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  • Himeanole

    1. Himeanole

    Japanese Movie - 2016


    The chill atmosphere paired with the dark comedy in the first half made me forget that the movie is also about a dangerous serial killer, so the second half turning into a violent and gory mess really shocked me. This makes us understand the story behind the life of the antagonist, but doesn't make his crimes excusable. Would love to read the manga someday!! 

    P.S. Don't be deceived by MDL's ratings, give it a try if you're really curious. 


  • Kamikaze Girls

    2. Kamikaze Girls

    Japanese Movie - 2004


    Nakashima Tetsuya is one of my favorite directors and he really doesn't disappoint. It's been on my watch list for a long time so when I finished this, a huge & unexplainable heavy feeling of missing out so much in my life from not immediately watching this came off me. This is already one of my favorites, and I can't understand why this has such a low rating in here. Both girls did a really great performance with their acting and the aesthetics are so visually pleasing. I love their friendship so much <3 It left an extremely warm & delightful feeling in me even after many hours of completing this movie. 

  • Kyou Kara Ore Wa!!

    3. Kyou Kara Ore Wa!!

    Japanese Drama - 2018, 10 episodes


    I'm a fan of Japan's over-the-top and weird comedy so I really enjoyed this drama. The cameos of famous actors & actresses just kept on surprising me until the last episode because they suddenly pop up unexpectedly, making the experience of watching more fun. This is too funny that we can even notice the actors themselves trying their best not to laugh during their scenes!!!

  • Blakku Kousoku

    4. Blakku Kousoku

    Japanese Drama - 2019, 7 episodes


    Wow, I like how chill and (a bit) empowering this was at the same time. It's like the nostalgic afternoons I've always felt every time I'm walking home during my high school days. The friendship of the two male leads was really endearing and even though the stories of the other characters were short, I still managed to feel attached to their experiences. Now watch the movie after this. 

  • Awake

    5. Awake

    Japanese Movie - 2020


    I don't know a lot about shogi, but I enjoyed this mainly because of Yoshizawa Ryo and eventually, how the story turned out. There are times when the pacing felt lacking to me but seeing Ryo act as an awkward nerd who codes, it just becomes my weakness and I am already HOOKED. Loved the last scene so much <3

  • Pão da Felicidade

    6. Pão da Felicidade

    Japanese Movie - 2012


    How beautiful it is to live in a rural village and build a cafe and bake bread and have a peaceful life with your neighbors! This can really pass as a Studio Ghibli live-action movie. Indeed, happiness can be felt with a piece of bread <3 

  • Oz Land

    7. Oz Land

    Japanese Movie - 2018


    If you want to watch a light-hearted movie, this can be good! The story was predictable (though not in an annoying way) and didn't dwell much on heavy themes. But it was heartwarming, which was something that I needed to break away from the stress brought by school works. The amusement park and the aesthetics were really pleasing to the eye. And of course, Haru and Ai Hashimoto are soooo pretty that I just can't help but stare at them while they're on screen <3

  • Happy Flight

    8. Happy Flight

    Japanese Movie - 2008


    Same director with Woodjob!, which is one of my favorite movies. And based on it, I think the director is really good at showcasing the ability of people to be passionate about their dreams. So, even though I don't know anything about the movie's accuracy, it's amazing to see people working passionately in their field and have a glimpse of their work's importance and what they generally do. 

  • The Chef of South Polar

    9. The Chef of South Polar

    Japanese Movie - 2009


    It is a bit slow-paced so I thought would be bored along with its long runtime. However, I really enjoyed it so much despite watching it after a stressful day! I felt so lucky to watch this gem during JIFF because it has been on my watchlist for a long time. Watching the struggles of men as they live in an isolated and freezing continent was more entertaining than expected. And the food looked delicious that it made me want to taste his cooking, too <3 Overall, this was a relaxing movie to watch and the performances of the actors made it so much better. 

