheng.

  • The Myth

    11. The Myth

    Chinese Drama - 2010, 50 episodes


    A 2000 year-old artifact transported Yi Xiao Chuan and Gao Yao from the  year 2010 to the Qin dynasty. They traveled the ancient kingdom trying  to find their way back to the modern day, or at least die trying.

  • Nobunaga Concerto

    12. Nobunaga Concerto

    Japanese Drama - 2014, 11 episodes


    Saburo, an ordinary high school student, travels back in time to the  Sengoku era (1549). He encounters a young lord who looks exactly like  him and is told, “Be my substitute. I’m the eldest son of the Oda  family, Oda Nobunaga.” After the young lord leaves, Saburo is mistaken  for Nobunaga by a vassal and taken to the castle. He starts to live as  Oda Nobunaga from this day.

  • O Príncipe da Cobertura

    13. O Príncipe da Cobertura

    Korean Drama - 2012, 20 episodes

    Crown Prince Yi Gak finds that he has been transported from the Chosun  Dynasty to modern-day Seoul. He meets Hong Se Na, who bears a striking  resemblance to his dead wife, and is determined to solve the  300-year-old mystery of her death.

  • A Grande Doutora

    14. A Grande Doutora

    Korean Drama - 2012, 24 episodes


    A 21st-century plastic surgeon Eun Soo gets kidnapped and brought 700  years in the past for her healing powers. Goryeo era bodyguard to the  king General Choi Yeong is smart but a little naive, he almost never  smiles. He faces conflicts with the female doctor Eun Soo, but soon  feels attracted to her.

  • Dr. Jin

    15. Dr. Jin

    Korean Drama - 2012, 22 episodes

    Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Hun) is a genius neurosurgeon with a cold and  severe attitude in his interactions with other people due to his  personal pursuit of perfection. Through a mysterious power, Jin Hyuk  finds himself transported back to year 1860 (Joseon Dynasty Period). He  begins treating people there, but the lack of necessary implements and  rudimentary medical knowledge of the period forces himto seek new ways to aid the sick.

  • Coração Escarlate

    16. Coração Escarlate

    Chinese Drama - 2011, 35 episodes


    Through a car accident, Zhang Xiao traveled back in time into a body of  one of her previous reincarnations, a 16 years old aristocratic Manchu  girl, Maertai Ruoxi, living in the Qing Dynasty. Although she knows she  should not get involved in palace intrigues over the succession to the  throne, she inadvertently becomes a pawn in the struggle, because she  could not help but love someone, and others came to love her.

  • Buang Banjathorn

    17. Buang Banjathorn

    Thai Drama - 2002, 15 episodes


    Heartbroken and disappointed in love, Lao Praenuan decides to visit the  estate her estranged, late father left her in his will. There, she finds  an enchanted bed that transports her back in time where she meets  Laoperng, whom she later falls for.

  • Buang Banjathorn

    18. Buang Banjathorn

    Thai Drama - 2017, 10 episodes


    Heartbroken and disappointed in love, Praenuan decides to visit the  estate her estranged, late father left her in his will. There, she finds  an enchanted bed that transports her back in time where she meets  Laoperng, whom she later falls for.

    Like more the older version.  :-P

  • Uma refeição especial da esquisita 'Nara'

    19. Uma refeição especial da esquisita 'Nara'

    Korean Drama - 2017, 4 episodes


    Female lead Nara find old preserved library. She quietly sneaks inside and makes herself comfortable sitting at an  old table and flipping through her cook book with fancy food pictures. Just as Nara’s about to enjoy her lunch, she feels someone’s presence  behind the old bookshelves and decides to check it out. Next thing we  know Nara wakes up in Joseon, dressed as a minister. The next day Nara tries to find some answers about her weird dream in history books, but it ends up a waste of time. So everytiíme when she eats in the library she ends up in different time.

  • Minha Única Canção de Amor

    20. Minha Única Canção de Amor

    Korean Drama - 2017, 20 episodes


    Song Soo Jung is a top star and she is very arrogant. She classifies  people by how much money they have. Suddenly, she goes back in time to  the Goguryeo era and meets On Dal. He will do anything to make money,  but in fact he is generous to the weak and poor.

  • Crazy Queen

    21. Crazy Queen

    Chinese Drama - 2016, 20 episodes


    Our female lead time-travels to the past and into the body of a female  monarch of a kingdom with a male harem of about 30 men. A place where  she can get them pregnant.

  • Thousand Years of Love

    22. Thousand Years of Love

    Korean Drama - 2003, 20 episodes

    Princess travels more than one thousand years into  the future, which is our present time of 2003. Only she remains to be  who she was.

  • Saimdang, O Diário da Luz

    23. Saimdang, O Diário da Luz

    Korean Drama - 2017, 28 episodes

    Seo Ji Yoon is a modern-day art history professor who happens to stumble  upon the secret diary of Shin Saimdang (1504-1551), a Korean artist,  writer, calligraphist and poet who was the mother of Yi I, one of the  two most prominent Korean Confucian scholars during the Joseon Dynasty.

