2000-2015 - Korean Family Dramas

Best Era For Korean Family Dramas in my opinion, If I rated a drama kind of low like less than 7, it usually means I only enjoyed some of the romance only, like a secondary couple or I really just disliked it mostly, some of the low rated ones I saw so long ago and wasn't paying much attention to the story, so I may or not do a re-watch someday and rating could change a bit. The dramas I rated 7 and up, I really like or love and not just for romance of one couple but maybe two couples and the family dinamics/relantionships. I enjoyed the melodrama and comedy, I generally prefer the ones that has both or mostly stays  light as the show goes on, don't mind a nice amount of makjang once a while, but I really need some melo with comedy in my love/family stories makes it more exciting for me. Totally melodrama free or so-called problematic free/green flag characters and stories are a bored to me, characters can be nice but not perfect goodie two shoes. If I gave a drama a 10 is really just a preference not because I though they were masterpieces, I just got really into the story, specially when I first discover Korean family dramas and still enjoyed watching them.

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