  • Rainbow Song

    10. Rainbow Song

    Japanese Movie - 2006


    What a heartbreaking movie. I don't know about you but I freaking cried while watching this. I actually didn't expect anything when I was about to watch this because I was just looking for a Japanese movie from my list and it randomly got chosen. But what I didn't know was the pain that I was about to go into. This is too much!!!!! The female character's death is already mentioned in the synopsis so I thought that it would be anti-climactic in making people cry, but boy I was wrong! Instead, seeing how the characters' stories unfolded from that major event made it so much better so it's really amazing how they can flesh out everything from a simple theme. And the fact that Shunji Iwai is one of the writers? Superb. So, it's obvious that I highly recommend this movie. I don't know when will I get over from this!!

  • É Sua Culpa Que Meu Coração Bate

    11. É Sua Culpa Que Meu Coração Bate

    Japanese Movie - 2021


    A bit surprised that this movie was made in 2021. The shots and acting weren't the best, but I admit that I still felt butterflies in my stomach whenever heart-fluttering moments start to play because I'm a sucker for Japanese high school romantic movies. I enjoyed Sei Shiraishi and Mizuki Itagaki's acting the most (both pretty people, too) so they really played a major role in making me stay and watch the movie until the end. Mizuki Itagaki nails the bad boy attitude so much that I still would have a crush on him despite his jerk personality, and Sei Shiraishi is so pretty that I'm puzzled when Arima friend-zoned her at first because boy, I would literally say yes after that confession. This made me look forward to her future roles as well because she really has a big potential. They both carried the movie so I was lenient and gave it a 7 because, without them, I wouldn't even know what score to give. A nice movie to watch if you want something light-hearted that doesn't require using your brain cells <3  

  • Sol da Meia Noite

    12. Sol da Meia Noite

    Japanese Movie - 2006


    I decided to watch this because the vocalist from my favorite Kpop group is having a musical based on this movie and he's playing the main actor. But I didn't know I would sign myself to another crying weekend T_T I giggled like a child many times while watching because the story was so cute and romantic. And it's already given that YUI is so pretty, but Tsukamoto Takashi is so hot with his tanned skin. As the movie progressed, I had a hunch about the ending because I saw a video of my favorite Kpop group member reciting one of his lines from the musical (SPOILER: and it sounded like he was talking to the girl as if she's already in heaven). However, I was still a bit shocked when it came to an end. Now, I would always remember their love story whenever I would see the beach or surfing and sunflowers :'( 

    The songs felt so nostalgic even though I just heard them the first time. And incidentally, the member from my favorite Kpop group that I'm talking about here just released his cover of Good-Bye Days by YUI. Now stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvWLUU-84BA

  • Beyond the Memories

    13. Beyond the Memories

    Japanese Movie - 2013


    I remember watching this back then because of the cast but didn't have the chance to finish because honestly, I felt bored at that time. And now that I've watched this, it's a decent story about two people who are filled with guilt from the death of the people most important to them. The cinematography was so good that I found myself in awe of the shots of the landscapes. I also adored Kanna & Haruta's friendship, it's unfortunate that it had to end :( The glimpse from the past of Kanna & Roku felt short to me, but it doesn't mean that the movie was bad though. It's just that I personally wished that their high school moments were longer because they were all cute! Pretty people are really such a treat <3 

  • Garota Sonhadora de Tóquio

    14. Garota Sonhadora de Tóquio

    Japanese Drama - 2017, 10 episodes


    Obviously, I was so excited when I started watching this because I'm a fan of Yoshitaka Yurikoand seeing her get paired with Sakaguchi Kentaro was a big bonus for me. However, I just got frustrated most of the time because of their life decisions. I thought this was supposed to be empowering for women, that despite life not going with what they usually want, they would still be able to overcome the difficulties of being a woman in a competitive world because the power of their friendship makes everything bearable—not tolerate cheating because they're BFF! And this is coming from someone who usually understands flawed characters as I am aware that reality isn't as perfect as what we think, and that there are people out there who experience and do the same thing. But that doesn't make it justifiable, though???? It's even making Sakaguchi Kentaro's character likable in my eyes because his asshole personality and sharp tongue made him appear the most sensible out of all the main characters. And because of the ending, I feel like what the drama has been building up for from the previous episodes was only for nothing. On the other hand, maybe I should be happy because there's a bit of character development, too... I guess...? 

