Korean LGBT+ Main & Side Characters/Romances

LGBT+ representation in K-Dramas (and also Korean movies, but mainly K-Dramas) is few and far between. That's why I decided to make this list. There is progression, and though it's very slow, I want to highlight Korea specifically for taking steps in the right direction.

I'll put a few movies on here. But, mostly just dramas.

Recommended Resources for Indie/Hard-to-Find Queer Korean Content: 

Strongberry (on YouTube). They mainly make short films, but they're generally high quality.

GagaOOLala. If a Korean LGBT+ short film can't be found on YouTube, it's probably here.

MDL Post about this list: https://mydramalist.com/profile/8835865/feeds/dKnbZSB

Milestone #1: https://mydramalist.com/profile/8835865/feeds/4WvWRCA

Milestone #2: https://mydramalist.com/profile/8835865/feeds/470jzET7

Note: In a specific order. The titles are also numbered in the comments option because, FOR SOME REASON, this list likes to mix up titles every now and then.

Disclosure: I, myself, am Bi Ace (Biromantic Asexual)

This list is not just for me, by the way. It's for all of you guys! And you're more than welcome to leave suggestions in the form of a comment or even send me a message, regardless if we are friends or not. 

Will contain spoilers, at least regarding a character's sexuality/gender. May or may not contain other spoilers; I will attempt to keep it just to what is related to the rep. You have been warned!

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  • Luz em Mim

    1. Luz em Mim

    Korean Drama - 2021, 16 episodes



    Main romance between two MLs.

    Brownie Points: The most compelling and well done love triangle I've ever seen.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Out of Breath

    2. Out of Breath

    Korean Drama - 2019, 3 episodes



    Main romance between two FLs.

    It really speaks to an issue many in the LGBT+ community face: How honest should I be? And, am I lying to protect those I love or to protect myself?

    I should also note that the acting is on-point. And, the chemistry is off the charts! 

    Link to YouTube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuUQH5CiOw6n9Z0O5ytuQY2EFuvbF_7DX

  • Amor Com Falhas

    3. Amor Com Falhas

    Korean Drama - 2019, 32 episodes



    Features a side romance between two MLs, with one of the brothers, Joo Won Suk, and a university student, Choi Ho Dol, along with having many parts of the story take place in the Gay bar Joo Won Suk runs/bartends. They actually kind of stole the show at many points. Lol.

    Not just that, but the drama itself does a fantastic job at normalizing LGBT+ people. One of the brothers being Gay and working at a Gay bar was just another part of the story, the Gay characters' stories were handled respectfully and not for the sake of laughs because of who they were but rather just the silly things they said/did, they showed the different realities for them, and coming out was also treated with care and the idea of outing someone was judged by the characters as being horrible, as it should be. 

    If you want to know the rest of my thoughts, I'll link my review here: https://mydramalist.com/profile/8835865/reviews

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Apesar de Tudo, Amor

    4. Apesar de Tudo, Amor

    Korean Drama - 2021, 10 episodes



    Features a side romance between two FLs, Yoon Sol and Seo Ji Wan.

    This was a very popular mainstream K-Drama. And I and many others were pleasantly shocked to find the inclusion of a Lesbian couple. This showed how representation could be easily incorporated into very popular dramas alongside the main couple and treated as normal all the while if only we were so inclined and studios/companies in Korea took a chance.

    Link to my review in case you're curious: https://mydramalist.com/profile/8835865/reviews/160271

    Can be found on Netflix

  • Na Direção do Amor

    5. Na Direção do Amor

    Korean Drama - 2020, 16 episodes



    This did such an amazing job! There was representation and acknowledgment of LGBT+ people all over! We had an Asexual SFL they even clarified wasn't Aromantic (FL's friend May), a Gay SML (Young Hwa's friend Ye Joon), a background Gay couple (an American actor and his boyfriend), a love interest not assuming the woman was Straight, and acknowledgment of wrongly using the community for one's own benefit when one is not a part of it and so does not experience the hardships associated with it.

    Ye Joon's story was the longest, and I think they did it justice. We get some hints about Ye Joon based on the longing looks he gives Young Hwa. Dan Ah even easily notices and asks him. Later, when his Ex-boyfriend comes by the café his mother unfortunately drops by and sees; he doesn't back down, though, and formally comes out to her, "I'm Gay." She doesn't take it well, but they do talk again, and her thinking matures.

    When Dan Ah comes by the café and he admits he likes Young Hwa, she says, "To be honest, I didn't want to get married, so I lied about being Gay to my family. It may have been a lifetime of worry for someone else, but I used it as an excuse. I'm sorry." She rightfully took accountability!

    Ye Joon does confess his love for Young Hwa, and he simply cries and gives him a hug like an amazing friend, and they are shown in the end to still be spending time together.

    Side Note: The flashback of May being asked out was everything to me. After asking if she's single, the guy says, "I guess I should've asked you this first. Are you okay with dating men?" He didn't write off her being Lesbian!

    I loved the way this drama easily incorporated my community. More like this, please!

    Can be found on Netflix

  • A Boa Esposa

    6. A Boa Esposa

    Korean Drama - 2016, 16 episodes


    Features a Bisexual SFL (*screams*), Kim Dan. This was actually a remake of an American drama where the character was originally Bi, many people were surprised they kept her sexuality intact. If I were first hearing the announcement of the drama I would certainly assume they would make her Straight or just not mention it at all.

    From what I've read, her sexuality only really comes up in the pilot episode where she is seen leaving her apartment with a naked woman in her bed. It doesn't seem to be brought up after that. Still, it's at least briefly included.

    Also, has a Gay side character, Kim Sae Byuk, the FL's brother. He only appears in Ep 13 but his life is used as a subtle contrast between Hye Kyung's, with both of them having/had a partner who is/was the main provider while they stay/stayed at home. Very easy and normalized rep, in my opinion.

    I do have some interest in this drama so I will probably be checking it out at some point in the future and will update my thoughts on the quality of the rep then.

    Can't find any specific legal sites to watch it on. Can be found on free websites.

  • O Pacote

    7. O Pacote

    Korean Drama - 2017, 12 episodes



    Ep 8 & 9 very briefly feature a side Gay romance between two MLs, Didier and Alain, a French couple main FL Yoon So So is friends with who, while fighting, mislead main ML San Ma Roo into thinking they are actually trying to win So So's heart. Ep 9 sees So So explaining what was happening and that the two men are actually a couple. Ma Roo is surprised but not hateful.

    This was incredibly brief rep that was neither here nor there. Not a reason to watch the drama but not a reason to NOT watch the drama.

    My thoughts on the drama itself: This felt kind of like a mix of an old-school K-Drama with a modern European show, which made for rather brash lines and moments as well as slow, romantic lingering thoughts and shots. I found I quite liked the odd combination of the two. Personally, the ending did leave me a tad unsatisfied, though.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Romance é um Livro Bônus

    8. Romance é um Livro Bônus

    Korean Drama - 2019, 16 episodes



    Note: Find specific episode where rep is present

    It's very brief but is another step in the right direction at naturally including LGBT+ people into mainstream K-Dramas.

    The ML's Ex-girlfriend had cheated on him and the person she's dating is a woman.

    The exchange before the "reveal" (when her girlfriend arrives) goes:

    Na Kyung (ML's Ex): "I already called ahead. The owner is the person I'm dating." 

    Cha Eun Ho (ML) to FL: "Yes, it's the one she cheated on me with."

    Cha Eun Ho: "You'll see that I had no chance."

    I don't love the cheating aspect (of course), but I do love how casually the Lesbian couple was shown.

    Can be found on Netflix

  • Enfermeira Exorcista

    9. Enfermeira Exorcista

    Korean Drama - 2020, 6 episodes



    It's brief, but I feel it should be mentioned. During the last episode, two SFLs, Ra Di and Baek Hye Min, state they are together during lunch. Some of their classmates voice support while others, in their crazed laughing mania, criticize them. After a fight breaks out and the teachers get together to discuss the situation, many begin making negative comments, and the ML, Hong In Pyo, defends the Lesbian couple. 

    Side Note: Ra Di's species die at twenty and are then reborn. It is stated they do not truly have a "sex" and that Ra Di has been reborn as male up until this point but is not uncomfortable now being female and identifying as such.

    Can be found on Netflix

  • Vamos Comer Algo, Anna

    10. Vamos Comer Algo, Anna

    Korean Drama - 2017, 5 episodes



    In the first episode, the FL's fiancé, Yeong Jae, is revealed to have left her and run away with his boyfriend, K. He didn't have the courage to tell her, so K called and told her the news. She's very upset, but not because he's Gay. This event causes her to spiral and her life to take a downturn.

    They are also a few scenes showing her looking at their pictures online, the two going on vacation, and some flashbacks. Otherwise, they don't really come up again. 

    It felt very naturally included. And I liked how she was even jealous of their happy relationship, wanting that for herself with someone.

    In my opinion, it's pretty brief rep that does a good job and isn't demeaning. But, here's the question: Would I recommend watching it because of the rep? Ehhhh . . . Probably not.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Uma Advogada Extraordinária

    11. Uma Advogada Extraordinária

    Korean Drama - 2022, 16 episodes



    Ep 2 features a woman, Kim Hwa Young, being forced into a marriage she doesn't want. By the end of the episode, she stands up to her family and reveals that her "best friend" of ten years is actually her girlfriend.  When they walk out holding hands the reaction from the main characters is brief clapping and positive shocked Wow's.

    I loved how easy this rep was and how afterward Woo Young, thinking about the couple, goes to talk to her father about what she'd want if she got married.

    Can be found on Netflix

  • A Caminho do Céu

    12. A Caminho do Céu

    Korean Drama - 2021, 10 episodes



    THIS is how you have an episode feature LGBT+ rep properly. Looking at you, Vincenzo!!!

    Ep 5 indirectly and through flashbacks tells the story of Jung Soo Hyun, a Gay man, who died. The leads are assigned to take care of the things he left behind when ML Geu Roo (his name is spelled several different ways) finds a letter Soo Hyun had wanted to send to the person he loved. The episode centers around Geu Roo trying to hunt down Soo Hyun's lover to relay the letter to them. It is later found out that the person he loved was Ian Park, a male cellist. Soo Hyun had broken up with him because his parents wanted him to marry a woman. The letter reveals that he had wanted to get back together with him and go to San Francisco together as they had once planned.

    Geu Roo is completely unfazed by the revelation of Soo Hyun's sexuality while his uncle, ML Sang Gu, and friend, FL Na Mu, are in denial at first but come around quickly.

    While the story of this LGBT+ character is unfortunately tragic it is executed well and respectfully told.

    I highly recommend watching this. And not just for the rep!