  • Poo Ying Khon Nun Chue Boonrawd

    24. Poo Ying Khon Nun Chue Boonrawd

    Thai Drama - 2015, 20 episodes

    Mon hears a young man's voice coming from an antique painting left by  the previous owners. As she touches the painting, it falls to the floor,  shattering the glass. A mist surrounds Mon as she loses consciousness.  When Mon awakens, she finds herself in a land andtime not her own. 

  • Siyama: Vila de Guerreiros

    25. Siyama: Vila de Guerreiros

    Thai Movie - 2008

    Anna, Gif, and Bote from present day Bangkok are thrown into a gateway  through time after coincidentally conversing about the history of  warfare that took place in the ancient days of what was then called  Siam. They return to the time when the people of Siam fought to protect  the capital city of Ayuthaya from the invaders.

  • Honra Teu Nome

    26. Honra Teu Nome

    Korean Drama - 2017, 16 episodes


    Heo Im is an oriental doctor, acknowledged as the best in acupuncture  and moxibustion in Joseon, but his success is blocked due to his low  status. One day, Heo Im travels through time and finds himself in present day  Seoul. He meets Choi Yeon Kyung, a doctor firmly believing in only  modern medicine.

  • O Amor Eterno

    27. O Amor Eterno

    Chinese Drama - 2017, 24 episodes


    Mo Lian Cheng is the 8th prince of Dongyue who is forced to marry Qu Tan  Er who was already in love with Mo Yi Huai (Mo Lian Cheng's elder  brother). Qu Tan Er tries to commit suicide one day because she doesn't  want to marry Mo Lian Cheng but doesn't succeed. One day, she woke up  and another person entered her body, two people in one body but each  person hasa different personality and actions. Every time one of them tells a lie, they would switch bodies.

  • A Step Into The Past

    28. A Step Into The Past

    Hong Kong Drama - 2001, 40 episodes


    This series is about a man, Hong Siu Long who is from 21st century-Hong  Kong travels back into the past during Warring States Period in China.

  • Rule the World

    29. Rule the World

    Chinese Drama - 2017, 45 episodes


    Tells of the romance between Dong Ge and Huang Tai Ji. Dong Ge is known  as the most beautiful woman of Later Jin (Jurchen), yet was born with  the prophecy that she could either bring “prosperity or chaos” to the  world.

    Actually they edited this story in the drama so that there was no time travelling reference.

  • The Emperor Through to the Modern

    30. The Emperor Through to the Modern

    Chinese Drama - 2014, 50 episodes


    Set in the Tang dynasty, Fang Zhao Yi is married to the emperor whom she  resents, she is secretly in love with a monk. Upon strange accidents,  she is transported to the Qin dynasty, followed by modern era 2014,  where she meets the reincarnation of the emperor and her previous lover.

  • The Journey

    31. The Journey

    Chinese Drama - 2017, 12 episodes


    Ye Yin is a girl who can look into the past for the cause, examine the  present for the adversity, and see into the future for the solution, an  art she learned from her mysterious master.She has the ability to send a person back and forward in time and to any place. 

  • A Jornada 2

    32. A Jornada 2

    Chinese Drama - 2017, 12 episodes


    In order to prevent Ya Long from finding Ye Yin in the present, Si Yin  recklessly spent a lot of strength to create an virtual world  specifically for Ye Yin. Regardless, Ye Yin discovers the truth and  eventually meet up with Ya Long.

  • Man Comes to Tang Dynasty

    33. Man Comes to Tang Dynasty

    Chinese Drama - 2013, 40 episodes

    A young man is accidentally transported back to the Tang Dynasty and  finds himself surrounded by beautiful women of the era. Taking advantage  of the situation, the young man begins to “invent” perfume, the game of  soccer, and other futuristic contraptions that make him very popular in  his new surroundings.

  • Man Comes to Tang Dynasty 2

    34. Man Comes to Tang Dynasty 2

    Chinese Drama - 2014, 40 episodes

  • A Step into the Past

    35. A Step into the Past

    Chinese Drama - 2018, 40 episodes

    A legendary story about a man who inadvertently travels back 2000 years  in time to the Warring States Era and gets caught in the center of a  power struggle between nations.

  • A Journey to Tang

    36. A Journey to Tang

    Chinese Movie - 2018


    The story revolves around a fashion design student who time travels to the Tang Dynasty and helps the King fight of his enemies.

  • Bravura do Ming

    37. Bravura do Ming

    Chinese Drama - 0000, 30 episodes

    The drama tells the story of Xia Xun who time-travels to the early Ming  dynasty and assists Emperor Yongle (born Zhu Di and becomes the third  Emperor of the Ming dynasty) in expanding and strengthening his dynasty  empire. ~ Based on popular C-novel series of the same name by writer Yue  Guan.

  • Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You

    38. Faithful to Buddha, Faithful to You

    Chinese Drama - 2017, 20 episodes

    After many failed attempts, 23 year old historian student Ai Qing (Chen  Rong) successfully travels through time and meets Kumarajiva (Niu Zi  Fan), a little monk who is 13 at the time. Their relationship begins as  teacher and student, but he develops a crush on her ever since.

  • Vaivém Amor do Milênio

    39. Vaivém Amor do Milênio

    Chinese Drama - 2016, 28 episodes

    A rich party boy from 2016 switches body with a legendary chef from  1936. He may have to spend the next 80 years finding a way back to his  time period.

