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So few additional infos

1. List is mostly updated once or twice a week, sometimes more often. But it has some delays sometimes ;)

2.  I'm open to see comments on here ;) But please always tip me also with links .

3. Please don't complain about short dramas updated by episodes. Those are updated as they airs, so yes, it's possible, you will see title, having 2 eps, 2 min. Or 1 ep, 1 min. It means it's on airing and will be updated, or need simple more searching of the real no of episodes, because for example it was taken down from original platform. 

4. Please tip me off, only on THIS list even if title is from 2021-2024 and aired/airing.  It simple faster for me to manage one comment section than 5. Rest of the lists 

5. Please don't PM me or tap on comments section that links are DEAD and ask for more  

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Meng Po Mar 14, 2023
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