    Can be found on Netflix

  • Queijo na Ratoeira

    13. Queijo na Ratoeira

    Korean Drama - 2016, 16 episodes



    Ep 5 and Ep 6 (briefly) show the story of the FL's next-door neighbors, a Gay couple who are hiding their relationship; she isn't fazed by it. The ML, though, does appear to express some uncomfortableness with them, but he doesn't say anything outright Homophobic. 

    The rep itself was fine. They were portrayed as just a normal bickering but loving couple, albeit going through more than most people.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Trabalhar Depois, Beber Agora

    14. Trabalhar Depois, Beber Agora

    Korean Drama - 2021, 12 episodes



    Ep 6 and 7 briefly show the story of Park Se Jin, a Lesbian who has unrequited feelings for her teacher, one of the main FLs, Ji Gu. She deals with bullying and an unsupportive family. Her suicide is revealed to be the reason that Ji Gu not only quit her teaching job but started drinking as while she did what she could to be there for her, in the end, it was not enough to save her.

    Also, in Ep 8, through a flashback, we find out about the girls' breakups with their old boyfriends, with Ji Gu's turning out to be Gay. When they come back to visit the same restaurant, they find out from the woman who runs it that he stopped by and is now not only married to a man but also has adopted a kid. Ji Gu reveals she actually went to his wedding but just never brought it up to the other girls.

    I think they did a fairly good job here, representation-wise. Did I find the flashback revealing Ji Gu's boyfriend to be Gay a bit too comedic? Yes. But I feel like it kind of works because they're all crazy drunk and overdramatic.

    My thoughts on the drama itself: Was I entertained? Sure. Would I watch it again, though? No.

    My liver hurts! *sobs*

    Can be found on free websites

  • Minha Família Nada Familiar

    15. Minha Família Nada Familiar

    Korean Drama - 2020, 16 episodes


    Features a Gay SML, Yoon Tae Hyung, who is Eun Joo's husband. It is revealed when his computer is left open and she reads the messages he left in an online chatroom.

    I can't seem to find much specifically about the quality of the rep or if it is brought up again past Ep 6. Ep 6 seems to be where his story takes place so I may just check that out in the future since I'm not really interested in the rest of the drama. 

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Uma Segunda Chance

    16. Uma Segunda Chance

    Korean Drama - 2020, 16 episodes



    Features a Gay SML, Sang Bong, a baseball player now a ghost. His story is short, but he is present throughout the drama. 

    In Ep 1, we hear about the rumor of him killing himself. From then on, there are snippets of news clips, stray comments/questions from other ghosts, etc., about his sexuality as well as his death. In Ep 15 it is revealed that he was murdered; his friend covered it up by making it look like he took his life because of match-fixing. His mother blames herself, thinking he took his life out of resentment for her. Through a flashback we learn Sang Bong came out to his family in college. They refused to believe him. By them saying that, he felt like they were denying his existence, so he moved out and cut off contact with them. When he had decided to try to resolve things with his family, he was murdered. After dying, he says he realized, "When I came out to my family, my mom wasn't denying my existence. She just felt sorry for me. That's why she said that. She was just so shocked."

    By having a message passed on to his mother through SML Geun Sang (his psychiatrist), Sang Bong is at peace.

    I'd say the rep was fine, overall. However, I wasn't so much a fan of Sang Bong justifying his mother's words (I do acknowledge that this could be due to Netflix's bad subtitles) by basically saying it was okay because "she just felt sorry" and "was just so shocked," as this feeds into the idea that Queerness is something to be scared of and that family doesn't need to take accountability when responding to/dealing with their child coming out but, rather, that it is the child's duty to make them understand.

    My thoughts on the drama itself: After this meandering but emotionally impactful drama, I'm left with a broken heart to mend with time.

    Can be found on Netflix

  • D.P Dog Day 2º temporada

    17. D.P Dog Day 2º temporada

    Korean Drama - 2023, 6 episodes



    Ep 3 Features a Gay SML, Jang Seong Min, a deserter who performs as a drag queen. This one was very difficult to get through, as is every episode of D.P. But, being Queer myself, it was even harder. It is not a watch for the faint of heart; keep that in mind.

    Can be found on Netflix

  • Sunbae, Não Passe Este Batom

    18. Sunbae, Não Passe Este Batom

    Korean Drama - 2021, 16 episodes



    Features a Gay SML, Kang Woo Hyeon, Yun Seung's husband. 

    In Ep 12, it's revealed that he and Han Seo had a thing in college. Han Seo says he still likes him while Hyeon says it was just a mistake, that he doesn't like men. Yun Seung overhears and confronts him, with Hyeon breaking down, insisting he "isn't like that." It's quite clear he's been struggling with internalized Homophobia. After they talk and Yun Seung takes time to think: "But when I see him struggle to come to terms with this, I'm just worried about him." In Ep 14, Yun Seung offers Hyeon words of comfort, telling him being Gay isn't wrong or abnormal. "I don't want you to spend the rest of your life torturing yourself with those thoughts." He tells her that won't happen but she isn't assured. "Do it as a last favor for me. For once in your life, open your heart to yourself. If you think you can't do it alone, I'll be by your side. Until you can accept yourself for who you are. Just until then."

    In the finale, after some years have passed, Hyeon goes on a trip with Yun Seung and they agree to finally get a divorce, Hyeon having finally accepted himself. They wish each other well, their only concern being how their daughter will take it.

    I found the rep here to be nothing short of positive. They managed to be compassionate toward Hyeon while also not minimizing the hurt to his family. I found it heartwarming how his wife accepted his sexuality before he did and found it within her to encourage him to open himself up and find love.

    Link to review (because the character limit couldn't handle it): https://mydramalist.com/profile/8835865/reviews/363505

    Can be found on Netflix or iQiyi

  • Seu Ajudante da Casa

    19. Seu Ajudante da Casa

    Korean Drama - 2018, 32 episodes



    Features a Gay SML, Chul Soo, who is the best friend and business partner of one of the main girls, Hye Joo (FL). He is bright and thoughtful. Ep 11 and 12 are mainly where his story takes place as we learn not only about his sexuality but also about Hye Joo having unrequited feelings for him despite knowing he's Gay. 

    Side Note: This is just my gut feeling, but I think Chul Soo had feelings for Gi Seok (SML), a guy who likes Hye Joo. He seemed almost sad hearing Gi Seok talk about wanting to pursue her.

    While not memorable, I didn't feel this drama did a disservice to the LGBT+ community. It was quite nice to see the characters who learned/knew about Chul Soo's sexuality not treating it like a big deal and respecting his privacy. Scenes with him were just so few and far between that I don't feel I could recommend watching this for the rep alone. That being said, the drama itself was fairly good and I would say if you like healing and female-centric dramas, then you will probably enjoy this one.

    Can be found on free websites or Rakuten Viki (with a VPN)

  • When You Love Yourself 2

    20. When You Love Yourself 2

    Korean Drama - 2019, 10 episodes



    Note: Find specific episode where backstory is told

    Features a Gay SML, Seon Ho, with unrequited feelings for his friend, Ju Hyeok. They did a great job at giving a few hints that added up later, as well showing the way he was treated and what it's like to be outed (they also used the term "outing"). I ended up in tears when his past was shown. It's not all sad though, don't worry. Lol. His friends were actually good people who accepted him and stood up for him as well.

    One thing I think that's of note is that the the Straight guy over-the-top sweetly in love with his girlfriend, Ju Hyeok, was more feminine while Seon Ho was more masculine. Just thought it was a bit of a clever and neat reversal of stereotypes.

    Brownie Points: Ju Hyeok was such a supportive and sweet friend reassuring Seon Ho several times that even when he realized he liked him he never felt any discomfort at all.

    Link to YouTube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IATtTMc-18&list=PLQ0f_g2mQlLeB8lVtS1zjj7t2gusqbCE-&index=2

  • O Amor de Ho Goo

    21. O Amor de Ho Goo

    Korean Drama - 2015, 16 episodes


    So, the rep.

    Yeah. This is not good. Like not at all. They tried? But, I don't really think they did!

    SML Kang Cheol's questioning of his sexuality is played purely for laughs and drama. From all the clips I've seen and things I've read, his Queerness isn't taken seriously or framed seriously.

    You know the plot of Coffee Prince? Take all the heart and genuineness out of it, add in a lack of understanding of how sexuality works, and you have this.

    I mean, they even completely ignore and basically erase the fact that Bisexuality and Pansexuality exist (by now you should know how much I hate that). It's either you're Gay, Straight, or you haven't figured it out yet. Those are the only options apparently!

    And when he realizes "the truth" he goes on a tirade about being "fooled" into thinking he was Gay. You'd think someone convinced him he had cancer with the way he acts.

    I don't want to get into it anymore because I'm just so frustrated!!!

    Fine. One more thing because it pissed me off! This line: "Who asks for permission when kissing?"

    Just dismissing the concept of consent. The cherry on top I suppose!

    In short, this is bad rep. Reallllly bad rep.

    I wouldn't recommend this and I won't be watching it.

    Can be found on Amazon Prime

  • Vincenzo

    22. Vincenzo

    Korean Drama - 2021, 20 episodes



    My rating of the drama is this high because I am setting aside the rep.

    Okay. The elephant in the room. The representation (Ep 8). Hwang Min Sung, CEO of Shinkwang Bank, is Gay. He has physically abused his exes in the past but wasn't punished because they were afraid of being outed. His character is very over-the-top but I had no problem with them leaning into that. It's the style of the show and all the characters are oddballs, villains and protagonists alike. That wasn't what I found problematic.

    What I Did find problematic was Vincenzo's behavior. He has to pretend to be interested in Min Sung and reacts Very negatively to the prospect. The very idea of pretending to be interested in a man makes him shudder. And he freaks out multiple times while going on dates with him. He is not called out for this nor is it addressed in any way.

    They did that for comedic purposes, which really upset me. That, and it doesn't even fit with the way his character normally is. Unless it's something that offends his "Italian sensibilities," he doesn't really care and will pretend and do whatever it takes. This tells us, the audience, that the writers really wanted to include this joke about his disgust/horror at pretending to be Gay.

    In summary, we got a Gay SML here. But, we were treated to some problematic behavior on the part of our ML in regards to that SML. I'm disappointed. Not to mention, the jokes about any male affection continued from then on. 

    Let me be clear: LGBT+ characters don't have to be perfectly flawless and get 100% happy endings. But, they shouldn't be made fun of for their sexuality. Let's go forward, not backward. 

    I wouldn't watch this for the rep.

    Can be found on Netflix

  • Família Graciosa

    23. Família Graciosa

    Korean Drama - 2019, 16 episodes


    Features a Transgender woman, SL Mo Wan Joon, the AMAB (assigned male at birth) second "son" of MC Group. It isn't revealed until close to the end of the drama and the character presents as male the majority of the time (hence why I used SL above instead of SFL).