  • A Lenda do Concubinato

    40. A Lenda do Concubinato

    Chinese Drama - 2015, 20 episodes

    A 21st century scientist goes back in time and solves crimes. He will get married and have four wives.

  • Amor Através do Milênio

    41. Amor Através do Milênio

    Chinese Drama - 2015, 24 episodes

    Based off the popular Korean drama Queen In Hyun's Man, this Chinese  version tells the same story of a love that happens between two people  from different eras. Imperial scholar-official, Gong Ming accidently  time-travels two thousand years into the present where he meets actress  Lin Xiang Xiang. Their story is one of love, fate, and commitment.

  • Your Majesty

    42. Your Majesty

    Taiwanese Drama - 2016, 20 episodes

    Zhao Xiao and Song Jin due to some circumstances time-travel to modern  Taiwan. Song Jin is unable to accept the modern way of life, making  things difficult for Zhao Xiao and always getting angry at her. They  meet Zhou Yi Ming, who takes a liking to Zhao Xiao. This makes Song Jin  even angrier. Suddenly, Go You Rong, someone from their world suddenly  appears, telling them they have a way to returnhome. However in order to return, there must be some sacrifice made. Will they be able to return home safely?

  • Chefe Cinderela

    43. Chefe Cinderela

    Chinese Drama - 2018, 56 episodes


    Our heroine is a time-traveling person who becomes the daughter of an  official who is then kidnapped to a bandits tribe where our hero is  currently working as a spy. With her superb cooking and modern street  smarts, she makes a name for herself while struggling to handle a fake  marriage with the hero.

  • Oh! Meu Imperador

    44. Oh! Meu Imperador

    Chinese Drama - 2018, 21 episodes


    Luo Fei Fei, a girl from the 21st century, was transported to a  mysterious world of the past -Huang Dao Guo. In the nation of Huang Dao,  its leadership is rotated among the 12 constellation owners every  thousand years. There, Fei Fei meets the current emperor of the nation,  Bei Tang Yi, who is also the owner of the Capricorn constellation.

  • Oh! Meu Imperador 2

    45. Oh! Meu Imperador 2

    Chinese Drama - 2018, 21 episodes


    The continued story of Bei Tang Yi and Luo Fei Fei from Oh, My Emperor: Season One

  • The Story of Souls from Endless Books

    46. The Story of Souls from Endless Books

    Chinese Drama - 2018, 20 episodes

    A story about a bright and sunny girl who gets into an accident that  opens doors for her to explore the worlds within different novels in a  quest to save a friend.

  • O Amor Eterno 2

    47. O Amor Eterno 2

    Chinese Drama - 2018, 30 episodes


    Mo Liancheng (Xing Zhaolin) met Qu Xiaotan (Liang Jie) once again. At  this time, however, Qu Xiaotan has not met Mo Liancheng yet and does not  know about her future destiny. Mo Liancheng has retained all of the  memories and suffers alone from Qu Xiaotan's failure to know him. He  silently loves Qu Xiaotan, and it becomes his goal to make her fall in  love with him once again.

  • My Assassin Girlfriend

    48. My Assassin Girlfriend

    Chinese Drama - 2018, 24 episodes

    Bai Yin Qi is the King of Sumeru. He is handsome and intelligent, but  his strengths are of no use in an imperial court controlled by corrupt  officials. Assassins come and go, but one day, he falls in love with  female assassin Yu Yan. Because of another assassination attempt wherein  his loyal guard Tian Xiao Li risks his life to save the King along with  a mysterious pocket watch, the three time travel to the year 2018. 

  • Eu Sou a Mascote do Templo Dali

    49. Eu Sou a Mascote do Templo Dali

    Chinese Drama - 2018, 22 episodes


    Ru Xiao Lan is a young woman from the modern day. Through a series of  circumstances, she travels to the ancient times as a cat. Purely by  chance, she meets Qing Mo Yan who's suffering from a poison and as they  kiss, they realize that they've found the solution to each other's  complications. Deciding to stick together for their own gain, the two  embark on a journey to find the five-colored stone that can break Xiao Lan's curse and the ghost grass that can cure Mo Yan's affliction.

  • Dung Prom Likit Ruk

    50. Dung Prom Likit Ruk

    Thai Drama - 2018, 27 episodes

    Rasika is a modern girl who is self-confident and likes romantic novels, especially when it has time travel. One day, she buys the novel Dung Prom Likit Ruk and somehow finds herself as Karakade, the heroine in the novel. Karakade lives in 1923 and is the daughter of someone with high status. She meets the hero and they fell in love instantly. The story describes the journey they go through in order to fulfill their love even though she already has someone she is supposed to be engaged to.

  • Senhorita Verdade

    51. Senhorita Verdade

    Chinese Drama - 2020, 36 episodes

    An upcoming Youku web series based on the novel The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctor. It follows a present day forensic examiner who is reborn in the Tang Dynasty and who must make use of her modern day knowledge and post motem techniques to survive in the Tang dynasty

  • Amor melhor que Imortalidade

    52. Amor melhor que Imortalidade

    Chinese Drama - 2019, 40 episodes


    A woman from the future arrives at a fantasy-like universe to experience love for the first time. She goes by the name Chun Hua and falls into a complicated romance with two young men who are opposites like black and white.

