Completed in 2024

Here's a list of what I completed in 2024. This year I'm trying to spice it up a bit with some commentary that I will forget about soon (probably).

StardustCupcake Jan 1, 2024
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  • 10 Pontos Para o Futuro

    1. 10 Pontos Para o Futuro

    Japanese Drama - 2022, 9 episodes


    It started kinda okay but dropped my focus bad after mid-series.

  • 2018 MBC Music Festival: The Live

    2. 2018 MBC Music Festival: The Live

    Korean TV Show - 2018, 1 episode


    Some songs were fun, some were bleh.

  • Mulher

    3. Mulher

    Japanese Drama - 2013, 11 episodes


    I love titles about illnesses, but something here felt missing. I feel like it had potential for more, but I don't know how I would have changed it to match my tight criteria of getting a 9 or a 10.

  • Behind Your Touch

    4. Behind Your Touch

    Korean Drama - 2023, 16 episodes


    Less butt humor, more crime-solving, mister! One point off from the Butt jokes-writing team. Gladly the latter part of the series took the crime-solving route more often.

  • Os Milagres do Armazém Geral Namiya

    5. Os Milagres do Armazém Geral Namiya

    Japanese Movie - 2017


    It was a bit hard to keep my focus on this at times, hence only 7. Overall I liked the atmosphere of this film.

  • Malmoe: The Secret Mission

    6. Malmoe: The Secret Mission

    Korean Movie - 2019


    I like things that are based on true stories, but this didn't meet my expectations. I guess I wasn't just in the mood for this type of stuff, because it felt like the overall atmosphere in the movie was not what I expected and not in a good way. Still, the cinematography was good and the story was alright, starting and ending with background info about the theme.

  • Adoring

    7. Adoring

    Chinese Movie - 2019


    This was the third movie of today and I think I'm done with watching because nothing overly impresses me today... :D At first the movie had really annoying comedy bits, which made me regret picking it. Before starting, I read through the synopsis and looked at the top-rated tags. Disability and tearjerker, okay, can't go wrong here. It got better towards the end and scored a little above the average (7) for me, but nothing special, really. Not bad, but not amazing either.

  • Silent

    8. Silent

    Japanese Drama - 2022, 11 episodes


    It's a well-made drama and it kept me interested through every episode. I almost feel like giving it a 10, but something is keeping me from doing it... Seems my bar this year is high. :D

  • Village of Horror

    9. Village of Horror

    Japanese Movie - 2022


    In the end, I had more questions than in the beginning. "Nice" visual effects too.

  • Yu Yu Hakusho

    10. Yu Yu Hakusho

    Japanese Drama - 2023, 5 episodes


    This was actually a really pleasant surprise even though I usually don't like live actions (my husband is picky so we ended up choosing this one lol). The last episode was quite predictable even without knowledge of the original series, though.

  • Peperoncino

    11. Peperoncino

    Japanese Special - 2021, 1 episode


    Maybe it's because I'm sleepy today but I couldn't keep focused on the plot.

  • Tell Me That You Love Me

    12. Tell Me That You Love Me

    Korean Drama - 2023, 16 episodes


    This year is for deaf male leads, haha. Loved this drama, it gave me goosebumps in some episodes. The soundtrack was great. Still, I'm really really stingy with my 10s since my teens. I feel like even when the drama or movie is great, there could still be something even better, so I can't give a 10, if you know what I mean.

  • Doutora X

    13. Doutora X

    Japanese Drama - 2012, 8 episodes


    I really wanted to like this because I like the medical genre, but it was very average. Took me literal years to complete, but I'm finally done (and free)!

  • Ta He Ta De Ta

    14. Ta He Ta De Ta

    Taiwanese Drama - 2022, 9 episodes


    Not impressive. I expected more but it was boring and exhausting to watch.

  • O Assassino e o Brinquedo

    15. O Assassino e o Brinquedo

    Korean Drama - 2024, 8 episodes


    Meh. That is all.

  • Dr. Rintaro

    16. Dr. Rintaro

    Japanese Drama - 2015, 10 episodes


    A bit over-the-top acting (which often is the case with Sakai Masato's dramas) from everyone. Otherwise entertaining.

  • Star and Sky: Star in My Mind

    17. Star and Sky: Star in My Mind

    Thai Drama - 2022, 8 episodes



  • Seus Olhos Dizem

    18. Seus Olhos Dizem

    Japanese Movie - 2020


    It seemed a bit boring at first, but I ended up really liking the story.

  • Midas

    19. Midas

    Korean Drama - 2011, 21 episodes


    It took me 13 years but I finally made it. I started this because of Jang Hyuk back in 2011 when it was still airing. I remember liking it back then, but seeing how it took me forever to actually end the series, I'm giving it just a 6.