    From what I've read, they don't dig much into the struggle Mo Wan Joon experiences and seem to lack knowledge on what being Trans means. And, it was thrown in for the twist aspect rather than to genuinely explore the character/show support for the LGBT+ community in a meaningful way.

    In short, seems like bad rep. 

    I wouldn't recommend this and I won't be watching it.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Senhor Adeus

    24. Senhor Adeus

    Korean Drama - 2006, 16 episodes


    Briefly features some Gay characters.

    I cannot for the life of me find out any details on this other than that the rep doesn't seem done well as they're only brought up in the drama purely for comedic purposes. But, are we surprised? No, the drama is from the 2000s. That's probably also why I can't seem to find anything about it really.

    I wouldn't recommend this and I won't be watching it.

    Can be found on free websites 

  • Rainha Cheorin

    25. Rainha Cheorin

    Korean Drama - 2020, 20 episodes



    I definitely don't think Jang Bong Hwan (ML in the body of FL Kim So Yong) is Straight. He develops feelings for King Cheol Jong (ML), and while it does take him time and he has a lot of mini-crises over it, he does embrace it. I feel hesitant to give him a specific label though. If you were to press me for an answer . . . I would say Queer would probably be what he would be most comfortable calling himself.

    The ending will likely leave you upset if you care about the representation though. Just a warning.

    I wouldn't recommend watching this for the rep alone.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • O Tempo Traz Você pra Mim

    26. O Tempo Traz Você pra Mim

    Korean Drama - 2023, 12 episodes


    Features some very brief rep in Ep 8 between two MLs, Koo Yeon Jun (the real one) and Tae Ha. Yeon Jun and Tae Ha are studying together and both nearly confess their feelings for the other but don't have enough courage. Later, when they're driving, Tae Ha accidentally touches Yeon Jun's hand and they share a knowing and romantic look before their car gets hit by a truck.

    Am I happy that unlike Someday or One Day this version of Wang Qeng Sheng has his feelings returned compared to the original where he not only has unrequited feelings for his friend but gets bullied for his sexuality and becomes so depressed to the point he decides to commit suicide? Well, sure. But I would argue that A Time Called You's take on this character almost feels unnecessarily cruel and tragic simply for the sake of being so whereas the original drama cast a light on the harsh and painful reality that often comes with being Queer while not only desperately wishing for a better world but calling out those who would make it hell to be yourself.

    I would not dismiss in the slightest this being labeled as "bury your gays" because I'm definitely leaning that way myself. 

    I wouldn't recommend watching this for the rep alone. It should be noted that I haven't seen this myself, so take everything I'm saying with a grain of salt as I garnered my info through what I was able to find to read about it as well as clips. I'm curious as to how a Korean remake of Someday or One Day would be, so consider this a "maybe" as to me checking this drama out. At that time, I will update this accordingly.

    Can be found on Netflix

  • The Fabulous

    27. The Fabulous

    Korean Drama - 2022, 8 episodes


    Features a Gay ML, Joseph.

    From what I've read, viewers saw this as quite disappointing LGBT+ rep from a modern K-Drama. Joseph embodied seemingly every stereotype associated with Gay men: Sensitive, overdramatic, etc., etc., etc.

    Now, this is again another occasion in which you will need to take what I'm saying with a few grains of salt as I have not seen the drama myself.

    I wouldn't recommend watching this for the rep alone. Setting that aside, I can see myself possibly watching this drama some time in the future. At that time, I will update this accordingly.

    Can be found on Netflix

  • O Juiz do Diabo

    28. O Juiz do Diabo

    Korean Drama - 2021, 16 episodes



    Gay, but also not actually Gay.

    If the creators had followed through on their Bromance-that-goes-beyond-Bromance and made Kang Yo Han and Kim Ga On a couple this drama would have bordered on fucking amazing. They have palpable tension and fire chemistry. Some lines/scenes definitely also make you think, "Hmmm . . . That seems questionably not Straight . . ."

    There is pushing against walls that doesn't feel like purely intimidation (someone seems into it), deliberate touching (need I go into how Yo Han did that romantic caress when deactivating the bomb?), gazing that goes on insanely long, and domesticity all over. For God's sake, early on Ga On gets injured after protecting Yo Han and stays at his place to hide for a bit and recover, right? Only he stays there well after he is healed! Like, he just straight up moves in, and Yo Han's just completely cool with it. At first, he excuses his behavior by telling himself he's "spying," but that doesn't last long at all. On top of this, he cooks for Yo Han and his niece, Elijah. With Elijah he also tries to get to know her, makes specific dishes she likes, and takes her on outings. Like, all of this is husband-application behavior!

    The kickers are Yo Han's line about his preferences when talking to Jung Sun Ah (FL), "You should take into consideration what I like" (just screams Queer Coding), that the Straight ship they tried to sail was an absolute unconvincing flop, and Ga On just deciding not to live anymore when he thinks Yo Han's dead. Like, tell me you're Gay for each other without telling me you're Gay for each other.

    I could keep going but I'd be here forever. It really is like a censored BL from China. If you want to see them get the romance they should have, go read Devil Judge fanfic. You'll feel better, at least temporarily.

    Damn you character limit!

    Can be found on Netflix

  • Loucos Um Pelo Outro

    29. Loucos Um Pelo Outro

    Korean Drama - 2021, 13 episodes



    Features a vaguely Queer side character, Sang Yeop (presumably assigned name)/Samantha. I'll try to explain. 

    During Ep 3, when ML Noh Hwi Oh is on a night patrol with other people from his apartment complex, he comes across a person being falsely accused of being the neighborhood pervert. This person is revealed to be a neighbor of his in Unit 705, Samantha, presumably AMAB (assigned male at birth), who is dressed in women's clothes/makeup. It is quickly proven they are are not the culprit. I am glad to say Hwi Oh defends them, though I felt he could have done a better job, granted he doesn't seem to be very educated on the Queer community.

    During Ep 4, Hwi Oh knocks on their door to ask for help in dressing as a woman for an investigation. As for the previous night, they say, "That wasn't me but Samantha." The two later have the following conversation:

    Hwi Oh: "But you see, I don't know if it's okay to ask you this . . ."

    Samantha: "Are you going to ask me whether I'm Gay, a pervert, a Transvestite, or a Transgender?"

    Hwi Oh: "Yes."

    Samantha: "I gave it some thought, but I couldn't find the answer . . . I just like dressing up as a woman."

    Hwi Oh: "I see."

    From this point on, Hwi Oh, and for everyone else who knows them from Ep 6 on, when interacting with this side character, refers to them as Samantha and calls them a woman/Miss/Sister, etc.

    Due to the way this character talks about their own identity, as well as their comfortableness but never asking to be exclusively referred to as Samantha, I don't feel comfortable putting a specific label on them or using he/him or she/her, hence the use of they/them and my limited use of Sang Yeop and main use of Samantha.

    In conclusion, I found this rep to be passable, if a bit confusing/flawed.

    Can be found on Netflix

  • Persona

    30. Persona

    Korean Drama - 2019, 4 episodes



    Ep 1 Features . . . Queerness. I'll explain.

    There is nothing definitive to put your finger on, but I think you'd be crazy to deny the Queer undertones to be found here regarding Doo Na and IU. First off, the mirroring of the suggestive grunts from the beginning between Doo Na and IU's father during their tennis match, the pointed looks between the two women and shots revealing where their attention is focused (on the other person in a lustful manner), the peach-eating scene being reframed in retrospect, the intentional physical contact and almost coded lines exchanged between the two, and just the air and the match feeling heavy in a sexual way.

    My thoughts on the drama itself: This was an uncomfortable, sensual, and interesting experiment. And I found IU's acting and the cinematography to be outstanding.

    Can be found on Netflix

  • Busque: WWW

    31. Busque: WWW

    Korean Drama - 2019, 16 episodes



    It CANNNOT be just me who got Sapphic vibes between FLs Song Ga Kyung and Scarlett. Like the air between them was electric during that slow-mo catching scene in the present and the first flashback they show looks like Scarlett first falling for Ga Kyung. Like I refuse to believe this is all Hetero!  I know nothing is confirmed and in the present they only continue to have this very strong if odd, bond. But I am reading into this! Something very QUEER is going on HERE!

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Idade da Juventude 2

    32. Idade da Juventude 2

    Korean Drama - 2017, 14 episodes


    Doesn't actually feature a confirmed main or supporting LGBT+ character, but in Ep 2 there is intense speculation by several characters as to whether Jo Eun is a Lesbian (based almost entirely on her appearance), which included Ye Eun and Eun Jae making Homophobic comments. There was concern about whether she would "perv" on them and justification of uncomfortableness/disgust through Christianity. There is pushback by Jin Myung but, in my opinion, the Homophobia really should have been addressed more directly than just "Don't discriminate." In particular, how religion is not an excuse to be a dick.

    Now, take what I've said here with at least three—random number, I know—grains of salt since finding detailed info on this was difficult and I haven't seen this drama myself.

    I can see myself watching this at some point in the future, despite the poor addressing of Homophobia. At that time, I will update this accordingly.

    Can be found on Netflix 

  • Alarme do Amor

    33. Alarme do Amor

    Korean Drama - 2019, 8 episodes



    Doesn't feature an LGBT+ couple or even a prominent main/side LGBT+ character but does comment on the effects of Love Alarm on LGBT+ people as well as Homophobia with an interaction between one of the MLs and a guy who has feelings for him, as well as another separate interaction where a guy is getting bullied by his classmate because he found out through Love Alarm that he likes him.

    Can be found on Netflix

  • Sobrevivente Designado: 60 Dias

    34. Sobrevivente Designado: 60 Dias

    Korean Drama - 2019, 16 episodes


    Doesn't actually feature a prominent main or side LGBT+ character/romance but in Ep 13 ML Park Moo Jin, after seeing a popular director announce her Lesbian relationship, realizes that South Korea has not passed the Discrimination Act Bill and decides to try to push it through. 

    From what I've read he has good intentions and is genuine about wanting to make it legal for same-sex couples to get married.

    I was quite impressed reading about Moo Jin and his honest attempt to lead the country. His stance on LGBT+ people was refreshing as well. I can definitely see myself checking this drama out. At that time, I will update this accordingly.