  • The Emperor Through to the Modern 2

    53. The Emperor Through to the Modern 2

    Chinese Drama - 2016, 50 episodes

    After time travelling to the 21st century, Feng Feng is gradually adapting to her new life in the present, but, suddendly, from the past appear the little crown prince and his maid.

  • Tang Dynasty Tour

    54. Tang Dynasty Tour

    Chinese Drama - 2018, 36 episodes

    A story filled with laughter and tears revolving around an archaeologist who time travels to the Tang Dynasty and gets caught in the political struggles in the palace.
    After getting caught in a sandstorm while on an archeological expedition, Yun Ye is shocked to find that he has ended up in the Tang Dynasty. He makes use of his knowledge from the modern day to carve out a decent life for himself and slowly climbs the ranks as a court official. He becomes friends with the Crown Prince and also encounters an old love.

  • Princesa em Fuga

    55. Princesa em Fuga

    Chinese Drama - 2018, 12 episodes


    Doctor Ji Xian Yun is reborn as a princess in ancient times but has retained her knowledge from the modern world. She relies on her medical knowledge to survive.  When she meets the pregnant prince Qi Ling Xiao, a sweet and funny love story ensues.

  • Garota Singular Parte 1

    56. Garota Singular Parte 1

    Chinese Drama - 2019, 12 episodes


    Lin Luo Jing (Zheng Qiu Hong) accidentally gets drawn into a game world where she is the daughter of the prime minister and meets all kind of beautiful men with different personalities. Among them are a sword deity, an imperial bodyguard, a playful rich man and an arrogant prince.

  • Imperadores e eu

    57. Imperadores e eu

    Chinese Drama - 2019, 24 episodes


    An ordinary college student who discovers that she has the power to travel through time mistakenly brings back three emperors from their respective dynasties to the present day.

  • De volta à Dinastia Qing

    58. De volta à Dinastia Qing

    Chinese Drama - 2019, 40 episodes


    Mingwei has the ability to travel through time to the Qing dynasty, under Kangxi's reign. She catches the attention of the princes and gets entangled in a romance with the 13th prince, the only follower of the 4th prince and future emperor.

  • Princess at Large 2

    59. Princess at Large 2

    Chinese Drama - 2020, 15 episodes

    The continuation of the first season of Princess At Large, Ji Xian Yu comes back from the dead and returns to the Crown Prince Qi Lian Xiao’s side. Only this time, she has Lan Ruo Xi’s appearance. In order to get close to him and to get him to recognize her, Lan Ruo Xi becomes the Emperor’s medical officer with her superb medical skills. But, due to the loss of his wife, Lian Xiao has changed and he continues to hide from Ruo Xi’s good intentions. Finally, with the efforts of Ruo Xi and her friends, Lian Xiao comes to believe that Ruo Xi is Ji Xian Yu and they’re able to reconcile. But, with war looming from the enemy, will he choose love or his country?  

  • Intern Female Constable

    60. Intern Female Constable

    Chinese Drama - 2020, 24 episodes

    Jin Qian has constantly failed her examinations to become a civil employee. Feeling frustrated, she wants to use the broken time machine her friend  made to cheat. However, the machine malfunctioned and sends her back to the Northern Song Dynasty. She disguised as a man and becomes a constable at Kai Feng Manor, and comes under the lead of the renowned Bao Qingtian. Thus begins her career as civil employee in the Northern Song Dynasty, where she meets many famed historical figures, and also the final boss Prince Xiang Yang...  

  • Parallel Love

    61. Parallel Love

    Chinese Drama - 2020, 24 episodes

    Lin Miao, a successful events manager from the year 2020 accidentally time travels back to 2010. She receives a mission revealing that if she wants to return to the future, she must help Jiao Yang become the president of his father’s company within 3 months. If she fails, she will disappear forever.  

  • O Romance do Tigre e da Rosa

    62. O Romance do Tigre e da Rosa

    Chinese Drama - 2020, 24 episodes


    Chen Xiao Qian (Zhao Lu Si) has dedicated her entire life to making her dream of becoming a well-respected screenwriter come true. Standing on the production set of the sweeping drama she penned through endless blood, sweat, and tears, Xiao Qian can hardly believe what she’s seeing: her work, come to life! Proud of the effort she put into creating this epic tale, Xiao Qian expects things on-set to go quickly and smoothly. But all her high-hopes are soon crushed as her script falls under the critical scrutiny of both the cast and crew. Hurt by the harshness of her peers, Xiao Qian vows to prove herself but things don’t go the way she planned. Mysteriously transported into the pages of her own story, Xiao Qian has now become the Third Princess, Chen Qian Qian, an insignificant side character with a horrible reputation and a short lifespan. Desperate to change her fate, Xiao Qian vows to do whatever it takes to ensure her survival. But the journey ahead won't be easy, especially not after she catches the attention of both the arrogant and manipulative prince, Han Shuo, and the impossibly perfect Minister of Education, Pei Heng. Wandering through a world of her own making, Xiao Qian is desperate, not only to survive, but to keep her heart intact as she tries to find her way back home. Will her efforts be enough or will she be stuck in this story forever?

