Shang Gu | Hou Chi

Fictional Character

Shang Gu

One of the four True Gods, she has the power of Chaos. Born on the Heavenly platform from the Ancestral God, she is tens of thousands of years younger than the other True Gods but meant to be the Head God.

Raised mainly by Tian Qi (a True God), Zhi Yang (a True God) and Yang Mi (a Goddess), she is friendly, fun-loving and mischievous. She has little power until it is released by Bai Jue, whom Zhi Yang had asked / tricked into being her teacher.

She falls in love with Bai Jue, the one True God who didn't raise her but who became her teacher and mentor. She wields the Ancestral Sword which was forged for her by Bai Jue himself.

She becomes a mother to Yuan Qi once she discovers his history.

Hou Chi

Born into existence as a vessel to Shang Gu's remnants, she is nominally the daughter of God Gu Jun and is claimed to be a Goddess. However, she is almost powerless due to a seal placed on her at birth by Bo Xuan. Raised by Bo Xuan and later by Feng Rang, she lives isolated behind a shield around Gu Jun's palace.

After a crack in the shield is revealed, she becomes determined to go out in the world to find Bo Xuan, who was long overdue from his promised return. She encounters numerous biases and insults but remains fiercely loyal to her friends. She meets and dismisses Qing Mu but eventually falls in love with him after a long pursuit.

Gives birth to Yuan Qi on her deathbed.

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