    Can be found on Netflix or on free websites

  • Seonam Girls High School Investigators

    35. Seonam Girls High School Investigators

    Korean Drama - 2014, 14 episodes



    Ep 11 Features a Lesbian romance. In this episode, a case the investigators take involves a girl named Soo Yeon having an "explicit" video of her spread. Later she meets up with SFL Eun Bin, and we discover they have been secretly dating. Eun Bin is scared of being outed and says they should break up. When she turns to leave, Soo Yeon pulls her in, and they passionately kiss. Unfortunately, the ultimate culprit in this particular case snaps a picture of them (only Soo Yeon's face is visible). Ep 12 sees Soo Yeon taking all the burden on herself. Several of the investigators voice their disagreement/uncomfortableness on Homosexuality/being around a Lesbian. However, they all agree to help her and keep Eun Bin from being revealed as the person in the photo kissing Soo Yeon. While I, of course, wish all the investigators accepted and fully supported Queer people, I do feel this choice to have varied opinions on the topic while clearly framing the ordeal Soo Yeon was experiencing as painful and wrong made for a realistic albeit hurtful showcasing of what many LGBT+ people go through. Also, I think by going this route, they had a chance to open up some more people's minds on the matter.

    I'm not surprised that there was a lot of controversy at the time for the showing of the kiss between the girls. All I have to say is, suck it, Homophobes!

    My thoughts on the drama itself: I liked the mysteries and the rather "bold" and nuanced way they brought up and discussed Queer people. However, as charming as I found the girls and the odd way they solved cases, I found they were too forgiving to many undeserving characters. Also, the drama itself didn't treat some topics with the seriousness they required, making me unable to take the drama seriously. Overall, a quirky and well-meaning watch that could have been a bit more.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • O Garoto da Porta ao Lado

    36. O Garoto da Porta ao Lado

    Korean Drama - 2017, 15 episodes



    The main leads aren't involved but they do inspire a Gay character to find himself a boyfriend and be more proud/open about himself. 

    This drama found the perfect balance of humor that wasn't disrespectful to the LGBT+ community. The humor doesn't come from making fun of Gay people but laughing at how oblivious the male leads are as to how people are misunderstanding them, as well as just how stupid and awkward they are. Lol. I love them and I cry from laughter every time I watch this.

    Link to YouTube Compilation: https://youtu.be/KMF7kqfirQE

  • Se Apaixonando

    37. Se Apaixonando

    Korean Drama - 2019, 10 episodes



    One of the MLs, Lee Shi Eon, has a brother who's Gay. It comes up in the story at several points. 

    Also, the way they called out Homophobia at many points was good to see. Having one of the characters actually say that someone's sexuality isn't people's business and that they shouldn't gossip about it and that it shouldn't matter if they weren't Straight anyway was so refreshing. 

    Side Note/Brownie Points: 

    The thing that was truly jaw-dropping and unique about this drama was this: Most of the main leads have chemistry with each other. All of them. It's strange how easy it was for them to achieve that. I actually found myself shipping literally everyone with everyone. My goodness. That was kind of a first for me.

    The people who made this knew how to create convincing chemistry between people.

    Up until almost the end I was unsure as to who the final couple or couples would end up being.

    Link to YouTube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PgWkzqChMLY&list=PLrJVlJbrWSOzLX_CBvheZU1svhuoD0RHQ

  • A Vida Privada Dela

    38. A Vida Privada Dela

    Korean Drama - 2019, 16 episodes



    Doesn't actually feature any prominent main or side LGBT+ character but does have the ML going out of his way to do everything in his power to prevent the FL from being outed when he mistakes her for being in a relationship with her best female friend. 

    I really liked how it was perfectly believable for him to have mistaken her relationship with her friend as being something more. It made sense given what he saw and heard.

    He really respects, defends, and cares about LGBT+ people and, in the beginning, even gets upset at himself for assuming she was Straight, he also keeps his mouth shut about what he thought he saw. While he is mistaken and even when it's revealed he's wrong they don't try to put down or demean the community or anyone in it. 

    A respectful and well-executed misunderstanding. I'm happy with that.

    Additionally, Ep 5 does briefly tell the story of a late photographer, Yun Tae Hwa. His friend, Noh Suk, was entrusted with his last pieces of work but never revealed them because they showed his heart. Noh Suk knew Tae Hwa loved him but unfortunately was too afraid to ever tell him how he felt before he passed away. The ML and FL comfort him and tell him he must have known.

    It was a very touching story.

    Can be found on Netflix

  • Hwarang

    39. Hwarang

    Korean Drama - 2016, 20 episodes


    Apparently, it is very much implied that SML Kim Yeo Wool has feelings for SML Suk Han Sung. In the beginning of the drama rumors even circulate that Yeo Wool likes guys.

    I have not seen this myself and was only able to find very limited information about the rep. So take what I'm saying here with a massive grain of salt.

    Being a fan of BTS—and V in particular—It is very likely I will watch this at some point in the future. At that time, I will update this accordingly.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Cena de Beijo em Yeonnamdong

    40. Cena de Beijo em Yeonnamdong

    Korean Drama - 2019, 12 episodes



    I think there was some very light and subtle hinting that the FL, Sol, is Bisexual. She seemed open to her potential kisser being a woman and she was not averse to kissing her again if it was the case (also said she wanted to date whoever her kisser was). Kind of seemed like she wanted to. Anyway, I was very happy with those crumbs of possible representation that I wasn't expecting or even trying to look for in this drama. What a nice surprise!

    Link to YouTube Compilation: https://youtu.be/QMTXwI24OyU

  • Prezado Meu Nome

    41. Prezado Meu Nome

    Korean Drama - 2019, 6 episodes



    It could be argued/interpreted that the ML is Bi. He seemed to be accepting/coming to terms with the fact that he was attracted to a "man" and was not opposed to the idea in the end.

    Link to Part 1: https://youtu.be/HJkyyFvIntY

    Link to Part 2: https://youtu.be/NGwNko97azU

  • My Fuxxxxx Romance

    42. My Fuxxxxx Romance

    Korean Drama - 2020, 6 episodes



    It's incredibly and heavily implied that the FL's Best Friend (FL), Ahn Ji Young, has a one-sided love for her.

    This does also feature open relationships, though not in a proper/healthy and communicative way.

    Link to YouTube Compilation: https://youtu.be/8LnX_qIR2Is 

  • New Normal Gene

    43. New Normal Gene

    Korean Drama - 2022, 12 episodes



    Features a Gay SML, Min Kyu, who casually mentions his boyfriend and is completely open about his sexuality. Also, the first episode very very briefly, within the first three minutes, shows a celebrity named Serena, who is presumably a Transgender woman, advertising a product and promoting the New Normal Zine (NNZ) digital magazine as well as a presumably Gay man hitting on SML Jung Seok Jin, a beauty editor at NNZ, after he applies the lipstick they're promoting to his lips. These cases of rep are really blink-and-you-miss-it, though.

    Just as some notes: Ep 3 does cover polyamory, but I think they could have done a much better job with it, showing what true consensual polyamory looks like rather than showing many using it to justify cheating and/or portraying them as selfish for being polyamorous. Ep 6 also discusses gender roles and stereotypes and, in my opinion, doesn't do that bad a job of it.

    Not a drama I'd really recommend for the rep. Just as something short and more modern as far as topics go? Sure.

    My thoughts on the drama itself: For a drama I gave a second chance to, this left a good impression, for the most part. I liked the wide variety of topics they covered and the nuance they tried to give certain characters/issues. However, I did raise my eyebrows at some choices. Not mad I watched it, though. Not at all.

    Can be found on free websites

  • Chefe Introvertido

    44. Chefe Introvertido

    Korean Drama - 2017, 16 episodes



    Ep 3 features a Transgender SFL, SML Hwang Yeong Kyu's daughter.

    During Ep 3, Mr. Hwang is seen to be embracing a woman in his car and refuses to explain the situation. To the media, he appears to be a family man who has one "son" he cherishes, but on his phone, he has the contact "My Daughter" who calls him and they have a "suspicious" conversation, this person is also seen in a car by FL Chae Ro Woon, on the phone calling him "Dad." ML Eun Hwa Ki and him chat privately, and afterward, he tells his team they're not going to say anything to the media. Later, they talk again, with Ro Woon overhearing Mr. Hwang saying:

    "I don't care about what people think, but the problem is her. She doesn't want it. It is a very private matter, you know. She doesn't understand why other people need to know about it. She says that she doesn't need people's approval. Not everyone wants to come out of the closet just because he or she has decided to live outside the norm."

    Ro Woon voices over the reveal of Mr. Hwang comforting his daughter, "The woman in the photo was his son. He has chosen to live a new life as a woman."

    Mr. Hwang, as he leaves, says, "I should go meet my son . . . No. I mean my daughter."

    It should be addressed that the subtitles do have Ro Woon referring to Mr. Hwang's daughter as He/Son as well as Mr. Hwang during part of the "reveal" convo, but due to his correcting himself later and the nature of translations/pronoun confusions with Korean, I'm willing to bet this is showing him slipping since, for his daughter's privacy, he has to avoid referring to her as a woman, as well as translation errors. Of course, Ro Woon's use of He/Son could also just be ignorance of the creators on the subject of Trans people.

    Overall, I found this rep to be quite positive. Recommended!

    Can be found on Netflix

  • Papel de Rainha

    45. Papel de Rainha

    Korean Drama - 2022, 16 episodes


    Features a Transgender SFL, "Prince" Gye Sung. Her story is sad since she has to hide her true self. But the Queen is supportive of her. She not only gives her a gift meant for only daughters but she also has a portrait made for Gye Sung where she is presented as she wishes she could be. 

    This drama caught my interest due to all the attention it got on MDL when it was airing, and, based on what I was able to find, the representation appears to be thoughtfully included by the creators of the drama. So I will definitely be checking this out. Just not sure when exactly.

    Can be found on Netflix

  • Voe Alto, Borboleta

    46. Voe Alto, Borboleta

    Korean Drama - 2022, 16 episodes


    Features a Transgender SML, Moo Yeol (otherwise called Mr. Woo). The reveal occurs in Ep 10. 

    From the clips I've seen and what I've read it appears as though while his friends accept him they don't behave in the most considerate way when they find out.

    I don't have much interest in the drama itself so it is very likely I will watch it for the rep alone. I just can't say it will be in 2023.

    Can be found on Amazon Prime or on free websites

  • Você Desperta o Melhor de Mim

    47. Você Desperta o Melhor de Mim

    Korean Drama - 2021, 8 episodes



    Features a Transgender SFL, Jennifer. She had served in the military with the ML, Do Yong Shik, and now works as a shaman. She is his best friend who he goes to whenever he is troubled or has something to celebrate.

    I feel the rep here was respectfully done. The ML does accidentally deadname her a few times but accepts her and is consciously making an effort to remember to call her by her new name. In fact, if you pay attention, you will notice he puts a reminder in her contact info on his phone. And by the end of the drama he has moved to exclusively referring to her as Jennifer.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • A Lista de Compras do Assassino

    48. A Lista de Compras do Assassino

    Korean Drama - 2022, 8 episodes



    Features a Transgender SFL, Saeng Sun.