  • Novoland: o castelo no céu - inversão do tempo

    After the battle of Sky City, Feng Ren declares war on the human tribe. Seeing that the human tribe has no means of retaliating, Fang Qiwu, the queen of Human tribe, tries to use a time machine device to return to the past so that she can possess the body of Nan Yinmeng, Feng Ren's beloved consort, and kill Feng Ren. However when she wakes up in another timeline, she is told that Feng Ren is dead. However, Fang Qiwu refuses to believe this and merely think this is a rumor. The body that Fang Qiwu wakes up in turns out to be Hong Luan, the top beauty of the human tribe. Ten days later, she is to marry Feng Qi, the crown prince of Yu tribe. As it is told in history that Feng Ren would play the Qin during the wedding ceremony, Fang Qiwu plans to kill Feng Ren during her wedding day. During this ten days, she is protected by a youth named Nan Feng. Fang Qiwu falls in love with Nan Feng as both share the same love for music. However on the day of the wedding ceremony, she finds out that Nan Feng's true identity is actually Feng Ren.

  • O Amor e o Imperador

    64. O Amor e o Imperador

    Chinese Drama - 2020, 24 episodes


    It tells the story of an employee of a gaming company who transported back in time via a video game, and becomes an ugly maid of a palace. There, she meets the Emperor and began a funny and comedic love story with him.  

  • Princess at Large 3

    65. Princess at Large 3

    Chinese Drama - 2020, 15 episodes

    Lan Ruo Xi travels to another state to prevent war in Dong Li. She saves prince Rebu Fengyao and slowly gains trust of his elder brother prince Rebu Hadi.  

  • O Amor Eterno 3

    66. O Amor Eterno 3

    Chinese Drama - 2021, 30 episodes


    Third installment of the "The Eternal Love" series.

  • Step by Step Lotus

    67. Step by Step Lotus

    Chinese Drama - 0000

    As a community worker, Yang Decheng accidentally returned to ancient times due to his due diligence work and became the most illegitimate child of the Ding family, Ding Hao. Ding Hao, who has no right and no money, was a driver for his half-brother, to become prosperous in the wicked society. Although the dream of living a peaceful life is a bit distant, Ding Hao doesn't take it for granted. With the social experience accumulated by his community work, Ding Hao should deal with the world and things in an exquisite and intelligent manner. Live every opportunity around him, get out of the cage, and fight for everything he wants.

  • Absolute Zero

    68. Absolute Zero

    Thai Drama - 2023, 12 episodes

    SuanSoon and Ongsa are boyfriends. Ongsa got into a serious accident because he was rushing back to celebrate Suansoon's birthday with him. Suansoon blamed himself and prayed if he could get back to the past, he would not get together with Ongsa. Suansoon found himself in the past and warned Ongsa (high school age) about the future but Ongsa didn't believe him and became boyfriends with Suansoon anyway. Ten years later, one day before the accident, Ongsa from the future came back to tell his younger self to not avoid the accident, because Suansoon will die if he does. Ongsa let the accident happen. He woke up again in the past where he met Suansoon for the first time. This time Ongsa decided to change the future and didn't approach Suansoon...

  • Forensic Crazy Concubine

    69. Forensic Crazy Concubine

    Chinese Drama - 0000, 40 episodes

    The heroine played by Zhao Liying in this TV series is a forensic doctor who traveled to ancient times for various reasons and met the hero of the play. He was originally a small teaser and extortionist, but he did not expect that extortion failed Instead, it was done by the other party.

  • Meu Marido Heroico

    70. Meu Marido Heroico

    Chinese Drama - 2021, 36 episodes


    The story follows a modern businessman who time-travels back to the ancient times, into the body of a useless son-in-law of a commerce family. He then embarks on a journey and involves himself in the affairs of the country.  

  • Meu Sonho Mais Profundo

    71. Meu Sonho Mais Profundo

    Chinese Drama - 2022, 30 episodes

    Wu Yu and Tan Jiao meets in a boat trip and fall in love at sight for each other. After the trip, the two of them loses part of their memories. Wu Yu is an all-rounded genius with a bright future of him, but his life takes a drastic change. His mother and sister were both killed. To nab the true culprit, he gives up on his future and becomes a car repairman. Tan Jiao, who comes to repair her car, meets him once again. Since then, the two would time-travel every two weeks.

  • Hotel Alice

    72. Hotel Alice

    Korean Drama - 2020, 16 episodes

    In 2050, through the construction of Alice, humans can finally travel through time. But soon the existence of a book of prophecy, which predicts the end of time travel comes to light. When Yoo Min Hyuk and Yoon Tae Yi, a couple working at Alice are sent to the year 1992 to secure the rumored book, Tae Yi realizes that she has conceived a child and decides to stay back in the year 1992.  After changing her name to Park Sun Young, she eventually gives birth to a son, Park Jin Gyeom. As a side effect of time travel, Jin Gyeom suffers from the inability to express emotions. In spite of this, they lead a pretty normal life until the total lunar eclipse of 2010, the day Sun Young ends up getting murdered. To investigate this mysterious case, Jin Gyeom becomes a detective and in 2020, by coincidence, he runs into Yoon Tae Yi, a physics professor, who looks exactly like his mother. Will they team up to solve this puzzle? Will the prophecy finally come true? Can humans handle the consequences of controlling time?

