Coins are a virtual good that can be used to show your support across our platform. We’ll be adding a variety of fun ways to spend your virtual gold coins in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get coins?
Coins are earned through daily contributions to the site or can be purchased.
What are flowers?
Flowers are how users can show appreciation for their favorite celebrities on MyDramaList. The stars with the most flowers are shown on our leaderboard page.
How many flowers can I purchase per week?
In order to keep things balanced, flower purchases are limited to 100 per celebrity per week.
I bought coins, how can I tell how many I have?
You can check how many coins you have, when you earned it or purchased it here.
Can I transfer coins or flowers between accounts?
You cannot transfer Coins or Flowers between accounts.
Will actors receive word of the virtual flowers I sent them?
No, virtual flowers are simply a way for fans to help promote their favorite stars in popularity on MyDramaList.