    Anyway, the primary thing that I love in this is the portrayal of their friendship. Adulting makes you hardly available to anyone, so it makes me happy that they can just send a message in their group chat and the next moment, they will be chugging glasses of beer to talk about something. And the ladies are so pretty that it makes me feel like their stories did not bring justice to what they really deserve. Some commentaries are spot-on, too so I still have to give where the credit is due. That's why even though I had a lot of rants about this, it's not that unlikable because I still found myself getting excited every episode. Love the bickering of the main couple, too because I am a sucker for the enemies-to-lovers trope <3 

  • Sakura

    15. Sakura

    Japanese Movie - 2020


    Hmm... I actually didn't know what I felt after watching this. I don't have any problem with the story, especially with the acting because holy cow, Nana, Ryo, & Takumi in one movie??? What a bunch of talented people! However, I actually didn't get what the director was trying to convey to the audience??? I went in receiving 'typical-not-so-perfect-family-who-has-their-own-problems' vibes but when it came to an end, the random fart gag threw me off course. And the song at the credits did not feel fitting to how the story ended???? Like how was I supposed to feel after that when they randomly inserted a happy song into a bittersweet ending???? 

    So, if someone's gonna ask me something about this, I would just say:

    "Komatsu Nana? Pretty. Yoshizawa Ryo? Pretty. Kitamura Takumi? Pretty. Sakura, the dog? Cutest."

  • Nobunaga Concerto

    16. Nobunaga Concerto

    Japanese Drama - 2014, 11 episodes


    I never expected to love this dorama so much because I'm not usually a fan of historical dramas (so far I've only watched one lol).  However, this was super enjoyable to watch that I found myself looking forward to every day (I only watch 1 ep per day) just so I can continue watching this!! The production was so good and of course, the acting was really brilliant. Famous actors popped up one by one every episode and they made the story more emotionally tugging because, to be honest, it has some plotholes due to the time slip concept.  However, the characters made me forget those and managed to focus my attention on their personalities, making the overall drama more character-driven instead (which I eventually loved). Even though this is fiction, it also gave me general knowledge about the history of Japan. I think this would also be the type of drama that I would highly recommend even to non-watchers of Japanese dramas. 

    And oh my gosh, Shibasaki Ko is so freaking pretty, like I'm just staring at her face and features every time she pops up on the screen!! Mukai Osamu has also become my crush after this LOL. The OST by Mr. Children also hits different every time it plays at the end of the episode so I added it to my playlist!!! 

  • Nobunaga Concerto: The Movie

    17. Nobunaga Concerto: The Movie

    Japanese Movie - 2016


    I'm going to be honest. While watching this, I felt that the movie was so looong because maybe I expected it to serve as a quick wrap-up for the drama. But when it came to the climax and the ending, I was fully satisfied and felt bittersweet mostly for Saburo & Kichou + the other retainers who were loyal to 'Nobunaga'. It's a little bit confusing though because they didn't address what happened to Saburo after he came back to the future and only raised more questions about the time slip incident (what did he say to his parents & friends, is he still the same age, what happened to his education, what's the reason people are time slipping, etc.). But I think they never aimed to focus on solidifying the writing about the said concept because I really felt that they made this dorama to be more character-driven. It's also amazing to see how the production upgraded in the movie, too, because I was already impressed with the production of the drama given that J-dramas don't usually invest in that area too much. So, overall, I'm just glad that they were able to wrap up the events that happened in the Warring States period and genuinely happy for Saburo to just come back in the future. [SPOILER] Because actually, when Tsuneoki knew that he's an impostor, I felt that they were super ungrateful with what Saburo has done so far for their clan given that the real one became a coward and ran away with his responsibilities [END OF SPOILER]. So, I'm just glad that he came back alive and got to experience his normal life again at the end. 