  • Dance of the Phoenix

    73. Dance of the Phoenix

    Chinese Drama - 2020, 30 episodes


    In modern-day China, a quiet, shy young female student named Meng Yuan works hard at her dream of becoming a leading practitioner of Chinese traditional medicine. But on one fateful day, she finds herself transported into the body of a woman named Feng Wu – who lives in a fantasy land where magic and martial arts rule the world. Feng Wu is being forced into a marriage with a prince named Jun Lin Yuan, who also resents the fact that his bride has been selected for him against his will. The forces of evil are strong in this strange land, however. And Meng Yuan soon discovers that if she is to make her life as Feng Wu a success, she will have to learn how to defend herself against danger and make powerful friends. Fortunately, she soon discovers that her knowledge of Chinese traditional medicine will be invaluable here, and will help her treat the ailments of her newfound friends.

  • Chuang Ye Ba, Wo De Jiang Jun Da Ren

    74. Chuang Ye Ba, Wo De Jiang Jun Da Ren

    Chinese Drama - 2020, 46 episodes

    Ning Bai Zhu, a modern girl who was killed by her boyfriend and best friend, and Ye Yun Chen, an ancient general who was scrambled by the whole family, were reborn in ancient times at the same time, starting a second journey of life. In order to survive, Ning decided to open a store to make money. Modern business ideas have made her store very popular. Although her thinking different from the ancients, has caused her to make a lot of oolong, business is still blooming.  Everything changes, when Ning and Ye meet by chance and discover how much they have in common.

  • O Romance do Tigre e da Rosa 2

    75. O Romance do Tigre e da Rosa 2

    Chinese Drama - 0000

  • My Fantastic Mrs Right: Season 2

    76. My Fantastic Mrs Right: Season 2

    Chinese Drama - 2020, 12 episodes


    The story follows a girl named Mi Xiao Qi who lives in the Cloud World. After she accidentally opens a sachet given by the Wine immortal, she travels to Bei Yue Kingdom of Kun Peng Continent and becomes a big fat cat. She encounters the Prince of Bei Yue, Bei Gong Yan and using his blood, manages to regain her human form. However, she receives an edict from the Wine immortal, saying that she has to find her fated one and make him fall in love with her. She must also gather four pieces of the magical jade before being allowed to go back to Cloud World. Thus begin a journey filled with laughter and love.

  • Dreamcide

    77. Dreamcide

    Korean Drama - 0000

    Dreamcide is based on an eponymous webtoon written by Hong Jung Hoon, which itself was based on a popular web novel by the same writer. Through the manhwa and the novel, the story about a time-traveling high school student who discovers mankind’s imminent destruction at the hands of zombies grabbed the attention of over 1.4 million subscribers.  

  • Sua risada é muito atraente

    78. Sua risada é muito atraente

    Chinese Drama - 2021, 30 episodes

    A 21st-century doctor fainted due to excessive fatigue and traveled to the kingdom of Xiyue as Gu Ming Yan, daughter of the prime minister. While Gu Ming Yan is getting used to that strange place, she met the cold-hearted second prince, Duan Cheng Xuan that has an incurable disease.

  • Edo Moisel

    79. Edo Moisel

    Japanese Drama - 2021, 10 episodes

    Shunsuke works part-time at a cafe owned by his uncle Takehiko. One night, a woman, who is dressed like a traditional oiran (high ranking courtesan), appears in front of him. The woman's name is Senka. Apparently, she just travelled across time from the Edo period to the present day and she looks completely lost. Shunsuke takes her to his uncle's house where he also stays.

  • Amor Sob a Lua Cheia

    80. Amor Sob a Lua Cheia

    Chinese Drama - 2021, 24 episodes

    Because of a "super moon", Lei Chuxia who lives in the modern world, loses her memory and time-travels to the world inside Xu Xiaodong's phone, thus beginning a mystical journey.  

  • Huang Zi Fei Xiu Lian Shou Ce

    81. Huang Zi Fei Xiu Lian Shou Ce

    Chinese Drama - 2022, 20 episodes

  • Chor Malila

    82. Chor Malila

    Thai Drama - 2022

    Poomtai works as a government secretary and he's assigned to repair an old building located not far from his office. There he finds documents, personal belongings and photographs of Jaokhun Saymamuang and his wife, Lady Pinmuang. He decides to transfer the finds to the museum, but suddenly the spirit of Pinmuang appears and stops him. She tells Poomtai the story of her life. Pin and Jaokhun fell in love with each other, and although there were difficulties on their way, they still got married. 7 years later, Pirath, Pin's childhood friend, comes back from England. They get closer again, and although Pin is now a married woman, Pirath secretly falls in love with her. Lady Sae, Jaokhun's mother, dislikes Pin and tries to match her son with Pragai, her adopted child to be Jaokhun's mistress. Jaokhun does not particularly mind, but Pin cannot accept this situation. Things get worse when Jaokhun goes on a business trip to the province, and Pragai follows him. Considering that her husband accepted Pragai as his mistress and forgot about his wife, Pin seeks confort from Pirath. However, Jaokhun mistakenly believes that his wife is cheating on him, driving her out of the house and divorcing her. The disgraced Pin returns to his mother's house and stops all communication with Pirath. Later, she dies, but her spirit, feeling guilty in front of her husband, stays in their house ready to forgive him and explain everything.

