Kim Shin

Fictional Character

A 939-year-old immortal goblin and protector of souls who is in search for his bride, who is the only one who can remove the sword piercing through his chest. Once the sword is removed, he may finally move to the afterlife and rest in peace. He served as a General during the Goryeo era, where he was appointed as the regent with his sister being betrothed to the young king Wang Yeo. However, due to corruption by a eunuch, the king's guards killed Kim Shin's sister, soldiers, and household before ultimately killing him with the very sword that is lodged in his chest. As both a reward for the good he had done for his country and a punishment for all the deaths that he caused, the Almighty God grants him immortality. As he has lived for centuries, he feels lonely and depressed as he has to watch his loved ones and those around him pass away. This is until he slowly falls in love with his bride who gives him a reason to live again.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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