  • Últimos Amigos

    18. Últimos Amigos

    Japanese Drama - 2008, 11 episodes


    Hoo... such a heavy-themed dorama. This dealt with domestic violence, gender identity, sexual abuse, suicide, etc. in a way that they weren't romanticized at all. Instead, they were addressed to the audience as serious problems that we should be aware of and look out for. I love their friendship so much because it actually made me rational about Michiru's situation because she can be annoying at times if I'm going to be honest. However, her friends reallyyy made me think that yeah... there are people out there who can't help but go back to their partners even though they always get abused. And the best thing that we can do is understand their decisions and be patient while making them feel that we are always beside them. Hence, my anger for Michiru's character becomes directed at Sousuke instead. [MAJOR SPOILER] Actually, I didn't feel anything when he passed away because that act made me think that he's guilt-tripping Michiru again. Like imagine the trauma she's going to bear after witnessing that, which would lead to her blaming herself again (which confirmed my thoughts based on the last ep). So, it became hard for me to empathize for him... [END OF MAJOR SPOILER] 

    Overall, it was great in shedding light on those themes mentioned above. I love Ruka & Takeru the most!! I can't imagine how hard and painful Ruka's situation is while Takeru never fails to be gentle most of the time. I'm the biggest simp for them throughout the whole dorama that I just can't help but smile whenever they flash through my screen. So cute, they hard-carried the show! <3

  • Memórias de Matsuko

    19. Memórias de Matsuko

    Japanese Movie - 2006



    This has been on my PTW list ever since I was a teenager and a beginner in the Jdramaland. However, I can't seem to find a copy back then and actually had a hard time even now. AND NOW THAT I'VE WATCHED IT, I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!!! IT REALLY IS A MASTERPIECE. I can't put my emotions into words properly because I was just in awe the whole time. It's sp beautiful and tragic :( Every scene is so lavish along with the upbeat songs but the story itself is extremely dark and depressing. The cast delivered a stellar performance, especially Nakatani Miki who is so brilliant as an actress, and Eita whom I didn't expect to nail his role because I still have a hangover from his pretty-boy character on Last Friends. I also had my crush for Iseya Yusuke reawakened because he's just tall & hot, no other reason at all, as his character here is not likable. 

    ANYWAY, can we talk about that 10-minute journey in Matsuko's life at the end of the movie??? It's like being on the verge of death and the last moments of your life just flashed before your eyes. It was so mesmerizing that I teared up and didn't even notice that the 2-hour and 13-minute movie just ended if I didn't see my reflection on the black screen before the credits started rolling in. 

    This just made me love Nakashima Tetsuya's works more. I want him to make more movies because he's just so great at storytelling and making pleasant visual imageries. So far, this and Kamikaze Girls (his other work), were the only ones I have given a perfect rating!! 

  • O Homem Que Não Pode Se Casar

    20. O Homem Que Não Pode Se Casar

    Japanese Drama - 2006, 12 episodes


    When I watched the first episode, I honestly thought that it was too slow-paced and boring for me. But as the story progressed, I found myself enjoying it because of the characters! Their acting, the ambiance, the setting--actually everything, felt so natural that this made me forget that I'm watching a drama, and not poking my nose into the real lives of real people. The comedy and timing were subtle, making it better! And of course, the pug was the scene-stealer of the show. Ken is just so adorable all the time <3 

    Now, I don't know if I would watch the 2nd season because while having the same story, the characters are now different. So, even though I loved the drama, I feel like I would be wasting my time as I wanted it to be a continuation of the 1st season. Anyways, this was an easy 9 for me, because I didn't expect to enjoy it so much in the midst of its chill atmosphere. I also liked the opening and I'm now gonna add it on my playlist :)

  • Meu Sangue & Ossos em uma Galáxia Fluida

    21. Meu Sangue & Ossos em uma Galáxia Fluida

    Japanese Movie - 2021


    When I saw this movie on Netflix, I was expecting a lot because I read somewhere that it has a magical realism feel to it, and I'm starting to like that genre. It's been on my list for a long time, and now that I've watched it, I didn't expect it to be THIS good. I mean, aside from the fact that Nakagawa Taishi has been climbing up on my list, I'm not just ranking it higher because of him! Because I really think that this is one of the few movies I've watched wherein the tonal shifts worked so much. I know that it's already dark because there is bullying involved in the first place and victims of bullies tend to often have a tragic backstory to them.  However, the plot took me far more than I expected and the performance of the actors helped a lot in making it possible. No unnecessities, nothing is a waste, they ALL delivered! Super talented cast. And that ending??? It was one of the most magical things I've watched so far since Memories of Matsuko's. The lines spoken by Hamada made it so much better! 