    The reveal occurs in Ep 4. When Yool goes missing and Dae Seong (ML) and his mother hold Saeng Sung in her apartment, they realize she is not the killer and that the reason she dresses the way she does after work is that she's Trans, she even has papers showing she is applying to legally have her gender changed from male to female. Once they know they apologize to Saeng Sung and reassure her that she can continue to work at the mart. 

    By the end of the drama, Saeng Sun is comfortably presenting as a woman, the customers and staff at the mart accept her, and it is implied she was finally able to have the surgery she so wanted.

    I would definitely recommend giving this a watch. This was respectful and well-done Trans representation if I've ever seen it.

    Side Note: It was really nice how when Dae Seong told his mother early in Ep 4 about Saeng Sung dressing up as a woman (and was suspicious of her because of it) she wasn't shocked at all and said "So what? Wearing women's clothes is a personal preference. It's not something that people should judge."

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Itaewon Class

    49. Itaewon Class

    Korean Drama - 2020, 16 episodes



    Features a Transgender SFL, Ma Hyun Yi, the chef at DanBam. Also, a guest role by out Hong Seok Cheon.

    Hyun Yi first presents as male but appears uncomfortable/avoids questions/situations related to gender or undressing. In Ep 5 the "reveal" occurs when the DanBam workers go to a club and bump into Hyun Yi, who is presenting as female. She comes out to them as Trans. They are taken aback at first, stating insensitive comments/questions. Later, when DanBam manager FL Yi Seo tries to get Hyun Yi fired for her cooking, we learn main ML Saeroyi, already knew her identity. Saeroyi doesn't fire her; he instead encourages her to work harder, saying he will fight for his people—that he can't force them to understand and if they have a problem working with Hyun Yi for being Trans, to say so then and that no matter who it is he'll "make a decision." From this point on, her coworkers refer to her as "Unnie" and "Nuna" respectively (terms used to refer to an older female), as well as compliment her as she begins presenting more feminine.

    In Ep 11, Hyun Yi returns to work after surgery. Finally, Ep 12 sees her publicly outed by SML Geun Soo as a strategy to make  DanBam lose in The Best Pub competition. Saeroyi offers Hyun Yi full support and comfort in an emotional moment built up by disgusting comments from people and her mounting anxiety. Rather than dismiss her feelings and push her not to quit, he tells her, "You can run away. You don't have to convince others about who you are." This and her own determination help her return to compete and take control of the narrative, coming out again on her own terms.

    This rep was nothing short of stand-out. It was moving, made no apologies for the space it took up, and, best of all, didn't end in tragedy. I highly recommend watching it for the rep alone.

    Damn you character limit!

    Can be found on Netflix

  • Párias Rurais

    50. Párias Rurais

    Korean Special - 2019, 1 episode



    Features a Transgender FL, Sunhui. Her story is sweet but sad and shows the harshness of the world but also moments of light.

    I highly recommend giving this one a chance. You think it won't touch you, but then it does.

    Link to watch it (with a VPN in Thailand): https://youtu.be/aDUXjlPzcuE

  • Drama Stage Season 3: Meu tio é Audrey Hepburn

    51. Drama Stage Season 3: Meu tio é Audrey Hepburn

    Korean Special - 2019, 1 episode


    Features a Transgender FL, Audrey.

    From what I was able to read the rep was well done and there is learning and growth on the nephew's part. 

    Unfortunately, I cannot find this anywhere with English subtitles. I may just try watching a bad-quality version on a free website that's unsubbed so I can at least try to learn a little more.

    Can be found on tvN (with a VPN)

  • As Células de Yumi

    52. As Células de Yumi

    Korean Drama - 2021, 14 episodes


    Features a Gay side character, Chae Woo Ki, who is the FL's first onscreen crush until he admits to her that his love interest is a male colleague. It is a very short scene, but I felt it worth mentioning.

    I haven't seen this yet myself, though I do plan on it.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Passarela de Sonhos

    53. Passarela de Sonhos

    Korean Drama - 2020, 16 episodes



    Features a Gay SML, Charlie Jung, but despite him playing a role in the story at a few points he himself and his story/life is barely present. I do feel it is worth mentioning though.

    Also, the ML was very considerate of Charlie and didn't take the easy way out to expose his personal life to others when it would make his own life easier.

    Can be found on Netflix

  • Vamos Jantar Juntos

    54. Vamos Jantar Juntos

    Korean Drama - 2020, 32 episodes


    Features a Gay SML, Geon Woo (also written as Gun Woo), who had unrequited feelings for the ML, Hae Kyung.

    From what I was able to read, Geon Woo seemed to be a favorite character among viewers. He was reasonable when others lost it, wasn't made up of a bunch of stereotypes, and was an interesting person outside of his sexuality.

    I don't find the drama itself too terribly intriguing, so if I were to check this out it would likely be for the rep. At that time, I will update this accordingly.

    Can be found on iQiyi or on free websites

  • XX

    55. XX

    Korean Drama - 2020, 10 episodes



    Features a Gay SML, Jung Deun (also called Jayden), the FL's best friend/roommate. Coming out or confusion about sexuality also isn't an issue here.

    His sexuality was easily shown and completely normalized. He was also just a fun and well-written character. 

    They did a good job :)

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Amor no Contrato

    56. Amor no Contrato

    Korean Drama - 2022, 16 episodes



    Features a Gay SML, Woo Gwang Nam. He was one of FL Choi Sang Eun's clients, now her Ex-husband, best friend, and roommate. After watching this, I would say the representation was done well here. He's a supporting character but he's not a prop for the FL. He gets to have moments showing his own story, including the struggles he faces with the expectation to be a perfect son and discrimination because of his sexuality. I'll be truly honest though and confess that I didn't like how things ended with his family. However, if he feels he got the conclusion he wanted, then good for him.

    Would I recommend watching this for the rep alone? Probably not. Not just because Gwang Nam isn't present quite enough to warrant it, but also because I found the drama to have a lot of problems outside of the rep.  

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki or free websites

  • O Drama da Minha Vida

    57. O Drama da Minha Vida

    Korean Drama - 2019, 16 episodes



    Features an openly Gay SML, Lee Hyo Bong (FL Lee Eun Jung's younger brother) who is in a relationship with SML Moon Soo. His sexuality and his relationship is revealed early on in Ep 2 of the drama. They also lightly touched on the issues he had to face due to his sexuality a couple of times, such as his parents not accepting him and not being allowed to dine at a restaurant due to a Homophobic owner (Ep 14).

    Hyo Bong's sister, friends, and colleagues are all incredibly supportive of him and by the finale, he has moved in with Moon Soo.

    While I felt this was positive representation I will reiterate that Hyo Bong is a SML. Essentially, he is very much a background character who, while present, doesn't have much solo screen time to speak of. So don't expect too much if you decide to watch this for the rep.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki or Netflix

  • Nova Playlist de Amor

    58. Nova Playlist de Amor

    Korean Drama - 2022, 12 episodes



    Features a Gay SML, Moon Tae Yong, who is completely open about his sexuality. Ep 6 of the drama is actually devoted to telling his backstory and his experience with his unrequited first love for his close friend, SML Kim Yoo Jin. I'm happy to say that by the end of the drama, though, he has a potential love interest not-so-sneakily ask him out :)

    I wouldn't necessarily recommend watching this for the rep alone since it's more in the background. But as the drama is so short, I say, why not pop it on for a casual watch?

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Jardim Secreto

    59. Jardim Secreto

    Korean Drama - 2010, 20 episodes



    Features a Gay SML, Han Tae Sun, who has unrequited feelings for the singer Osaka. He's a very fashionable, fun, and strong character who steals the show many times.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Manual do Presidiário

    60. Manual do Presidiário

    Korean Drama - 2017, 16 episodes



    Features a Gay SML, Han Yang, otherwise called Looney, (one of the main MLs' cellmates). This is revealed in Ep 6 when his Ex, Ji Won, visits him in prison.

    From Ep 7 until Ep 15 we get to spend quite a lot of time with Han Yang, including flashbacks showing Han Yang's past, such as when he met and got together with Ji Won. His lover is also the reason he decides to get treatment and is so determined to quit his drug use.

    I will say that Han Yang is loopy for the majority of the drama so I can understand if some found/find the representation problematic.

    As for me, personally, I could understand it since he was going through extreme withdrawal symptoms while trying to quit drugs as well as the fact that this drama is comedic in nature meaning most of the characters act off the hook. So I would say the rep here is positive, or, at the very least, well-meaning.

    Can be found on Netflix

  • Meus 18 Anos

    61. Meus 18 Anos

    Korean Drama - 2019, 16 episodes



    Features a Gay SML, Jung Oh Je, who has unrequited feelings for one of the MLs, Ma Hwi Young. He didn't have a lot of screen time but he was a calming presence and his character had an impact, particularly when the drama was airing.

    The way they hint at his real feelings is nicely subtle in the background. Even when he doesn't have lines if you pay attention and follow his stare you notice who he's looking at. And he has a very openly thoughtful yet guarded expression to him that speaks of someone who is figuring something out within themself that they are scared of.

    I think they did a good job. Realistically the outing likely would have gone much worse but I think them toning it down helped in showing acceptance of someone's sexuality as being the right and natural thing. Even Ma Hwi Young wasn't really a jerk about it in the way he would be about anything else.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Só uma Mordida 2

    62. Só uma Mordida 2

    Korean Drama - 2019, 10 episodes



    Features a Gay SML, Do Nam. He also has a boyfriend, Hak Ju, though he doesn't appear much.

    It's first revealed during a girls night where they're chatting. The girls are talking about how Tae Sung (ML) might get jealous of all the time Hee Sook's (FL) been spending with Do Nam. But she quickly brushes that aside saying that everyone knows Do Nam's Gay because he came out to everyone in school and that Tae Sung basically would have needed to have lived under a rock to not hear about it. Which, apparently, he did. Lol.

    No one mocks, demeans, or makes jokes about his sexuality. They talk about it in an easygoing and casual way every time (including those just hearing about it). When Tae Sung does find out he just says "Oh. I see," and gives this face like 'Wow, I feel like an idiot. I really misread everything.'

    And when the whole group gets together to party no one bats an eye at Do Nam and his boyfriend or is awkward. They all joke about the misunderstanding and laugh.

    This was so refreshing. Like, no one cared he was Gay. No one.

    Link to YouTube Playlist:

  • Responde 1997

    63. Responde 1997

    Korean Drama - 2012, 16 episodes



    Features a Gay SML, Jun Hee, who has unrequited feelings for his best friend, ML Yoon Jae. 

    Where do I begin? This was fantastic and thoughtful rep! I can't believe a non-modern K-Drama managed to portray a Gay ML so respectfully, especially considering a majority of the story took place in the 90s. He wasn't a stereotype, the drama didn't make jokes at his expense, he didn't get a typical tragic ending or wind up lonely, and those who knew about his sexuality were supportive (both the FL and the ML).

