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Yes, I know, there are too many men on this list. I would say that I just find more male actors that I really like—am I biased as a female?  I think it more so reflects that there are not enough strong female roles being written for all the extremely talented actresses and yet-to-blossom actresses who get conformed by society into carrying a certain narrow image. There are just better-written roles for men to play lead so that even a generally talented actor can step in and look cool. I think of some of the lamer roles that some of these fantastic actresses have had to play, and it's just not fair to them!

On the other hand, anyone who complains about there being no Korean or Japanese female roles that are strong women, you just haven't watched enough TV! Most of these ladies have also played some pretty amazing characters (not to mention that there are some amazing, badass characters played by so~so actresses not on this list, too)! And of course, there's a way to play a weak role powerfully, and some of them have pulled it off.

usagisaiko Dez 3, 2016
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