    "Hari, look at the incredible Milky Way.
    The baby stars that I gave my life to have become a pure rain that is washing everything away.
    The rain is soaking into all things.
    I will then become everything Hari sees.
    The curtains, the books, the scratches in the wall...
    My love for Hari will last for eternity.
    I am no longer bound by physical limitations."

    SUCH POETRY! They really know how to capture a certain feeling and translate it into words that can make you transcend. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for those things...

    Anyways, it's obvious that I really enjoyed it. -1 for some scenes that felt frustrating (you'll know if you watch it). And I actually thought that the title was weird and long, but after watching it, now I understand why <3 

  • Honey Lemon Soda

    22. Honey Lemon Soda

    Japanese Movie - 2021


    Hmm... another mediocre shoujo movie that I have watched (like Mune Ga Narunoha Kimi no Sei). Don't get me wrong, I'm usually a sucker for love stories because I enjoy reading shoujo manga but I think it's my fault that I expected too much from this movie. I've been seeing this on Twitter, & how it was hailed as the favorite live-action film by readers of a JP magazine. But when I was halfway through this, my interest fell out that I didn't feel attached to how the couple overcame their problems. I just wanted it to end & let them get their happy ending...

    The pacing's also kind of weird for me. In one scene, they were so cute & happy, but suddenly, the ML started acting up! And the stories behind Ishimori's bullying & Miura's family issues were also not properly told & built up, so I also didn't feel connected enough to what they were going through. This made me guess (& hope) that maybe, the manga did that part better even though I haven't read it at all.

    However, I won't deny that they were super cute. I was GIGGLING like a child whenever they would have their sweet moments! I find Raul cute & he looks good with that blonde hair. And he's so TALL like wow I'm so envious of his long legs & slim physique. Yoshikawa Ai is also so cute & pretty & she's the main reason why I decided to watch this (liked her on Rainbow Days). But the scene stealer is Hotta Mayu! She's so beautiful & I'm taken aback that her role wasn't the cliched ex-girlfriend who was still obsessed with the guy. 

    Overall, this made me realize that I'll stick to watching old Japanese romantic movies because they seem to capture the elements I was badly looking for. Because so far, I haven't found any shoujo movies that can be on par with IGMFLTY, Bokura Ga Ita, Hot Road, Senior & Her, One Week Friends, etc. These are only some of my favorites & if you think I'm wrong, hit me up because I'm open to recommendations! 

  • Bokutachi ga Yarimashita

    23. Bokutachi ga Yarimashita

    Japanese Drama - 2017, 10 episodes


    A harmless prank turned into something serious that claimed the lives of 10 people. Watching Fugitive Boys was chaotic, hilarious, wild, and heavy at the same time. Even though I didn't read the manga, I felt the quirkiness it aimed to show to the audience. Kubota Masataka is SO GOOD, he really carried that show ngl. He can make you laugh at his character's foolishness, feel embarrassed by his antics, and be empathic every time he encountered a moral dilemma. Yamada Yuki also managed to steal the spotlight, too, even though he only had a few minutes of screentime in some episodes.  Shono Hayama is super cute, too despite the questionable hairstyle but... [SPOILER] he was a jerk! I was disappointed with him LOL because I kept on comparing this character with his character in the World of Kanako (making him one of my crushes). [END OF SPOILER]

    The last seconds of the ending was a bit of a downer though, that despite the story wrapping up with the current state of their lives, I still felt that the cut towards the ending was abrupt. Or maybe it's because I've been used to doramas having that anime-feel ending to them T_T It was also interesting that it didn't only have character developments but character regression, too. However, I wondered what's gonna happen with Wajima though...