    What really amazed me was the reaction of Yoon Jae when he finally found out his friend liked him, after Jun Hee had previously confessed but he thought he was just messing around like normal. He was shocked at first, yes, but not disgusted or horrified like I thought he might be. I thought at the very least he would start acting differently around him, perhaps refrain from any physical contact anymore and it would be a big thing. But, no. Instead, he acted the same around him. He didn't treat him any differently because of what he learned about him. He didn't pull away from him at all. Instead, he was quietly sympathetic and gave him the space he seemed to feel he needed. And he kept him in his life and felt genuinely comfortable about it.

    They could have easily capitalized on having a Gay character by making his sexuality result in a bunch of big conflicts, drama, and/or comedy. But, they didn't. They took the high road here.

    I was impressed. I highly recommend you watch this.

    Can be found on Netflix (with a VPN) or Rakuten Viki

  • Boutique Secreta

    64. Boutique Secreta

    Korean Drama - 2019, 32 episodes


    Features a Queer ML, Jung Hyuk, FL Jenny Jang's husband. In Ep 4 he is shown to be in a relationship with another man. Also, it is later revealed that Jenny knew about his sexuality. From what I was able to find it appears that she is supportive of him.

    It's debated whether he is Gay or Bi. Since I haven't seen it myself I cannot make a determination. The drama is female-centric and does seem interesting to me, so I may watch it in the future. At that time, I will update this accordingly, along with my thoughts on the representation.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki (with a VPN)

  • Meu Adorável Mentiroso

    65. Meu Adorável Mentiroso

    Korean Drama - 2023, 16 episodes



    Features a Queer SML, Jo Deuk Chan, who has unrequited feelings for ML Kim Do Ha.

    People had mixed feelings about this character. For me, I found the twist of him being the "killer" with the motive being his caring about/having feelings for Do Ha to be a refreshing take on an overused cliché. Though I do acknowledge the criticism of him playing into the Queer Villain trope. What made me look favorably upon this portrayal of a Queer "villain" character, though, is that Deuk Chan does have his moments that make not only Do Ha but the audience care about him. Even after it is revealed he was the culprit and had feelings for Do Ha for the last fifteen years, he still chases after him and is genuinely upset when he purposely causes himself to get in a car accident, on the verge of tears while CPR is performed on him. He even visits him in the hospital when he wakes up. Not only that but in the final episode, after winning an award for best composer, Do Ha thinks of Deuk Chan and visits him in prison, seeming to not hold any resentment for him. 

    They easily could have fumbled the bag on this. Ultimately, I believe they went in the right direction and executed this complex character very well. 

    My thoughts on the drama itself: I didn't expect to find myself interested so quickly. Let alone be kept invested throughout. The relatable and, while jaded, never cruel, FL was definitely one of the highlights, along with the green flag ML so green he might as well have been a tree, and, of course, the sweet and supportive romance between the leads. These aspects, as well as the compelling exploration of trauma surrounding the mystery, allowed My Lovely Liar to feel fresh even while playing into some tropes; nothing felt tired or magically explained away.

    I'm so glad the rep made me check this one out!

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • My Dearest

    66. My Dearest

    Korean Drama - 2023, 10 episodes



    Features a Queer ML, Ryang Eum, who has unrequited feelings for the main ML, Jang Hyun. It's hinted during Ep 2 through lingering looks he shoots at Jang Hyun, and, finally, confirmed during Ep 3, when who cares for who is shown through who they looked at when they heard war broke out. And Ryang Eum looked at Jang Hyun. He also thinks back on this when the topic is brought up, with a thoughtful look in his eyes.

    He never explicitly expresses his feelings for Jang Hyun to him, though, even though you'd think Jang Hyun would figure it out based on how he acts as well as what he says indirectly (both in Part 1 and Part 2). Such as when he lays next to Jang Hyun as he's going to sleep and says, "I am a person who belongs to you." Though, after watching Part 2, I think Jang Hyun did understand his feelings to some small extent at least through the lengths he willing to go for his happiness as well as his clear desire to not be parted from him.

    I will note that Ryang Eum, while indirectly and directly speaking of his love for ML Jang Hyung throughout My Dearest, never directly speaks about his sexuality itself. Thus, my labeling him as Queer rather than Gay as many other viewers have.

    Overall, I found the rep here to be excellent. Ryang Eum was as human as anyone else, betraying and serving his own interests as well as growing and learning to make sacrifices for others. They also realistically, though, of course, sadly, made him keep his real self close to his chest, which I found fitting due to the rest of the drama sticking close to the harsh judgment of anything outside of what was deemed "moral" at the time.

    I highly recommend checking this out not just for the rep, but the drama itself as it truly did leave an impact.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • My Dearest Part 2

    67. My Dearest Part 2

    Korean Drama - 2023, 11 episodes



    Continues to feature a Queer ML, Ryang Eum.

    My thoughts on the drama itself: What a journey this took me on. These people became my people, and I feared for them, wept for them, and rejoiced for them.

    While watching My Dearest, I tried to piece together the reason for the frenzy at the time of its airing. For me, what stood out the most were the characters themselves and seeing them make their way through the harsh realities of war as well as dealing with the aftermath. I admired their tremendous growth and courage.

    I would liken my experience watching this drama to that of attempting to patiently wait for my lover who's at war, all the while in a constant state of worry, even with letters pouring in assuring me.

    Criticism Portion:

    While the romance was by no means "terrible," I couldn't connect to the main couple nor see the amount of chemistry between them that others did. However, because I grew to care for the ML and FL as individuals, luckily, this did not dampen my watching experience in the end.

    All this being said, I believe I now understand why My Dearest left such a mark on viewers. It certainly left one on me.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • O Rei de Porcelana

    68. O Rei de Porcelana

    Korean Drama - 2021, 20 episodes


    CW. Will update accordingly.

    All I know for sure is that the ML's definitely not Straight. That much is obvious. 

    I'm leaning toward him being Bi, but it's very likely he's Pan. I'll need to go back and rewatch the important scenes with him as well as when he's with the FL. 

    I plan to at some point watch this in its entirety.

    Can be found on Netflix

  • Romance Sem Volta

    69. Romance Sem Volta

    Korean Drama - 2020, 10 episodes



    Features a likely Bisexual ML, Joo In Hyuk, who has unrequited feelings for his best friend, ML Park Ji Hoo. 

    It was a surprise but didn't necessarily come out of nowhere. Since we assume from the start he also likes the FL we never analyze his actions any further. We just assume, "Oh, he must be Straight." But, in hindsight, some looks show something different. Reminded me of K.will's "Please don't..." music video where we as the audience didn't realize because our minds were so closed to the possibility of the guy liking anyone other than the girl. 

    He does confess and they remain friends. I liked how he also confessed to Ji Hoo himself and revealed his feelings on his own terms. That scene was very well-acted and moving.

    Also, one episode's title actually uses the term "coming out" which is nice to see. There are no direct statements or indications that In Hyuk is "just Gay" and one of the tags says Bisexual Character so I am leaning toward him being Bi (could also be Pan of course but I don't think that's the case here), also he does mention showing interest in So Dam in order to figure out his feelings.

    Link to YouTube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bN_t-b2_e7A&list=PL_xCFqnGwSN2DdmhaOSoZ0DwkP2A3KkSu&index=1

  • O Sangue Doce

    70. O Sangue Doce

    Korean Drama - 2021, 15 episodes



    Features a Bisexual ML, Yoon Chi Woo, who has a one-sided love for the FL. Coming out or confusion about sexuality also isn't an issue here.

    "I don't care what the sex is."—Absolute Bisexual King, Yoon Chi Woo.

    What I love about this is that they didn't even have to make him Bi. He could have just been Straight since he doesn't actively have feelings for/a romantic relationship with a man in the drama. Yet, they made him Bi :)

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Dating Class

    71. Dating Class

    Korean Drama - 2019, 16 episodes



    Features a Gay ML, Tae Jin. We get a few minor hints but it doesn't really become clear until the end. I feel his story is best watched rather than explained by me. I will say that they did a great job at subtly conveying his feelings and realization, and I loved how they focused on the relationship between him and his father. To have a parent be the one to apologize and reflect on their actions was heartwarming and refreshing. Parents in real life and parents in dramas more often than not don't see any problem with their own behavior and rarely if ever say, "I'm sorry." Let alone do they act sensitively and respectfully if their child is LGBT+.

    This is the kind of dad everyone deserves. Someone who listens, learns, and is there for their child.

    Link to YouTube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBBHcLeFDm8&list=PLQ0f_g2mQlLcayB3SSQhzqnAj1O_9Dg7e&index=21

  • Discipline

    72. Discipline

    Korean Drama - 2018, 6 episodes



    Features a Gay ML, Ji Han. I liked how they showed his story and his struggles with coming out.

    They really do show and talk about "things that are not talked about on Korean television." Not just sexuality/sexual orientation (he also actually says he's Gay and is in no uncertain terms "confused") but also drug use,  ADHD, rebellion and the impulsiveness of youth, etc.

    Link to YouTube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9aMxWFCEqo&list=PLItVcf7NdUYImgD5cYHVeB-6hsT35wS0c 

  • Casamento Impossível

    73. Casamento Impossível

    Korean Drama - 2024, 12 episodes



    Features a Gay ML, Lee Do Han. 

    Link to my review (my thoughts were too much for the word count to handle): https://mydramalist.com/profile/8835865/reviews/350443 

    The very short version: Wedding Impossible had potential. It had a bit of a unique premise, a wacky start promising some over-the-top fun, and the opportunity to say something/showcase Queer representation in a mainstream K-Drama. I don't have to tell you that it failed on all counts.

    I recommend skipping this one. The rep was just SO poorly done. Let's just collectively agree to go rewatch the Queer cuts from Nevertheless and Love with Flaws, drink some wine, and wait for Hwang Da Seul's next masterpiece. 

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Sweet Munchies

    74. Sweet Munchies

    Korean Drama - 2020, 12 episodes



    Features a Gay ML, Kang Tae Wan, who has unrequited feelings for the main ML, Park Jin Sung. Also, a Gay SML, Jin Woo (Park Jin Sung's younger brother).

    I can concur that Kang Tae Wan was indeed the saving grace of this drama, and his story was very well done.

    As for Park Jin Sung and his pretending to be Gay: My thoughts/notes about this and how they go about discussing the LGBT+ community in general are too much to attempt to put my thoughts together, let alone put here (the character limit would stop me). What I will say here is that I was very much disappointed with this drama and how it could have put forth a much better product and done more representation-wise with little effort. First off, they could have made Jin Sung's choice to lie more understandable: Put his father in a comma/have the surgery be more urgent, and make the hospital expenses much higher. Also, have him have in-depth talks with his brother, who is ACTUALLY part of the LGBT+ community.