  • A Última Ficha

    20. A Última Ficha

    Japanese Drama - 2022, 9 episodes


    I watched it for Odagiri Joe. Not impressive. Boring and predictable story.

  • Kingdom: Guerra Lendária

    21. Kingdom: Guerra Lendária

    Korean TV Show - 2021, 10 episodes


    I haven't watched all that many variety shows apart from the forever-running Running Man. This one was a fun watch with lots of creative performances.

  • O Ceifador

    22. O Ceifador

    Japanese Drama - 2014, 9 episodes


    It was decent.

  • Our Secret Diary

    23. Our Secret Diary

    Japanese Movie - 2023


    I was switching between 8 and 9 but went to read my own definitions on how I'm rating, and put it at 9. I feel so stingy with my ratings lately, lol. It was a fun romance movie, with some cliches, but still overall entertaining.

  • Um Romance do Além

    24. Um Romance do Além

    Taiwanese Movie - 2022


    Funny moments and plot twists, but dayum the movie was long.

  • Bad Genius

    25. Bad Genius

    Thai Movie - 2017


    I guess the plot was solid, but I just wasn't overly impressed.

  • Embaralhando o Amor

    26. Embaralhando o Amor

    Japanese Drama - 2009, 10 episodes


    I watched the first episode fifteen years ago... lol. Rewatched episode 1 and completed the entire thing this year. I kind of have problems with watching older shows, because the style was so different back then, and it somehow bothers me more than it should... But this one I actually enjoyed watching, so I'm happy I got it out of my list finally!

  • The Suspect

    27. The Suspect

    Korean Movie - 2013


    Cool skydiving scene! Anyway... should have trusted my instinct of probably finding this a bit boring, after reading the synopsis and looking at the top tags. Decided to give it a try anyway, because apparently, my friends have rated it high. It probably had a high budget and so on, but I was so thoroughly bored for the 2+ hours this movie took.

  • Pamyo

    28. Pamyo

    Korean Movie - 2024


    Very good production value and the story was interesting. Acting was also great. Genres list horror but it didn't have any jump scare type, so it's still watchable to those who are too scared to watch horror movies because of jump scares.

  • Yurigokoro

    29. Yurigokoro

    Japanese Movie - 2017


    Someone is going to think she's my favorite actress soon, because this is my third title from them this year, haha. But I honestly rarely look at the cast when I decide what to watch (plus this one was picked by a random number generator from my PTW Japanese films list).

  • Nosso Próximo Verão

    30. Nosso Próximo Verão

    Chinese Movie - 2021


    Congratulations on becoming the first title in five years I gave a 10 to! I loved this movie and still have goosebumps after watching it. The acting was really good and the soundtrack supported the scenes well.

  • Yoru ga Aketara, Ichiban ni Kimi ni Ai ni Iku

    Some cute moments, and overall an okay film.

  • O Assassino da Capa de Chuva: Caça ao Serial Killer Coreano

    32. O Assassino da Capa de Chuva: Caça ao Serial Killer Coreano

    Korean Special - 2021, 3 episodes


    I liked the first two episodes, but for some reason found the last episode quite boring.

  • Lembre-se

    33. Lembre-se

    Korean Movie - 2022


    I was going to watch the Thai drama with the same name, but accidentally chose this one instead. Happy accident, anyway.

  • Orange Soda

    34. Orange Soda

    Chinese Drama - 2024, 20 episodes


    When 19 episodes were out, I watched all 19 in one go. It was quite enjoyable. Watched the last episode a few days after it aired and thought the ending was very abrupt.

  • Dias Laranja

    35. Dias Laranja

    Japanese Drama - 2004, 11 episodes


    Good story and character development.

  • Doce e Amargo

    36. Doce e Amargo

    Korean Movie - 2021


    What the? Jerks everywhere.

  • Jogo do Dinheiro

    37. Jogo do Dinheiro

    Korean Drama - 2024, 8 episodes


    Every consecutive episode was more and more unhinged.

  • Oshin

    38. Oshin

    Japanese Movie - 2013


    The story is good, but I felt a little bored because I saw most of it already from the drama I started long ago (but couldn't finish for many reasons).

  • Ajin: Semi-Humano

    39. Ajin: Semi-Humano

    Japanese Movie - 2017


    I haven't been this thoroughly bored for a long time. I'd have given it a 5, but it felt too harsh taking into account the work they put into the special effects... I guess the boredom was partly from already having seen the anime, so there wasn't much to catch my interest here.

  • Pequena Floresta

    40. Pequena Floresta

    Korean Movie - 2018

  • House of Ninjas

    41. House of Ninjas

    Japanese Drama - 2024, 8 episodes