    Anyways, I also liked the opening and ending songs, too from Mrs. GREEN APPLE and DISH//. I was having an LSS days after finishing the dorama that they also made me check out the MVs. So, overall, this was a solid 8.5 to me! Enjoyed the show so much. It was a mystery though that I didn't have an LSS for Shape of You by Ed Sheeran as it was always used as a BGM in every episode and inappropriately T_T 

  • Inuyashiki

    24. Inuyashiki

    Japanese Movie - 2018


    When I first watched the trailer the moment it was released, I actually felt skeptical about Satoh Takeru playing Hiro, the high school student as I thought he was old to act as one. So, I didn't watch this immediately even though I was hyped with the news because I liked the anime. And now that I had the urge to watch this, I didn't expect to find myself fully invested in the movie! Honestly, I felt that the beginning was slow and boring, but when it started to pick up the pace, I thought it was nicely adapted! 

    I LOVED Nijiro Murakami's voice acting of Hiro's character in the anime but Satoh Takeru still managed to capture the vibes, wherein I think the latter's version has more emotions to it. It was obvious though that the show put more focus on the villain's character, making him more interesting for the audience. I was actually confused because it was one of the rare moments for me to be drawn toward a villain character. So, I'm also looking forward to more villain roles from Satoh Takeru because I think he did a great job. ((I also don't know what to feel in several serious scenes because the actors, specifically him, Hongo Kanata, Miyoshi Ayaka, Iseya Yusuke, and Nikaido Fumi were such pretty people that I didn't know how to focus LOL))

    It was also refreshing to witness superhero movies from Japan that are not tokusatsu-based (not that I hate them) because I was so used to seeing this kind of movie from Marvel. The CG was decent, too because I like some of the tiny details they included during the intense scenes. So, I thought that maybe, Japan is starting to recognize and acknowledge how interesting can venturing into other plots be. And we can trust Sato Shinsuke who directed Alice in Borderland, Kingdom, I am a Hero, in these!

  • The Limit of Sleeping Beauty

    25. The Limit of Sleeping Beauty

    Japanese Movie - 2017


    I'd be speechless if you'll ask me to defend my high rating on this movie... PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE I enjoyed watching it T___T 

  • Chasuke's Journey

    26. Chasuke's Journey

    Japanese Movie - 2015

  • Love Letter

    27. Love Letter

    Japanese Movie - 1995


    Oh man, how do I even begin with this movie... I've been so curious about this for a long time because it has that iconic scene that has always been reenacted in the modern era. AND NOW I GET IT!!! I was a bit confused at the beginning because I thought how the two main actresses look so much alike but realized that it was just the same person *facepalm*. However, I was immediately immersed in its mellowness, romance, pain, and bittersweetness. This made me fully realize the heartbreak of losing a loved one. We really can't do anything but grieve indefinitely and be left with ourselves after they have passed away. Most especially when the cause of death is so tragic, it would be so hard to get closure from it and just move on. If I was the fiance in this movie, it would be so hard for me to find someone to love again so I completely understand her sentiments. 

    Anyway, I also love how this movie made me realize my preference for (young love in) old movies. Despite not being born yet during the release of most old movies & dramas, I somehow feel nostalgic while watching them. The fashion, scenery, and atmosphere of this movie really encapsulated what I want to experience in watching movies. SUPER PRETTY PEOPLE living in PRETTY SCENERIES is such a chef kiss. Shunji Iwai (and mostly Japanese cinema, too) really knows how to capture & romanticize living, and I'm here for it!!! 

    P.S. This made me fall in love with Kashiwabara Takashi, too <33

  • Eu Te Amo!

    28. Eu Te Amo!

    Japanese Movie - 2005

  • Floresta Celestial

    29. Floresta Celestial

    Japanese Movie - 2006

  • One Cut of the Dead

    30. One Cut of the Dead

    Japanese Movie - 2018

  • Kotoko

    31. Kotoko

    Japanese Movie - 2012

  • Me Ame, Não Me Ame

    32. Me Ame, Não Me Ame

    Japanese Movie - 2020

  • Love & Pop

    33. Love & Pop

    Japanese Movie - 1998

  • Beijo Atrevido

    34. Beijo Atrevido

    Japanese Drama - 1996, 9 episodes

  • Alice na Fronteira

    35. Alice na Fronteira

    Japanese Drama - 2020, 8 episodes

  • Alice in Borderland 2

    36. Alice in Borderland 2

    Japanese Drama - 2022, 8 episodes

  • Love Parasite

    37. Love Parasite

    Japanese Movie - 2021