①②③ number titles (abc challenge)

titles beginning with #s (for the alphabet challenge*), sorted "alphabetically". {lul} 

i made a punctuation list too... {it's not much but it's honest work} 

this list includes: 

  • all types of titles - movies, dramas, specials, and tv shows.  big mistake on my part because the instructions say "movie or drama" but paying attention isn't my strong suit.  i don't want to invest the time to fix this, so unless you're a rule breaker {'sup} please pay attention to the title's type {and accept my apologies}. 
  • upcoming and unconfirmed titles cuz i ain't clickin' on all this sh␦t.  {who dares to tell us a live action version of 19 Days will never exist?? no one can stop us from dreaming!!!} 
  • titles beginning with 'The', 'A', and numbers that are spelled out (beginning around #533, on page 6).  i'm not sure whether some of those are allowed so consult the alphabet challenge wizards before proceeding.  i've made notes on 999-9999 (around #532ish) regarding this. 

things i learned while making this list

  1. i am cursed 
  2. mdl search engine is cursed 
  3. this was a terrible idea (esp. because it's likely someone has already made this but i haven't run across it yet) 

can i get an F in the chat...  ( TT ___TT ) 

* challenges and badges are linked on #1 below (due to character limits here). 

also see  ~  more of my custom lists

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