COLLECTION : Exciting Upcoming Releases

These are some of the upcoming dramas, films, and shows that are rumored or upcoming. All dates are written in a Month/Day format. I have given up on putting these in any sort of order (besides putting announced dates up top in order) until this list whittles down some. Just know that there is a diverse array of action, thriller, modern, historical, romance, LGBTQ+, comedy, slice-of-life, fantasy, and  more from every MDL country.

I have since separated this list out into more easily navigable lists. This list will stay up for the foreseeable future, and I will delete these titles as they air, but all new updates and additions will be made in the following:

- Historical C-Titles
- Modern C-Titles
- Taiwanese Titles
- Hong Kong Titles
- Japanese Titles
- Korean Titles
- Filipino Titles 
- Thai Dramas

Coming soon:
- LGBTQ+ Titles

Do you have info or suggestions to share? Comment below and I'll add.
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