Ri Jung Hyuk

Fictional Character

A proficient but emotionally-reserved captain in the Korean People's Army who is stationed along the North Korean portion of the Demilitarized Zone. He is well-respected by the unit he leads and the locals of the rural village he resides in. A piano prodigy, he was studying to become a concert pianist in Switzerland before being forced to join the North Korean military after his older brother died in a mysterious car accident. While he comes from a powerful political family, he prefers to keep his lineage a secret in order to secretly investigate his older brother's death. He hides and protects Se Ri after she accidentally crash-lands into his patrol territory. As he tries to help Se Ri find her way back into South Korea, he begins to fall in love with her and realizes that he had met her before when he was travelling in Switzerland with Seo Dan.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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