    Post about 4 Queer alternatives they could have easily taken Park Jin Sung's character (if they dared) to make him actually Queer, his lie less egregious, and completely fix the drama (I'd put it all here, but the darn character limit is stopping me!!!): https://mydramalist.com/profile/8835865/feeds/4ZplOTA

    In conclusion, if you thought of watching this, I would recommend you don't. Unless you just want to skim through it for Kang Tae Wan's story, in which case, by all means.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Hyena

    75. Hyena

    Korean Drama - 2006, 16 episodes


    Features a Gay ML, Lee Seok Jin. Apparently, his story was pretty progressive for the time and was done fairly well.

    Not sure if I'll get around to watching this. I'm not much of a fan of dramas pre-2010, and the description doesn't really grab me.

    Can't find any specific legal sites to watch it on. Can be found on free websites.

  • O Amante

    76. O Amante

    Korean Drama - 2015, 12 episodes



    Features a Gay romance (but not quite, though it's heavily heavily implied) between the two MLs Lee Jun Jae and Takuya. Basically, there is an insane amount of tension between these two and by the time we get to the end of their story it's implied to be mutual feelings.

    Can be found on YouTube

  • Me Tira Daqui

    77. Me Tira Daqui

    Korean Drama - 2021, 12 episodes



    Features a blossoming side plot romance during the last two episodes between two MLs, Terris and Il Seop. 

    Terris' friend, Carson, is really encouraging. She tells him to "follow your heart" and basically matchmakes him with Il Seop by asking him to walk him out for her. 100% positive wingwoman behavior. How sweet :) After this, we get to see a few scenes showing their relationship progressing.

    Seems like Terris is opening himself to his sexuality and putting himself out there. I wish there was a second season to this drama so I could see him grow. Not just because of the rep though, I also really enjoyed this sitcom.

    Side Note: Did NOT like Minnie speculating about Jamie's sexuality. It's none of your business! It's so realistically annoying how she starts thinking he's Gay simply because he isn't interested in her. I hate how that happens in real life all the time and many go along with it.

    One critique of the drama I have here though is how quickly they moved on from these comments. Seemed a bit like they were brushing it aside. I understand the style is snappy and bounces from one line to the next, but it just seemed in poor taste.

    Can be found on Netflix

  • Drama Special Series Season 2: Ordinary Love

    78. Drama Special Series Season 2: Ordinary Love

    Korean Special - 2012, 4 episodes



    Features a side plot romance through flashbacks between two MLs, Jae Min (Jae Gwang's murdered brother), and Mok Soo. Jae Gwang is upset at the discovery at first but fairly quickly comes around and defends his brother's love as equal to anyone else's to his disapproving mother.

    I found the rep here, while short, meaningful.

    My thoughts on the drama itself: This was a fairly engaging watch with some unexpected twists and pretty decent acting. The biggest problem I had with it is that I could feel it dragging. I really think they could have figured out a way to condense the story.

    EP 1: https://youtu.be/_IPmaf2b5Ys

    EP 2: https://youtu.be/GkGUFPQhRhk

    EP 3: https://youtu.be/SJys6kzsTIo

    EP 4: https://youtu.be/sYG8w5M6HCg

  • Inspetora Koo Kyung Yi

    79. Inspetora Koo Kyung Yi

    Korean Drama - 2021, 12 episodes



    Features a side plot romance between K's helper, Ahn Keon Wook, and one of his male coworkers at the police station, Dae Ho. The couple isn't looked down on and is normalized in the drama. I will also add that I found them to be very sweet together.

    All in all, I was very happy with how they so easily included LGBT+ representation in this K-Drama. Honestly, I would even recommend the drama outside of the rep. The fact that both the antagonist and protagonist were women was incredibly refreshing.

    Can be found on Netflix (with a VPN in Korea)

  • Em Busca de Vingança

    80. Em Busca de Vingança

    Korean Drama - 2022, 12 episodes


    Please note that I had a tough time determining what information I was reading was accurate as people were throwing names out everywhere and mixing facts and theories.

    Features a background side plot romance between two MLs, Kwon Se Jin and Park Won Seok. They actually had the only onscreen kiss in the drama. 

    Regarding Se Jin, he grew up with Gay parents and is bullied by some students because of it.

    Also, from what I've researched, it seems as though there is a side story where O Sung and Won Seok pretend to date.

    Side Note: Many viewers seemed to get the impression that O Sung was also Gay/Queer based on the jealousy he seemed to have in relation to Jae Beom.

    After seeing clips of this drama, I find myself interested in watching it. At that point in time, I will update this accordingly, along with my thoughts on the representation.

    Can be found on Disney+ or Hulu

    Or on free websites

  • Discipline Z: Vampire

    81. Discipline Z: Vampire

    Korean Drama - 2020, 6 episodes



    Features a side plot romance between two MLs, Ji Han and Asin, it isn't the main focus though. Coming out or confusion about sexuality also isn't an issue here.

    Link to YouTube Playlist: https://youtu.be/G2aw6DjHtPg

  • Life is Beautiful

    82. Life is Beautiful

    Korean Drama - 2010, 63 episodes


    Main romance between two MLs, Tae Sub and Kyung Soo.

    Unfortunately I haven't been able to find where I can watch the full drama so I've only managed to see some scenes and cuts of them from it. But, I do know it pushed past boundaries when it came out and the relationship shown was healthy and realistic.

    If I could find a way to watch this, I would.

  • Blueming

    83. Blueming

    Korean Drama - 2022, 11 episodes



    Main romance between two MLs. Coming out or confusion about sexuality also isn't an issue here.

    Just gonna put my full review here because I can't seem to summarize my thoughts any more concisely: Watching this all at once makes me believe releasing it in one day was the right decision. It flows and feels like a movie, not a drama. I don't think you'll like it or appreciate it as much if you just see an episode or two a week.

    This. This is top-tier. If Romance is a Bonus Book is a love letter to books, Blueming is a love letter to films.

    It manages to capture "a feeling" in every scene, and the cinematography is everything. Semantic Error went for a style similar to its original work, with bright colors and loud music and graphics. This was toned-down, with warm colors, unassuming music, and subtle cuts.

    Both are great, just in different ways.

    I loved how, at its core, this was about opening up to someone. Finding a person you can share your insecurities with who won't look at you differently because of it, someone you can comfortably be vulnerable with.

    Sexuality wasn't even a topic or issue because it was of no importance to the story being told. It wasn't the point. Seeing people onscreen actually declare their sexuality is great for representation. Having it be a non-issue is also great. We can tell stories with LGBT+ people without necessarily making it about them being LGBT+. Straight romances and stories aren't generally about them being Straight; it's about the story.

    When I reached the end of this film, I realized it had never come up. And my reaction was simply, "Oh."

    This was lovely.

    Can be found on iQiyi

  • O Oitavo Sentido

    84. O Oitavo Sentido

    Korean Drama - 2023, 10 episodes



    Main romance between two MLs.

    I'm just putting my review here since I can't summarize my thoughts any better: The Eighth Sense was a masterful lesson in care and vulnerability that pulled no punches and went all out, not just in terms of outstanding cinematography and immersive storytelling but also diving into the mindset created by depression, trauma, and anxiety as well as the behaviors that result from tackling them alone and with support.

    The character of Jae Won embodied depression and trauma recovery so well:

    Looking out at the world and your own choices from a fishbowl view. What you want to say and do and what you don't become blurred like water. And even being able to see it clearly doesn't mean you can reach out; grasp it. You're sitting outside yourself, numb to the world and unable to express what you truly want to because everything is just so heavy, and how could you drag someone else into that and weigh them down with you?

    And then there's someone like Ji Hyun, not a savior or an angel but a person unexpectedly possessing gorgeous boldness and frankness, who understands and even when he doesn't is there to push when the net is wound too tight and listen when it's suffocating but Jae Won needs to undo it alone.

    More than a romance. More than a Queer drama. Cinema at its finest.

    Side Note: Jae Won being Bi is self-explanatory.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Para a Minha Estrela 2

    85. Para a Minha Estrela 2

    Korean Drama - 2022, 10 episodes



    Main romance between two MLs. Coming out or confusion about sexuality also isn't an issue here.

    The description seemed a bit . . . But the hope we had was well-placed!

    Representation-wise there was one update. Ji Woo's Ex-girlfriend appeared, which confirmed once and for all that he is not "just Gay" or Kang Seo Joon is the "exception." I hesitate to put a label on him as his personality suggests he wouldn't like that. My gut feeling is that he's Bi though as he didn't have any lines indicating he would specifically be Pan or something else. But, that's just me.

    As for the drama itself, I will warn you that you will cry buckets or at least quietly sob. There's no way you can get through this without a bit of water coming into your eyes.

    This was nothing short of a masterpiece. I would even argue it surpasses the first To My Star. The use of flashbacks with the present, the small details that speak volumes, the carefully-threaded narrative, and the use of light and shadow were overwhelmingly well done.

    I put my very very fragile heart in Hwang Da Seul's hands expecting the possibility of it being crushed. In return, she cocooned me in growth, patience, maturity, and honesty.

    I don't feel like I can truly express the journey this drama took me on. This is all I can seem to say at the moment.

    Brownie Points: Hwang Da Seul supremacy!

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Sad Temptation

    86. Sad Temptation

    Korean Special - 1999, 2 episodes



    Main romance between two MLs. 

    Don't let the bit of an iffy description on this drama fool you, it is actually very progressive for the time it was made and while the ending is sad it is well done. This was incredibly moving. And the acting? Shit, give these guys some awards!

    The way Shin Joon Young spat back against the injustice of the world, so-called "love," and the ridiculous questions put to him because of his sexuality was everything. He's such a lonely but strong character. And he knows his worth and that he is worthy of a love that matches the same amount he gives.

    I recommend this with all of my heart and soul. Please watch it!

    Link to Ep 1: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6m4kme

    Link to Ep 2 Part 1: https://dai.ly/x6m4o8b

    Link to Ep 2 Part 2: https://dai.ly/x6m4or6

  • Para Minha Estrela

    87. Para Minha Estrela

    Korean Drama - 2021, 9 episodes



    Main romance between two MLs.

    Brownie Points: Main ML is the embodiment of a Golden Retriever. And, the OST is amazing.

    Consent Highlight: Asks first and then counts slowly to give time for him to move away/reject the kiss.

    Also, at the end, clearly sees he is emotionally overwhelmed, confirms the situation, and then initiates the kiss. That scene gets me every time in the feels. Every time!