  • A Slender Gentleman and A Good Lady

    83. A Slender Gentleman and A Good Lady

    Chinese Drama - 2020, 30 episodes

    Yue Ying was pushed down the stairs by her boyfriend, accidentally crossed to the Great Zhou Dynasty, and became the owner of Shiniu Village. She fell in love with Tie Yi at first sight when he was robbing the official food. Then, they and their friends team up to unravel the mystery behind what happened and fallen in love with each other.

  • Three Hundred Years Old 20 Students

    84. Three Hundred Years Old 20 Students

    Korean Drama - 2020, 6 episodes

    The series is a fantasy comic web drama that tells a story of three students, who were studying in Seowon during the Joseon period accidently time travel and arrive at present-day Seowon in 2020.

  • Lenda de Yun Qian

    85. Lenda de Yun Qian

    Chinese Drama - 2020, 15 episodes

    The disciples of the Lingchuan Sect have guarded the Fans of Heaven and Earth for nearly a century. Mu Yun and Hua Yue are the only disciples of the sect that are left. The stubborn and disobedient Hua Yue unintentionally discovers that the Fan of Heaven possesses the power to travel through time. To escape being forced to study and practice martial arts by Mu Yun, Hua Yue travels to the future to have fun. Hundreds of years in the future she meets Xiao Qian who looks exactly like her. Secrets come to the surface, and adventures take place.

  • Rainha Cheorin

    86. Rainha Cheorin

    Korean Drama - 2020, 20 episodes


    Jang Bong Hwan is a South Korean chef who has risen up the ranks to cook for the country’s top politicians in the Blue House’s presidential residences. Ever the dreamer, he finds himself in the body of the young queen, Kim So Yong, when whisked away to an era deep in Korea’s past.

  • Twisted Fate of Love

    87. Twisted Fate of Love

    Chinese Drama - 2020, 43 episodes


    The oldest of friends, Third Prince Pang Yu and Minister Feng Xi have spent a lifetime caring for each other as brothers. As different from each other as night and day, the two friends were an unlikely pair but their friendship has successfully stood the test of time. But their lifetime of friendship begins to crumble, after meeting the passionate and lovely Dong Yue.

  • Kadee Rak Kham Wela

    88. Kadee Rak Kham Wela

    Thai Drama - 2020, 10 episodes

    Puncha is an investigator and met Dunchaya who happens to be the suspect in poisoning a victim by being the one who made the food. Because of fear, she ran away and Puncha chased her. They were in a boat and strange things happen leading them to two crossed back to 1913.  Puncha had to temporarily stop investigations into the case of Dunchaya, and they were looking for a way back together, but the two were accidentally involved in a murder case. Looking for a way to get back from the present time, the two investigated the case but the matter was not as simple as the leads thought, many killed in a row and they have to find who is doing it.

  • The Black-Bellied Evil Prince is Spoiled

    89. The Black-Bellied Evil Prince is Spoiled

    Chinese Drama - 2020, 29 episodes


    The Central Plains has four countries which is Dongyue, Ximing, Southern Xinjiang, and Beiling, which divide the world equally. Modern secret agent Su Qingying failed a bomb demolition mission. Then, She crossing to other time era and became the fifth princess of Dongyue Kingdom with the same name and surname. Su Qingying woke up in a ruined temple, and all kinds of memories flashed, letting her know her identity and fate in this era. From the clues of the memories, she discovered that her fiance, Xuanyuan Che, king of Ximing Kingdom, tricked her into the ruined temple and set a trap to try to destroy the marriage, but because of the identity of the secretagent, Su Qingying easily escaped this catastrophe. After escaping from the ruined temple, she met the male protagonist Jun Li Ye who was healing in the woods. In the night, Jun Liye, the regent of the Beiling, was angry and speechless at the sudden modern Su Qingying, who did not know that the fate of the two through the ages began.

  • I Feel You Linger in the Air

    90. I Feel You Linger in the Air

    Thai Drama - 2023, 12 episodes

    Jom is the architect responsible for the renovation of historic houses along the Ping River. There he found a plywood chest packed with old drawings. They looked strangely familiar but he was unsure how. Jom didn't have much time for those things however as he had to hurry back to Bangkok to pick up his lover who had just returned from studying abroad. He had counted the days until he would finally meet his boyfriend again after being apart for many years only to find that his lover has brought with him a fiancé; a woman who looks like a good match for him. Heartbroken and confused by his lover’s choice, Jom has a car accident on his way back. As his car sinks to the bottom of the river he could smell the sweet fragrance of frangipani flowers coming from the midst of the cold darkness and the sound of a deep sweet voice that said the words, “Papa Jom” He later finds himself woke up in 1930s Chiang Mai.

  • Ling Xia Yi Jiu Qi

    91. Ling Xia Yi Jiu Qi

    Taiwanese Drama - 2024, 24 episodes

  • Go Back to the Past and Say I Love You

    92. Go Back to the Past and Say I Love You

    Chinese Drama - 0000, 12 episodes

    Su Nuan Nuan a first year in high school, is lively and cheerful, has a big nerve, and loves fantasy. Nuan Nuan's parents are divorced. Although she lives with her mother, she has to endure Nuan Nuan's mother's nagging and complaining. Nuan Nuan's greatest wish is to "grow up right away" so that she can have what she calls "freedom." Like most girls in the school, Nuan Nuan had a good impression of the school hunk Song Yuan. But when Song Yuan took the initiative to contact him, Nuan Nuan began to instinctively retreat. Nuan Nuan is "natural enemies" with Qu Yang, a boy in the same class. She doesn't understand why Qu Yang, who is always in love, always appears by her side. An antique alarm clock helped Nuan Nuan fulfill her wish and bring her to 2021 through time and space. For Nuan Nuan, who came from 2012, the death of her father, the mysterious suicide of her girlfriends, and even her own emotional life have all become mysterious events one after another. She must use her wisdom and courage to change her family and the tragedy of a friend. But also to fight for true love for myself.

  • Miao Ou Tian Cheng

    93. Miao Ou Tian Cheng

    Chinese Drama - 0000, 30 episodes

    The selfish and vain fourth daughter of the Zhen family plots to fall into a body of water with the son of Duke Zhen Guo firmly in tow. But her plans go awry when a cute and dorky girl with a healthy appetite from the future falls into the water simultaneously, traveling back in time to replace her in body and soul.

  • Please! 8 Hours

    94. Please! 8 Hours

    Chinese Drama - 2022, 36 episodes

    A love story across two parallel universes - a fictional wuxia world and a modern-day workplace.

  • Traveller of the Night

    95. Traveller of the Night

    Chinese Drama - 0000, 36 episodes

    One summer night in Shanghai, Zong Ying bumps into an unexpected visitor at home who claims to also be the owner of an old apartment No. 699 in Shanghai. Every night, he time travels from 1937 to modern times and goes back by the morning. He even has proof of his identity as an attorney of the Republic of China.

  • Pintando com Você

    96. Pintando com Você

    Korean Drama - 2021, 8 episodes

    In Korea’s feudal past, deposed Crown Prince Lee Heon was forced into exile when his cruel older brother usurped the throne. His sibling plans to permanently secure his position, leaving Lee Heon fearing for his life at every turn.  Lee Heon has one ally, Geum, his loyal, kind-hearted guard.  Flash forward to the modern-day, where art is high school student Eun Ho’s entire world. He accepts a commission to complete an unfinished canvas despite its mysterious vibe. Inexplicably drawn into the distant past, he meets Lee Heon, with whom he forms a close and romantic bond.  Becoming restless, the acting king desires to murder the exiled Crown Prince. Eun Ho now understands that he may be Lee Heon’s best – if not sole – chance of survival.

  • Stick to the Script!

    97. Stick to the Script!

    Chinese Drama - 2021, 40 episodes

    A fantasy and romance story between Wang Xiao Yu, a sophomore vocal art student who accidentally entered in the world of TV dramas and Xiao Tian Yu, the second male figure in the drama.

  • Back to Wedding Day

    98. Back to Wedding Day

    Chinese Drama - 2021, 8 episodes

    On a night 2000 years ago, General Lin Xianlu met a young girl Hengtian and got married. The two will be married three months later under the arrangement of the little prince Liu Wu. On the night of the wedding, Lin Xian was assassinated with a knife to save Hengtian. Hengtian occasionally obtained a divine object "Star Palace Disk" from his father. After the activation, he returned to the time before the wedding. However, Hengtian's three rescues failed to change the ending of Lin Xian's killing, so he had to reveal it step by step through known clues. The overall plan of the main messenger after the opening. In order to find out the truth, she followed the messenger behind the scenes to the future after 2000. I thought that this time I could be with Lin Xian for life, but I didn't expect to fall into the trap of the messenger behind the scenes. She fell into a new time and space puzzle. Is it only to give up marrying Lin Xian to save her lover? 

  • See You Again

    99. See You Again

    Chinese Drama - 2021, 18 episodes

    Zhang Ze Yuan's first love, Huang Shi Jie dies from a car accident. In order to save Huang Shi Jie, Ze Yuan used the camera she left behind to travel through time and space, and returned to the day of the 18-year-old senior year, hoping to save her. But despite his efforts, the ending is the same, prompting him to time-travel many times until he realizes he is not the only one who has been tampering with the past.

  • Wanku Shizi Fei

    100. Wanku Shizi Fei

    Chinese Drama - 2021, 40 episodes


    Rumor has it that Yun Qian Yue, the eldest daughter of Prince Yun manor, is playful, arrogant and illiterate. In reality, the rumors were spread intentionally by Qian Yue herself because she does not want to marry into the Imperial Family. Qian Yue has also been in disguise as Ye Tian Shuo's subordinate for nearly a decade. She is in love with Rong Jing from the Prince Rong manor but is oppressed by the Imperial Family's authority. Rong Jing, a man who possesses extraordinary good looks, suffers from a disease that left him weak and sick for years due to the aftereffects of aphrodisiac. To find a cure for him, Qian Yue triggers the Phoenix flight without a care for consequences. However at the same time, the current Emperor Ye Qing Ran is deeply in love with Qian Yue and to gain her love, he puts a life-and-death lock heart poison into her body, thus forbidding her from leaving his side. Despite losing her memories due to the poison, Yun Qian Yue does not forget her true heart.