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Amor Pelo Amor

    88. Amor Pelo Amor

    Korean Drama - 2024, 8 episodes



    Main romance between two MLs.

    My thoughts on the drama itself: More than thorough enjoyment, I appreciated the unique world and full-rounded story they brought to fruition here. The game aspect made for highly creative and fun as well as stressful "mechanics," the use of harsh sound effects and "errors" in particular lended well to this.

    Love for Love's Sake managed to toe the line between light action/almost horror and comedic school romance in a way I don't think I've seen before. And the banter between the two MLs allowed some levity in times when the world went dark.

    Particularly, I want to highlight how they fully utilized the potential of Cha Yeo Woon's character, managing to hint at his desire as well as fear to be vulnerable and his shyness in expressing his interest in someone (Tae Myung Ha), all within a few episodes. And his actor plays his sulking moments and hesitancy very well.

    Also, I would be remiss not to mention Tae Myung Ha's character; the quiet depth he had in a story that wasn't supposed to be his. And the complex expressions he had astounded me. Especially in moments he had to put on a happy face as well as convey that he was barely keeping it together.

    I am so glad I didn't miss this surprising masterpiece.

    Can be found on iQiyi

  • Erro Semântico

    89. Erro Semântico

    Korean Drama - 2022, 8 episodes



    Main romance between two MLs (Jae Young & Sangwoo), with a not-really-love triangle.

    Regarding Jae Young, he is very likely Bi or Pan. We get to hear a list of names of people he dated, but the gender isn't specified. He seems to me like he would be open to dating anyone, so my gut says he's Pan.

    Regarding Sangwoo, he is likely Demisexual. He does not have an interest in intimate relationships until after getting to know Jae Young, and he also calls this attraction an "error" which indicates this is new to him. I plan to rewatch Semantic Error when I can just to make sure I didn't miss anything crucial or in case there is anything contradictory to this label.

    Also, features either a Lesbian, Bi, or Pan SFL, Yu Na. She mentions to Sang Woo that while she had a girlfriend she was briefly interested in the same person as Jae Young‬; that person's gender is unclear. At the very least, we know she's interested in women.

    My advice: STOP WASTING YOUR TIME AND CHECK THIS DRAMA OUT! It's abso-fucking-lutely fantastic!

    Consent Highlight: During Ep 6 Sung Woo, regarding physical touch, says "Just let me know in advance." And Jae Young, listening to this, later asks for permission to pat his head.

    Also, in Ep 7 Jae Young once again mentions his intentions in advance to Sung Woo, "Warning. I'm going to kiss you in one minute. If you want to run away, do it now." 

    {Credit to @starrynights for the analysis of Sangwoo}

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • O Novo Empregado

    90. O Novo Empregado

    Korean Drama - 2022, 7 episodes



    Main romance between two MLs. Coming out or confusion about sexuality also isn't an issue here.

    Regarding Seung Hyun, he is easily out as Gay and we love that!

    My thoughts on the drama itself: I absolutely adored this well-shot and charming modern office romance and how it featured such a normal and mature relationship between two working adults. They can't help but bring up their work when they're together because they're passionate about what they do. Their emotions get the best of them but they quickly come together to discuss what's wrong as they know avoiding isn't the answer. They don't beat around the bush and are honest about what they want. 

    If you're looking for a short romance drama with a healthy relationship, sweet flirting, good communication, and little to no misunderstandings, then this is the drama for you.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Nossa Simulação de Namoro

    91. Nossa Simulação de Namoro

    Korean Drama - 2023, 8 episodes



    Main romance between two MLs. Coming out or confusion about sexuality also isn't much of an issue here.

    My thoughts on the drama itself: I unexpectedly adored this. I loved how they both clearly like each other and rather than seeing one pine and the other eventually fall we as the audience are let in on their mutual feelings early on and are treated to the story of a man overcoming his cowardice as the object of his affections patiently waits as well as gently pushes him forward.

    Also, I would be remiss to not acknowledge the amazing acting, fantastic buildup, and face-punching, pillow-suffocating cuteness they brought to the table.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Sing My Crush

    92. Sing My Crush

    Korean Drama - 2023, 8 episodes



    Main romance between two MLs.

    Just posting my full review here as I want to gush about this drama: A refreshingly cool wind that blew a young, heart-fluttering love my way.

    This far exceeded my expectations. I expected mediocre and was greeted with the memorable innocence of a first love, sincerity in words, actions, and music, conflicts that hit and weren't dragged out, and a beautiful dream small enough to carry in your pocket yet expansive enough as to fly out into the world.

    This felt like a secret so gorgeous I wanted to keep it to myself. But I believe it deserves to be seen by many.

    Side Note: Don't worry, the chemistry is there and romantic moments aren't brushed aside. This couple shines wonderfully and makes you root for them all along the way.

    Can be found on iQiyi

  • Weather Forecast Love

    93. Weather Forecast Love

    Korean Drama - 2023, 8 episodes



    Main romance between two MLs. Coming out or confusion about sexuality also isn't an issue here.

    My thoughts on the drama itself: For a not-very-anticipated drama with a confusing synopsis, this managed to pull out all the stops. This. This is what A Shoulder to Cry On WANTED to be. It had tension, kept its focus, kept the conflict simple and unfolded the details of it bit by bit, and pulled the main leads and their complicated feelings together at every turn. And, best of all, their yearning was evident and put into action.

    I recommend you go binge it right now!

    Criticism: My only real gripe was the music. Many times, it was ill-fitting or came out of nowhere very loudly and interrupted an otherwise impactful moment. Other times, a scene could have done with silence to allow the audience and the characters to sit with their feelings.

    Can be found on iQiyi

  • Choco Milk Shake

    94. Choco Milk Shake

    Korean Drama - 2022, 11 episodes



    Main romance between two MLs as well as a side plot romance between two MLs. Also, you can kind of see a world where there would be a poly relationship here. Coming out or confusion about sexuality also isn't an issue here.

    Strongberry . . .  Saranghae! <3

    Link to YouTube Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNd7BhdAz80qngqd-poHDuay7hHmXglNh

  • Coming Back Again

    95. Coming Back Again

    Korean Drama - 2022, 8 episodes



    Main romance between two MLs. Coming out or confusion about sexuality also isn't an issue here.

    Link to my review in case you're curious (does contain major spoilers): https://mydramalist.com/profile/8835865/reviews/235625

    Can be found on GagaOOLala or Rakuten Viki

  • Há Quanto Tempo

    96. Há Quanto Tempo

    Korean Drama - 2017, 5 episodes



    Main romance between two MLs. Coming out or confusion about sexuality also isn't an issue here.

    I believe this is the first Gangster-related K-BL.

    Can be found on GagaOOLala

  • Colegas de Quarto do Poongduck 304

    97. Colegas de Quarto do Poongduck 304

    Korean Drama - 2022, 8 episodes



    Main romance between two MLs (Seo Jae Yoon & Ji Ho Joon). Also features a cameo appearance by the openly Gay singer Holland.

    Regarding Jae Yoon, he says he's Gay himself and, before falling for Ho Joon, has long-time unrequited feelings for his close friend, SML Seung Seok.

    Regarding Ho Joon, before meeting Jae Yoon he has a lot of casual relationships with women but nothing serious. In Ep 5 he says to his father, "Weirdly, I don't have any interest in women these days," and in Ep 6 a SFL friend of his says to him, "You had a lot of women, but you never truly loved someone." This was originally leading me to believe the most accurate label for him would be Bisexual Homoromantic (he is sexually attracted to men and women but only romantically attracted to men). However, after the confession scene in Ep 7 I believe he's Pansexual. He tells Jae Yoon "I don't care if you are a man. I like you a lot, Seo Jae Yoon." I think over the course of the drama he has come to the realization that gender does not play a factor for him. So, Pansexual.

    Link to my review in case you're curious: https://mydramalist.com/profile/8835865/reviews/239991

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki or GagaOOLala (with a VPN)

  • Meninos, Sejam Corajosos!

    98. Meninos, Sejam Corajosos!

    Korean Drama - 2024, 8 episodes



    Main romance between two MLs, as well as features a Queer SFL, Kang Hye Jin (she at one point pursues Kim Jin Woo as well as, in Ep 5, admits to having feelings for her female friend, an ex of ML Jung Ki Sub; she is also later finally successful in pursuing her outright as she is seen dating her in the finale).

    Regarding the rep: I swear, like everyone was Queer/Pan here! While the two main MLs, Jung Ki Sub and Kim Jin Woo, never outright define their sexuality, they dated/expressed attraction to both women and men as well as just seemed open to dating any gender, and the vibes were just *so Pan* So, you know what, I'm calling it and saying they're Pan! Fight me!

    My thoughts on the drama itself: This was such a refreshing firework of a drama! The two leads, in particular, made it crazy fun to watch with their so-far-out-there-they-might-as-well-be-floating-in-space personalities that were only heightened when they shared the same air. And they were consistently predictable yet unpredictable, leaving me either correct in my predictions while also being pleasantly befuddled at the path taken or both puzzled beyond belief and amused. Meanwhile, the side couple offered something unique with the often overlooked issue of financial inequality in a relationship and the myriad of ways it can affect it, including self-inflicted shame, pressure, and guilt.

    It was a true delight tuning into Boys Be Brave.  I highly recommend giving it a go! Especially if you're into "quirky" characters and dramas.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki

  • Companheiros no Amor

    99. Companheiros no Amor

    Korean Drama - 2023, 8 episodes



    Main romance between two MLs. Coming out or confusion about sexuality also isn't an issue here. Like at all.

    My thoughts on the drama itself: This is what happens when you combine a tightly-written script that allows believable overthinking and anxiety as well as understandable conflicts and resolutions to be illustrated, crisp colors, and pleasant background music, with charming actors who can authentically portray both mortification and cuteness.

    Really, the biggest criticism I have is the "villain." While anger-inducing, I found them underdeveloped.

    This short little K-BL took over a corner in my heart while it was airing. I'm sad to see it end.

    Brownie Points: Masterful casual touching and a refreshingly easy confession.

    Can be found on Rakuten Viki or GagaOOLala

  • Desejo A Você: Sua Melodia Do Meu Coração

    100. Desejo A Você: Sua Melodia Do Meu Coração

    Korean Drama - 2020, 8 episodes



    Main romance between two MLs. Coming out or confusion about sexuality also isn't an issue here.

    Brownie Points: The OST is everything! Might be why my rating is so high . . . But we won't investigate that!

    Consent Highlight: Does not kiss him while he is passed out and also far too drunk like you see in so many dramas.

    Also, goes in for a kiss that appeared to be very much welcome/initiated by him and upon noticing that it isn't reciprocated (in that moment at least) does not continue, immediately apologizes, and leaves. Can we say reading the situation properly?

    Can be found on Netflix or Rakuten Viki